How to Set Up Gmail on Samsung Galaxy A20

Gmail plays an important role on Android devices. It is used as the main email account, and also used with different apps or services. If you haven’t performed it yet, learn how to set up Gmail on Samsung Galaxy A20 as you read further. 

If you have a Gmail account already but are not able to set it up on your device, maybe it’s the best time to do so. Having a Gmail on your Galaxy A20 allows you to receive important emails, especially if you are using it as your main account. 

Setting up a Gmail account on your device also provides the ease of use to some in-app services, like purchase. What you will find below are the procedures on how you can set up Gmail on Samsung Galaxy A20. Feel free to follow it. 


  1. Open the Apps screen and look for the Google folder. If it is not sorted, just look directly for the Gmail App. 
  1. Tap on the Gmail app. It should open a Welcome message, indicating that you have not set up a Gmail yet.
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  1. You have the option to Skip or continue reading the welcome message. If you are familiar with how Gmail works, you may skip it.
  1. Tap on Add an email address. Or you can hit Take me to Gmail option.
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  1. Select Google if you have an existing Gmail account. 
  1. Enter your credentials. Make sure that you have entered the correct information. 
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  1. Once you have entered the information, just click on Next and you should be good from there. 
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