How to Perform Safe Mode on Samsung Galaxy A10

If you want to get rid of certain app-related issues on your smartphone, performing safe mode on Samsung Galaxy A10 might do the trick. To know about this simply, yet effective procedure, just continue reading this whole article. 

App problems might prevent you from using the device properly. App crashing on their own or other app glitches could affect the overall experience on your Galaxy A10. This is mostly the case for some smartphone users. 

App abnormalities are generally observed on smartphones that have incompatibility problems. This could be due to a software problem or an in-app bug. Normally, this can be addressed by installing necessary updates on the smartphone. 

However, a lot of instances where the app glitches are not cured even after updating the phone’s software or updating the apps through the Google Playstore. That is why different procedures can be performed to address the problem on the app. 

You may simply reset some settings on the phone, uninstall apps or reinstall them again or perform a factory reset to delete everything on the phone that may have been causing the app issue. 

You can even simply restart the phone, but restarting it through safe mode might eventually give a higher chance to fix app issues on your Samsung Galaxy A10. Safe mode allows the device to run only the native apps on the device, discarding the third-party apps. This is a great way to tell if the third-party apps are the main reason why you’re getting some random app-related problems. 

If you found out that they are the main culprit, you can easily uninstall those apps and check if the issue will be resolved. Here are the procedures on how to perform safe mode on Samsung Galaxy A10. Feel free to follow it. 


  1. Turn off the device completely. Just press and hold the Power button at the right side, just below the volume keys. 
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  1. Once it is turned off, press and hold the Power button again. Wait for the Samsung logo to appear after the name of the phone. 
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  1. Once you see the Samsung logo, release the power key and then press and hold the Volume down key quickly. 
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  1. Keep pressing the Volume down button until the device has fully restarted. 
  1. After it has finished restarting, you should see safe mode on your Galaxy A10’s screen. Perform necessary procedures, such as uninstalling apps on the device that may have been causing the problem on the phone. 

To exit the safe mode on your Samsung Galaxy A20, simply restart it normally. Just turn it off and then turn on again. 

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