Remember the Huawei Watch GT? It’s getting custom watch faces now

Huawei launched the Huawei GT smartwatch earlier this year. It didn’t seem to catch on too much in the US at least, and that could largely because of it shipping without Wear OS. However, the watch is now receiving an update that brings custom watch faces to the platform.

Of course, these custom watch faces aren’t exactly easy to access. For now, they’re pretty much limited to the Chinese market, though you can still download them off the Internet — you’ll just need to follow Huawei’s guides to navigate you through that.

We don’t think this update even remotely makes the Huawei Watch GT worth buying. Wear OS is still out of the picture, which means you won;’t have access to any of the Android-based apps that you’re used to. And there’s still a lock of customization that is locked down.

source: XDA Developers 

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