How To Fix PlayStation 4 Controller Won’t Charge

If your PlayStation 4 Wireless DualShock Controller won’t charge, you’ll have to do a set of troubleshooting steps to identify what’s causing it. The reasons for this issue can vary but in majority of cases, the causes can be minor. As long as there’s no hardware damage to your controller, the solution should be within your reach. 

Minor issues with a PS4 controller can include cases such as a broken USB cable, a dirty USB port, or a firmware glitch. Any of these issues can be fixed by our suggestions in this guide. Follow the suggested solutions in the correct order in order to do logical troubleshooting.

In some rare cases, hardware damage may be to blame. If that’s the case, you’ll have to either have the controller replaced or repaired by Sony. The PS4 console and controller usually enjoy a 1-year warranty so if your controller is still within this period, make sure that you present the receipt when you visit your local Sony store.

Troubleshooting a PlayStation 4 DualShock Controller that won’t charge

Time Needed : 10 minutes

There are a number of possible causes why a controller may not charge. Learn what you need to do to fix this issue below.

  1. Use a different USB cable.

    The first thing that you want to do is to check if you have a bad USB cable. There are tiny wires inside a typical USB cable and if some of these wires are broken, there may not be enough power being transferred to the controller during charging. Check for any visible signs of damage and replace it with another one. The good thing is, you can use any type of USB cable and not necessarily the ones that came with your console. Try using the one cable for your phone and see if that will work.PS4 controller

  2. Plug into laptop, PC, or portable power bank to charge.

    If your PlayStation 4 DualShock Controller won’t charge when connected to the console, try to see if you can top up the battery with your computer, laptop, or even a charging power bank. If it does charge with any of these alternatives, that can mean an issue with the consolve, with its USB port, or with its software.PS4 charging PC

  3. Check the charging port.

    The charging port in your controller can easily collect dust, lint, or debris over time. When there’s too much accumulation of these things, it might prevent the USB cable from connecting during charging sessions. Try to inspect the USB port using a magnifying glass, if possible, and see if there’s a need for you to clean it up. If you have to, use compressed air to blow out dust or debris and avoid sticking anything inside. If you can’t help it, be extra careful in using a wooden toothpick to remove any stuff that you see inside. A damaged connector inside the port can totally make the controller useless.USB port

  4. Reset the controller.

    If your PS4 controller has been acting up lately, it’s also a good idea to reset it to its defaults. To do this, you’ll have to press the tiny hardware reset button. You’ll need to use a bobby pin or toothpick to press the button inside a very small hole below the left trigger.reset

  • PlayStation 4 controller, PC, toothpick, bobby pin, USB cable, power bank.

If none of the solutions above help, you can assume that there’s likely a hardware issue with the controller. Have it replaced by visiting your local Sony store. If it’s still under warranty, you may be even get a free replacement for it. Otherwise, you’ll probably have to get a new one.

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