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How To Fix Google Pixel 7 That Can’t Send Text Messages

For a smartphone like the Google Pixel 7, sending and receiving text messages (SMS) should be an easy task to do. Such a service should work properly without a hitch but it seems like some users are having trouble sending text messages. 

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Texting problems can often be attributed to network issues or minor problems with your service. In most cases, you can actually fix them by doing some basic troubleshooting procedures and that’s what we’re going to show you in this post. Here’s what you should do: 

  1. First solution: Check the signal indicator. 

    pixel 7 cant send text messages 1Before anything else, make sure to check if your Pixel 7 is getting a decent signal from the tower because when it comes to sending and receiving text messages, your phone must always have a signal. If your phone is showing just 1 bar of signal, then that might be the reason why it can’t send SMS. And if it so happens that you’re in a room or inside a building when the problem occurs, then it’s possible that the signal cannot penetrate glass or concrete surrounding the room. Try to move out to an open area and see if the signal improves. If it does not, then you’re probably just in an area where there’s poor coverage. In cases like this, you really don’t have to do anything as the problem will probably be fixed when you go to an area where there’s strong coverage. However, if you know that the area you’re currently in has excellent reception, then try the next solution. 

  2. Second solution: Restart your Pixel 7. 

    pixel 7 screen flickering issue 2Texting problems can also be caused by some minor system glitches. So what you need to do next is to restart your phone; it will refresh your device’s memory as well as reload all the network services. For minor glitches, a reboot is often enough to fix them. Step 1: So swipe down from the top of the screen to pull down the notification panel. Step 2: Swipe down again from the notification panel to pull down the quick settings panel. Step 3: Tap the Power icon and select Restart. Now wait until your device finishes the reboot. After the restart, try to send text messages to see if they go through. If not, then move on to the next solution. 

  3. Third solution: Make sure it’s not an account issue. 

    pixel 7 cant send text messages 2Account related issues often occur when you have unsettled bills and if that’s the case, then you just have to call your service provider, settle your bills and you will be able to use the service again. For prepaid users, you should also check your credits because it’s often one of the most common reasons why you cannot send and receive text messages or even make calls. Services like texting and calling are often fixed by your service provider so if this problem occurs without apparent reason or cause, call them and they will fix it for you. 

  4. Fourth solution: Reset the network settings. 

    pixel 7 cant send text messages 3After checking with your service provider and they haven’t found issues with your account and yet the problem continues, then you should consider resetting the wireless services of your phone. You can easily do that by resetting the network settings, which covers Wi-Fi, mobile data and Bluetooth. It is often enough to fix issues like this and you really don’t have to worry about your files or data as they won’t be deleted. Here’s how it’s done: Step 1: Pull up the app drawer and tap Settings. Step 2: Scroll down and tap System. Step 3: Scroll down again and tap Reset options. Step 4: Select Reset Wi-Fi, mobile and Bluetooth. Step 5: Read the information on the screen and tap Reset settings. Step 6: Tap Reset settings once again to confirm. 

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After doing that, your Google Pixel 7 will reset all the wireless services and fix any connection problem you might have including not being able to send and receive text messages. 

And that’s pretty much it! 

We hope that this guide can help you.

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