How to Set Up WiFi on Samsung Galaxy A20

WiFi connection is very crucial on every smartphone these days. Yet, some of you might not know the process on how to set up WiFi on Samsung Galaxy A20. Please read this post and be guided on how to do it properly. 

Having a WiFi connection on your smartphone, like the Samsung Galaxy A20 may provide a lot of benefits to fully utilize the device. It will benefit those who are always browsing the web and use the internet on their phone most of the time. 

WiFi not only provides a more stable connection when compared to cellular data, but it also provides a stronger signal in some cases. If you are going to download software updates or large app files on your phone, it is better to use a WiFi connection instead. 

Though WiFi can be useful for those who stay at home or in a particular place, it may not work for those who are always on the go. If you are that kind of person that always travels, using cellular data might work best for you. 

But still, it may pay off if you have the knowledge on how you can successfully set up WiFi on Samsung Galaxy A20. Find out more details as you read further. Feel free to follow the procedures provided below. Just ready your smartphone. 


  1. Open Settings on your Galaxy A20. Just swipe up from the Home screen and look for the Settings app. 
  1. Select Device Connections. 
  1. Tap on WiFi.
  1. Select your desired WiFi. 
  1. Enter the password if it is encrypted. 
  1. Your phone will show that it is already WiFi connected. Enjoy using the WiFi connection on your Galaxy A20. 

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