How To Set Homepage In Chrome

Changing a home page can be one of the first things users usually do when it comes to setting up a new browser. Chrome is an outstanding browser and fairly low-tech without much in the way of resources being hogged. But, what about setting up a new home page in Chrome? What page do you want Chrome to navigate to when you first open the browser? If you have one in mind, follow along below, and we’ll show you how you can very easily change your home page in Chrome.

Changing your home page

Changing your homepage in Chrome is as simple as going to the top-right corner and selecting the Chrome menu. It looks a bit like a hamburger – which makes it easy to see and easy to get a bit hungry too. Go to Settings and under Appearance, check the Show Home button. From there, go below it and click Change to customize your home page. You’ll simply have to set the URL in the proper field, and then once you close the browser and open it up again, Chrome will navigate to that home page every time you open it.


As you can see, it’s really easy to set your home page in Chrome. The process is pretty similar for other browsers as well, such as Firefox and Opera.

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