HTC One Screen Not Responding

One known bug in the HTC One is that its screen suddenly stops responding. If you happened to be experiencing this problem, this article will provide you with the possible causes and solutions of this issue.

Possible Causes of HTC One Screen Not Responding

The most likely cause of the HTC One screen not responding issue is when too many apps are active at the same time. Having simultaneous apps open or running in the background tend to eat up the processing power of the phone which causes its system to freeze entirely. Other things that may trigger the trouble are rouge apps and corrupted system files.

Possible Ways to Fix an HTC One Screen Not Responding

Here are the solutions that will probably solve the problem:

1. Restart or Soft Reset the Phone

Simply reboot your device by holding down its Power/Lock button for approximately 10 seconds or until it starts successfully. Another way to force restart your device is by removing its battery to shut it down and then attach its battery before restarting. This will help freshen up the system of your device and remove minor glitches. However, the effect of this solution may only be temporary if the problem is serious.

2. Turn Off All Apps

If your screen freezes entirely which prevents you from restarting your device, one forum suggested turning off all apps. This can be accomplished by going to Settings. Then, proceed to Accessibility. Under Services, turn off all apps.

3. Uninstall Rogue Apps

Go to Safe Mode and observe your device for a few hours. If the problem does not occur under Safe Mode, that means a third-party app is causing the bug. But if the issue persists under Safe Mode, there might be a problem with the hardware of your device already. It may be in the touch screen or its sensors.

4. Do a Factory Reset

When all possible solutions fail to work, you are having trouble locating the erratic app causing the problem or you suspect that the issue is caused by a corrupted system file, consider doing a Factory Reset. This will put back your device to its factory settings, fix your system files and remove any bugs caused by unreliable third-party apps.

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