How to fix your LG V35 ThinQ that won’t complete charge, keeps showing Incomplete Connection error when charging [Troubleshooting Guide]

Charging problems in mobile devices can be due to software problems, if not hardware damage. In most cases, a bad charger or busted battery is at fault. But there are also many cases where software errors are to blame.

Highlighted below are suggested workarounds and possible solutions to address a relevant issue on the LG V35 ThinQ smartphone, in which the device is unable to complete its charge and keeps showing Incomplete Connection error when charging. Read on to find out what options to try when dealing with this charging problem.

If you have other problems however, visit our troubleshooting page as we’ve already addressed some of the most common issues with this device. Browse through the page to find issues that are similar with yours and feel free to use the solutions we suggested. If you still need our help, fill up our questionnaire and hit submit to contact us.

How to troubleshoot LG V35 ThinQ that won’t continue charging

Before troubleshooting, make sure that you’re using the original or OEM charger for your device. Some chargers, particularly third-party made may not be compatible with your phone or doesn’t emit the required output voltage for your LG phone. This often results to a slow charging pace or sometimes, incomplete charging. If the error continues even when using the original charger, then try to rule out software errors on your phone with these given solutions.

First solution: Force restart your phone while it’s charging.

Background apps that were going rogue can halt the charging system and thus, prevent the phone from charging completely. This one of the reasons why it’s important to turn off the phone while charging. If that doesn’t work either, then try to force restart your phone while charging. Doing so will help clear any background apps and prevents them from interrupting the phone’s charging routine. That said, do these steps while your LG V35 ThinQ is plugged into the charger:

  1. Press and hold the Power button for about 10 to 20 seconds.
  2. Release the button when the phone restarts and goes through the boot-up sequence.

Allow your device to restart and let it finish charging.

Second solution: Manage your apps.

If your phone still has enough power to run, try to manage your apps. One of your downloaded apps may be acting up and eventually messed up the phone’s charging routine. If the error started after installing a new app, then that’s likely the culprit. To fix the problem, you can either disable the app temporarily or uninstall it completely. To determine whether or not the problem is caused by a third-party application, boot your LG V35 ThinQ in safe mode. Here’s how:

  1. Press and hold down the Power button for a few seconds until the Power off icon appears.
  2. Touch and rest the Power off icon until the Restart in Safe Mode prompt appears.
  3. Tap OK then wait until the phone reboots in safe mode.

Alternatively, you can enter safe mode using the physical buttons. Here’s how:

  1. Turn the phone off by pressing the Power button and then select Power off.
  2. Then turn the phone on while pressing and holding the Volume Down button.

When the phone boots up, you should see a Safe Mode label at the bottom corner of the screen. That means your phone is now running in safe mode.

All downloaded apps aren’t running in safe mode so try charging your phone while in safe mode and see if the Incomplete Charging error still shows. If it doesn’t, then you’ll need to find out which from your downloaded apps is the trigger. You may need to uninstall or disable individual apps starting from your most recent download.

If the problem persists while in safe mode, your phone needs service.

Third solution: Update phone software to the latest version.

Updates can also be considered among the possible solutions if the problem is inflicted by malwares and software bugs. System updates usually offer fix patches to clear random bugs from the phone. That said, try to check for any available software update for your LG V35 ThinQ and then consider updating its software this time. Here’s how:

  1. Tap Settings.
  2. Tap on the General tab.
  3. Tap Update Center.
  4. Tap Software Update.
  5. Then tap the option to Check for Updates.

You will be prompted with an update notification if a new software version is available. Read the update details then prepare your device for updating. To update your phone software wirelessly, it must be connected to the Internet, has ample of storage, and sufficient battery power. This means your phone must have at least 50 percent of battery power.

Fourth solution: Wipe cache partition.

Wiping cache partition can help clear issues that are attributed to corrupted system data. Relevant symptoms are usually transpiring after installing a new update. Thus, if you’ve recently updated your phone software and then started to get an incomplete connection when charging, try to wipe cache partition on your LG V35 ThinQ with these steps:

  1. From the Home screen, tap Settings.
  2. Tap the ‘General’ tab.
  3. Tap Storage > Internal storage.
  4. Wait for menu options to finish calculating.
  5. Tap on Free up space.
  6. Tap on Temporary files & raw files.
  7. Select any from the given options including Cached data, Clip tray temporary files, or Raw files from camera
  8. Tap Delete > DELETE.

After wiping cache partition, reboot your phone and then retry charging it to see if the error is gone.

Fifth solution: Master reset/factory data reset.

Among the last options to consider to further troubleshoot complex software errors on the phone is a master reset or factory reset. This will erase your device from saved data, customizations, downloaded apps, and major data corruption. If you wish to give it a try, back up all your important data and then follow these steps to reset your LG V35 ThinQ and restore its default settings:

  1. Turn off the device.
  2. Press and hold the Power and Volume down buttons.
  3. When the LG logo appears, quickly release and then re-hold the Power button while continuing to hold the Volume down button.
  4. When the ‘Delete all user data (including LG and carrier apps) and reset all settings’ message appears, use the Volume down button to highlight Yes.
  5. Press the Power button to reset the device.

After the reset, you can set up your phone as new. Software-related issues, including fatal system errors are usually dealt with by a factory reset or master reset. If that’s what causing your phone to bump into an Incomplete Connection error when charging, then that should fix the problem. Otherwise, consider opting for some hardware repair.

Other options

The problem you’re dealing with is most likely attributed to hardware damage if none of the prior methods is able to fix it. Some components of your LG V35 ThinQ might have obtained some sort or physical or liquid damage that eventually affects its charging system. Or it could also be an issue on the charger in use. To clear find out, take your device to the nearest LG service center and have it checked by an authorized technician. Also bring along the charger so that can be scrutinized too. If your phone is still eligible for warranty, then avail for service warranty or unit replacement if needed.


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