Huawei Watch GT Has Sold More Than 2 Million Units Globally

Huawei launched the Watch GT late last year as an alternative wearable to the Apple Watch and Google’s Wear OS branded smartwatches. Given the simplicity it offers along with the promise of a two-week battery life, it has no doubt struck a chord with the customers. The company has now announced on Twitter that the Watch GT has surpassed 2 million units in sales globally, which is a great feat for any smartwatch.

More importantly, the Watch GT runs Huawei’s LiteOS, which means it will not be affected the upcoming Android ban imposed on Huawei. A previous report spoke about the company working on an alternative smartphone OS known as HongMeng. While we’re yet to learn anything substantial on that front, it’s clear that Huawei is already beginning to recover from its setbacks.

What held back the Watch GT is the fact that it was only compatible with a handful of devices. However, that changed when Huawei added multiple new smartphones to the compatibility list in 2024, eventually leading to more sales of the wearable. In terms of functionality, it’s not a full-blown smartwatch but merely an amalgamation of a fitness wearable and a traditional wristwatch. While the Watch GT also has app notifications, it’s not as smooth as an Apple Watch or even a Wear OS offering.

Source: @HuaweiMobile

Via: 9to5Google

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