How to Take Screenshot on Samsung Galaxy A20

Missed something important as you don’t know how to take screenshot on Samsung Galaxy A20? Worry no more as help is coming through this article. Read further to know about the easy steps on how you can do it. 

Taking a screenshot is a very useful feature on smartphones. It allows you to capture what’s on the screen and save it on your phone’s gallery. These saved screenshot files can be accessed anytime you need it. 

Many people who are on the go might rely on the screenshot feature. However, there are limitations to everything. Some information and details on the smartphones cannot be screenshotted. For example, if you will be registering your face as a screen lock, taking a screenshot on that particular page won’t be possible. 

Some apps also limit the screenshot capability on your Galaxy A20. Especially those banking apps, they won’t allow you to take screenshots of valuable details, such as bank account numbers. 

Nonetheless, it is still important to have that knowledge on how you can screenshot something on your Galaxy A20, as it may come in handy. Check out the quick guide below and you may follow it on your own. 

Steps on how to take screenshot on Samsung Galaxy A20: 

  1. Position the page/screen that you want to screenshot. 
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  1. Press the Volume down and Power button at the same time. Your screen will flash at the edges, indicating that you have taken a screenshot successfully. 
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If either of the Volume down and Power button is not working and you badly need to take a screenshot, you can still do this by going into your phone’s Settings. Just go to Accessibility and enable the assistant menu. This will allow you to take a screenshot even with the physical buttons not working.

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