How to know the model of a Samsung mobile phone

You may have never realized the importance of finding out the model number of your Samsung device before but if you’re reading this article, you may be actually be in need of it now. Usually, there’s only one situation when one needs to know the exact model of a Samsung phone — to get support. In some other instances, an average user may like to know the model number when trying to keep track of the firmware updates for a device.

The model number of your Samsung device can be a critical information to unlock other details about your phone. If you are new to Samsung devices, it can help you get more information about the phone by using Google search, or by supplying it to Samsung support. In this post, we’ll show you how to get the model number of any Samsung device using any of the three methods below.

How to know the model of a Samsung mobile phone

Finding out the make or model of your Samsung device is fairly simple. Samsung ensures that this is the case in case you’ll have to supply them this information when asking for support.

There are three easy ways to know the model of a Samsung phone. The first method is done by checking the information at the back. The second one is by getting information under Settings menu, while the third one, as is the case with older models with removable battery packs, is checking the information under the battery.

Method 1: Know the model of a Samsung mobile phone by checking the back

Flipping any Samsung phone will show that there’s at least 2 tiny lines of information at the bottom. For newer models like the Galaxy Note10+, the information should say something like this:

SM-N975F/DS IMEI:356980/102304051/8


If you are new to Samsung phones, keep in mind that the model number always starts with “SM.” In the example above, the model number should be “SM-N975F.” The additional identifier DS indicates that the device is a Global version, which means it’s not sold by any particular carrier. Other Galaxy Note10+ models sold by network operators and running carrier-specific software will have a slightly different model and additional identifier. For instance, an AT&T Galaxy Note10+ will have a model number of SM-N970UZWAATT while a Verizon device should have SM-N976VZWAVZW.

Method 2: Know the model of a Samsung mobile phone under Settings

If the printed information at the back is no longer legible, or if that part has been damaged, the next good method to check for the model number is by using the Settings menu. To do that, simply open Settings app. Here’s how:

  1. From a Home screen, swipe up or down from the center of the display to access the apps screen.
  2. Open Settings.
  3. Scroll down to the bottom and select About Phone.
  4. Look for the model number.

Method 3: Know the model of a Samsung mobile phone by removing the battery

This last method is no longer applicable to newer phone models as Samsung no longer manufactures replaceable battery packs. If you have Samsung phones like the Galaxy S5 and older, this method can work. Just turn off the phone, remove the battery, and look for the model number underneath where the battery is attached.


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  1. I have a Galaxy A03 phone, Model S134DL, Hardware version Rev 1.0.
    I do not use any apps that I know of, but I recently lost my driver’s license and can probably have it replaced using an app.
    How do I find out if I can use the app? Are there special qualifications?

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