How to Activate Download Mode on Samsung Galaxy A10

Trying to flash the ROM on your Galaxy A10 but have no idea on how to do it? Check out our tutorial on how to activate download mode on Samsung Galaxy A10 on this post. 

Smartphone features have been evolving throughout the time. Gone are the days when we are stuck on the default system configurations. A lot of methods have been discovered to alter the phone’s system to enhance the experience and fix some glitches. 

Samsung has a special method that allows users to do ROM flashing called download mode. It is also commonly known as odin mode or fastboot mode. Activating the download mode will also pave way for unlocking the bootloader, flashing stock ROMs, installation of OTA updates, overclocking the phone’s GPU and a lot more. 

Once you enter the download mode on your Galaxy A10, it will boot using the external sources. This is a great procedure to cure some smartphone glitches that are hard to deal with, as it will provide a totally fresh and new system. 

Follow the very simple procedures below to activate download mode on Samsung Galaxy A10.  


  1. Turn off the smartphone completely. Just press and hold the power button, then select Power off. 
  1. Once it is turned off, press and hold the Power key and Volume Down button until you see the recovery options on the screen. 
  1. Release both buttons once the recovery options are displayed. Then press the volume up button to enter the download mode screen. You should see a warning message, which indicates you are about to enter download mode. 

To exit the download mode on your Galaxy A10, simply restart the device by pressing the power button until it turns off. 

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