How To Fix Hulu Error Code 406

Are you experiencing Hulu error code 406? Several factors can cause this such as poor internet connection, outdated version of Hulu app, and Hulu servers outages. To fix Hulu error code 406 on your streaming device, you will need to perform several troubleshooting steps.

Hulu is a well-known online streaming service that offers a vast library of films and TV shows from many networks, including ABC, NBC Universal, and FX Networks. Hulu also began to produce its original content called Hulu Original Programming. To use this service, you must download the Hulu app onto your Android, Apple, or Smart TV. The software can be downloaded for free, but a plan is needed to use the service.

Hulu app error code 406? Here’s how to fix the Hulu error code

How To Fix Hulu Error Code 406

One of the issues that you might encounter with using this streaming app is Hulu error codes, one particular code is the Hulu error code 406. This can be a frustrating experience especially if you want to watch your favorite movies or TV shows on the Hulu application.

Here’s what you need to do to fix Hulu error code 406.

Fix #1 Check internet connection

The first thing you need to do when your Hulu application displays Hulu error code 406 is to check the internet. You need to make sure that the streaming service has access to a stable internet so that it can properly run.

You can check your internet connectivity using some of the popular online speed checker tools.

Checking internet connection

Step 1: Open your browser on your computer or smart TV. Choose any preferred internet browser you want.

Step 2: Type to have your internet speed check. Speed test site is one of the most popular web tools to check your connection speed.

Step 3: Press the Go button. Pressing Go button will start the speed test.

Step 4: Wait for the results of the speed test to be completed. Find out how fast is your download and upload speed.

Your network speed results should match your subscription plan from your internet service provider. If you have issues with your internet connection, you can contact your internet service provider for repair of your internet.

Hulu users must have a stable internet connection to use the Hulu app. You may check whether slow, intermittent, or no internet is caused by an issue with your home network devices by restarting it. If you are experiencing issues with Hulu error code 406, rebooting your home network device is advised.

Step 1: Unplug the power cords from the power socket on your Modem and Router.

Step 2: Reconnect your modem and router to the power supply after a minute and turn on the devices.

Step 3: Wait for the lights to come on again.

Try to check if you are still getting the Hulu error code 406.

Fix #2 Check Hulu servers

When there is an outage with the Hulu server, you will get a Hulu error code 406 when you use Hulu, it usually refers to an HTTP response status code that the Hulu app client error response that cannot communicate with the server. You may see Hulu error codes or become stuck in a loaded spinning circle. Go to DownDetector to see if the problem you’re having is caused by a server outage. If the Hulu app isn’t working right now due to an outage, please wait until they fix the problem on their end. You will be able to stream Hulu or watch movies once they resolved the issue with the server.

Fix #3 Reboot Smart TV or streaming device

It’s possible that Hulu app is not working because the device has crashed or is freezing . To fix this you will need to restart your Smart TV as this action will refresh it and fix the Hulu error code 406.

Power cycling Smart TV

Step 1: Remove the power cord cable from the back of the television or from the power outlet, whichever is more convenient.

Step 2: Hold down the power button on the TV’s side for 3-5 seconds.

Step 3: Connect the power cord to the TV and turn it on.

Fix #4 Update Hulu app

You need to make sure that the Hulu app is updated on your Smart Tv or streaming device as this update will have several improvements as well as bug fixes that could possibly fix the problem such as the Hulu error code 406.

Getting Hulu app updates

Step 1: Access your TV’s App Store.

Step 2: Type Hulu on the search bar field.

Step 3: Select the app.

Step 4: Tap the Update button.

Step 5: Wait for the app to finish updating.

Step 6: Relaunch Hulu.

Try to check if the Hulu error code 406 is fixed.

Fix #5 Clear Hulu app data

The Hulu error code 406 could also be brought on by a corrupted data and cache files on your smart TV or streaming device and your web browser. To fix Hulu error code you need to get rid of this corrupted data, you must clear Hulu app cache and data. Remember that after completing the step, you will need to re-login your Hulu account.

Clearing corrupted Hulu app

Step 1: Go to Settings on your Smart Tv.

Step 2: Select Applications.

Step 3: In Manage Installed Applications, select the app you are having trouble with, in this case the Hulu app.

Step 4: Tap Clear Cache, and then Clear the Data.

Clearing browser data and cache

Step 1: Open Chrome, then click the three dots in the upper right corner.

Step 2: Open More tools.

Step 3: Select Clear Browsing Data and then select what you want to delete.

Step 4: Choose browsing history, Cookies and other site data, Cached images and files, then click the clear data button.

Step 5: Close Chrome then relaunch Chrome.

Fix #6 Reinstall Hulu app

Sometimes a faulty app installation is the cause of the issue. You will need to uninstall the Hulu app and then install the app on your Smart TV or streaming device.

Reinstalling hulu app

Step 1: Open the TV and click the Menu/Home button on the remote.

Step 2: Go to the Apps option.

Step 3: Click Hulu app from the list.

Step 4: Delete the Hulu app.

Step 5: Go to the Tv App Store.

Step 6: Search for Hulu app and click Install.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why am I getting an error code on Hulu?

    Several factors can cause this such as poor internet connection, old version of Hulu app, and Hulu servers outages.

  2. What does Hulu error code 406 mean?

    It means you app cannot communicate with the server.

  3. Is Hulu live TV worth it?

    Yes it is worth it especially for people who want to be out in cable.

  4. How do I get rid of ads on Hulu for free?

    Go to subscription section and on the switch plans, tap no commercials.

  5. Is Hulu getting rid of anime?

    There is no announcement yet but some anime titles are being remove.

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