How To Import Bookmarks From Chrome To Firefox

If you’ve used a computer at all in 2018, you already know how efficient the synergy is in operating systems. For example, you can use your Mac computer all day at home while doing remote work, and then if you log in with the same Apple ID on another Mac device at work, all of your data is synced between the two machines. The synergy is super efficient because you don’t have to access your old device to try and find the work that you completed — it’s all right there in front of you.

A similar process happens with browsers. For example, if you download the Firefox browser on your Mac or Computer, and then download it on your phone, you can get some of that same synergy found on Mac, but with your browser. It does require you to be logged into a Firefox account, but you still get that nice synergy.

Unfortunately, that type of technology just isn’t available in things like Chrome to Firefox. For example, you couldn’t do a bunch of stuff in Chrome and have it show up in Firefox. It’s because they’re two competing companies and completely different services. But, you still might find yourself bouncing between the two browsers and wanting at least some of your data in both, such as your bookmarks.

But, how do you add the bookmarks you’ve already accrued in Google Chrome to Firefox without hours of manually work? Follow along below, and we’ll show you just how easy it is!

Exporting Bookmarks From Google Chrome

If you saw our article on transferring bookmarks from Firefox to Chrome, you saw how much of an involved process it was. It wasn’t necessarily difficult, but it was time consume because of the amount of steps that had to be taken. Thankfully, Firefox makes it just a little easier to import bookmarks than Google Chrome does.

The really nice thing about Mozilla Firefox is that they make it so easy to import bookmarks. If you’re installing Mozilla Firefox for the first time, you will actually be prompted to automatically import all your bookmarks from Google Chrome and set Firefox as your default process. You can press¬†Accept¬†on this, and Firefox will grab all of those Chrome bookmarks and put them in Firefox’s Bookmarks toolbar.

The process is a little different if you already have Mozilla Firefox installed, but it’s just as easy. First, open up Mozilla Firefox. Now, we need to access the Bookmarks Manager. You can do this from the Settings option within Mozilla Firefox, but you can also quickly access this menu by pressing the shortcut combo¬†Ctrl + Shift +¬†B¬†on your keyboard.

This will open up the¬†Bookmarks Manager¬†in a new window. At the very top of this window, you’ll want to click on the option that says¬†Import Data From Another Browser.

Before we continue, make sure that all other browsers, except Firefox, is closed on your computer. In example, if we’re importing bookmarks from Google Chrome, and Google Chrome is still running, the Firefox¬†import process will error. We don’t want this to happen, so make sure the correct browsers are closed. You can verify that they’re not running within Task Manager.

This will launch the¬†Import Wizard¬†that’s built into Firefox. This is the same thing that users can take advantage of when they first install Firefox. The first menu option will give you a list of browsers that you can choose from for importing bookmarks. You’ll see a couple options based on what is installed on your computer, but we’ll want to select the¬†Google Chrome¬†selection.

Next, just follow the steps that the¬†Import Wizard¬†take you through. You’ll eventually reach a window that gives you a bunch of options of what to import from¬†Google Chrome. You can choose just¬†Bookmarks, but if you want, Firefox is able to import saved passwords, cookies, and browsing history as well.

Once you finish the process, transferring the data from Chrome to Firefox should only take a minute. In some cases, you may need to restart Mozilla Firefox once the process is complete to see all of the new data in the browser.


As you can see, Mozilla Firefox makes it an extremely easy process to import data from Google Chrome. Simply follow that wizard, and you can have all of your Google Chrome data in Firefox in just a few seconds.

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