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By the way, did you know that by performing a soft reset on your phone, it may fix several of the common problems? Perhaps you should give it a shot.

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Quick Tips That May Solve Your Android Problems

  • To Perform a Soft Reset, simply remove your battery for at least 10 seconds to allow the system to drain out any excess power.  Once you re-install the battery and power up the device, you just might have a working device.

  To be more specific:

  1. Turn the device over so that the battery cover is facing up.
  2. The battery compartment release is located on the back of the device.
  3. To remove the battery cover, lift the battery cover from the release slot.
  4. Remove the battery, then wait 10 seconds before inserting the battery again.
  • It is also important to maintain your phone at an optimal level.  Did you know that once you open an app, that app will run in the background until you end the process manually?  Too many apps running in the background will drain the memory allocated to the apps you need.  To maintain your phone, you should occasionally stop the apps running in the background that you are no longer using.  A simple app to close all the unused app is called "Advanced Task Killer", which you can download for free in the Android Play store.

Android Issues Questionnaire Form

If the soft reset does not fix your issue, contact us with your problem using the questionnaire form below.

821 Replies to “Android Issues Questionnaire”

  1. HI I have a Samsung Galaxy s4. just recently it ran out of battery and will not charge nor turn on. the only way i can get it to do anything is if i take out the battery and put it back in the phone. it then turns on Saying Samsung Galaxy S4 on the screen. if i do the same thing, take out the battery and put it back in but this time i plug it in the wall. the screen turns on but i will get the loading battery sign instead of the Samsung Galaxy S4. If you could help me that would be great I dont know what eles to do thank you

  2. Hi. So, I have a Samsung Galaxy S7 and the soft reset isn’t working and I think its because the battery is dead. Last night, it died and so I plugged it up for it to charge and when I woke up this morning, the blue light is steady on like how it would be when the phone is turned on, but also there is a bit of green slowly flashing like if I have a missed call. I don’t know how to remove the battery.
    I tried to take my phone up to my wireless provider’s store, but they said that since the phone is almost 3 years old that it probably crashed from one of the updates and they were trying to get me to pay for an upgrade. I don’t want to get an upgrade, I just want to keep my phone. Can you please help?

  3. Hello, I have a zte blade. Have had it for about a year now. This is the first time I’ve had an issue with it do I believe it might be an app recently installed. It is moving really slow, gets stuck a lot and nonresponsive. Even as i write this it is taking forever, keys on keyboard are getting stuck words are taking minutes to show on screen. My wallpaper changes whenever it wants going back to original wallpaper. Can’t remove battery for soft reset. Please help it is driving me.

  4. Hi, my name is Carlos and I just recently bought a Samsung galaxy note 4, model number: SAMSUNG-SM-N910A, I am having a small issue and I do not know what it is but I found a thread and a bunch of people having the same issue, i do not know if is a software update causing the issue but I am running Android 6.0.1, but every time i go to a web page or do anything with the phone after 3 to 5 seconds i hear a static click/pop, it is a low sound but it is disturbing and annoying, is there a fix to this?

  5. hi got a problem with my s5. when am using my phone there is no problem i can text play games, go on internet …but when i stop using it or if i call it just turns off. very irritating. can you please help me? clovis from mauritius island

  6. My phone charging slow or not at all and back n forth i found out it has to be the CORRECT WALL PLUGIN with the CORRECT USB CONECTOR (if it uses one). All my old chargers showed charging but never would, some charged half way, some charged 100% but drained to 50% when i unplugged it. So i got charger plug and usb cord thatCAME WITH MY PHONE and charged it up and i’ve not had any more problems ? UH UH ? whatever i guess but good luck

  7. I’m not sure how this is helping people (unless you are emailing all), but I’m having the charging slow issue….I think. I know it used to be faster. My phone is taking at least 5 hours to charge to full now on not fast, and you can’t even use it with the plug in until it is at least past 5%.

  8. I have samsung s3neo and in this 2 days when I send text messages it still apperance Sending on my mob and the person that I sent him the text receive the text before I receive the delivery report.
    Today I sent text and after 45mins appeareance delivery.
    When I put my simcard in another mob this problem never happen. The text sent without problem

  9. Since doing a update on my HTC10, I can’t set individual notification sounds to Individual app settings anymore.
    Eg, if u set a sound to one app, it sets it to them all, very frustrating problem even though I can change the sound in each app setting, it remembers the last sound I choose, then sets it to all my apps notification sound.
    Does anyone reading this have this problem or a fix for this problem????

  10. Hi, my s6 only stays on when I have it hooked up to the charger, and if it ain’t the adaptive fast charging then it won’t power on it just keeps on restarting at the Samsung logo, and when I unplug it from the charger it instantly turns off till I plug it back in, even with the battery fully charged, as soon as I unplug it it dies and I plug it in and the battery meter says 0,,,,i rooted my phone and multiple custom roms in it, and then accidently activated the samsung frp then I decided to put the stock firmware back in it, but the drk-eng binary thing happened, so with the frp lock on it prevented me from flashing anything to fix it, then I flashed these combination files like 2 months not turning it on and it booted up and that’s when my battery failure happened, is there anything I can do to fix this problem, I heard that flashing the room to many times can mess the battery up, is this a common issue or can it be fixed, thank you,

    Ricky Brown

  11. I mistakenly dropped my S5 on the floor in my room, when I picked it up the screen was working well but started flickering, going on and off but still working though, I went through your site and saw d soft reset where you remove d battery and hold d power key for 1 minute, I did that, but it still does flicker, anymore advice?

  12. Hi

    I have an issue with Samsung J5, it says 1 application closed because my phone it is overheating but my phone it is not warm neither hot. I am unable to access any application besides messages,contacts only.

    Is there anything that could be done on this phone. this phone doesn’t even have 2 months.

    please help

  13. T-Mobile just put a brand new SIM card in my phone because they said it went out that is why I had to restart my phone because it wasn’t detecting the SIM card. Well it is still doing it. How do I stop this?

  14. plz help me sir/mam. my problem is this, i tried to root my galaxy j7 2015. i know that when i’m going to root my device is i need to do the step by step procedure. i download the correct files on my laptop. and i did well all the steps. and after that my phone is rooted. but when i turn on or reboot my device to see if it works my device stock on the samsung logo. and my big problem is i realy don’t know how to fix it. i’ve tried all helping tips in other website but it doesn’t work. so please guy’s i need your help.

    i know my english is not perfect but please try to understand that.

  15. after a system reboot the phone turns on then turns off then starts over again, on then off until the battery is drained

  16. Hello, I have a galaxy note 4, it keeps shutting off and restarting. I have literally tried everything, clear cache, factory restart, safe mode, literally every option. I still can’t get it to stop. Please help.

  17. I’ve tried to submit my questionnaire 3 times, but I can’t get past the captcha. I tap my choices, then hit verify, and boom! I’m back on the page with the box that says ‘I’m not a robot’. A minute later, and it says ‘Verification expired. Please try again. ‘

  18. The power button was removed from my phone as it was broken. I’ve been keeping it charged but I was in the hospital for a few days and the battery died so therefore the phone is shut off. The phone is fully charged but don’t know how to turn it on. Please help.

  19. Have a Samsung j3 Luna pro. Have soft reset and and wiped cache now the phone won’t move pass logo screen. Process not responding shows up but won’t do any thing.

  20. Hi i already did all your instructions about rebooting. But nothings happen its always freezing & turning off/on. I cant see or press the screen button below. Pls help me. Thank u godbless

  21. My phone won’t connect to either one of my cars they both can communicate with each other but fail to pair any ideas

  22. I have the same exact problem as Anthony, who said…
    My Samsung Galaxy S5 is stuck in a loop. Once its turned on it keeps restarting and only reaches the Samsung splash screen and then powers off, all within a few seconds. I tried pressing all buttons (Home, volume and power button) simultaneously and resetting the phone to factory defaults and clearing the whole phone and its cache. I also removed the battery and SD card and so on. I’ve tried every way I could and desperately need help. How can I fix this boot loop once and for all? Thank you for your time

    So I’m in the same boat.

  23. My Samsung Note 4 is working well until last week. It’s now have the same problem as many people described.

    This is the message displayed with the android logo:
    Downloading… Do not turn off target !!

    Could not do normal boot
    ddl : nmo_read failed
    CURRENT BINARY: Samsung Official
    AP SWREV: S1, T1, A1, A2, P1

    Screen is frozen, I have to remove the cover and the battery, then put it back together. Note 4 cannot be turn-on when I press the (on/off) button. I have to plug in the charger to activate the Note 4 to display the battery is being charged, then you can turn it on by pressing on/off button. The battery is showing about 65% full. Another thing is Note 4 sometime can restart and boot up by itself.???

  24. My galaxy note 5 wasn’t charging above 77% and draining quickly until last month when there was a software update on December 27th. Everything thing has been fine and it has been fully charging until yesterday when this issue started again. It I saw running android version 7.0. Is there anyway to fix this problem?

  25. Question: My phone data and text works and it realizes the Sim card and Network. However , I can not make or receive calls.

  26. My device (Samsung Galaxy J5)suddenly starts operating itself ,it just starts opening apps randombly even without my touch and approx . at 35% of battery it happens , i bought a new battery but still this problem is there , the device shuts off at 35% ? Please Help Me…!!!

  27. My device suddenly starts operating itself ,it just starts opening apps randombly even without my touch and approx . at 35% of battery it happens , i bought a new battery but still this problem is there , the device shuts off at 35% ? Please Help Me…!!!

  28. So my Samsung Galaxy S6 was fully charged, i used for awile few days ago , battery level got down to around 86% then phone shut down and rebooted i dint see what was after that but next i got was 15% notification about five minutes after that then it was 0% and power off , so I plugged up my phone to charge it and now wont go above 86 % charge.

  29. My s6 edge plus stuck in boot loop after i flash firmware.erasing occurred while installing the firmware and den stuck in bootloop..Please help.

  30. hi, i live in the uk and i brought a Samsung galaxy note 4 secondhand class A condition, in June 2016, it come with a 12 month warranty, i brought it from eBay uk,it has been fine since i brought it, up until about 7 days ago,when i noticed it wasn’t on,so i tried to turn it back on and it would not,so i took the battery out and after a few attempts of putting it back in and out, it come back on, i have to do this every time it turns itself off,i have tried many diagnostics apps from google play store, and they are all coming back that battery is fine,etc, i think it could be a hardware or software issue,unless its a common fault of some other kind,i have not done any recent updates or anything,all i have down is a factory reset,and installed no other apps at all just left everything standard settings and it still turns its self off, i don’t believe the battery as the guy from eBay said it is the problem, i think he is lying to me, as sometimes the battery will stay on all day once i have had to take the back off then put the battery back in, i really dont think its a battery issue,going on what i am seeing with my own eyes and the many different apps i have tried,i think he is saying that as when i e mailed him about what the phone is doing and i don’t believe its the battery,he totally ignored that statement i made,when i said about the battery, and said yes you are right it does come with a 12 month warranty,but the battery does not,he obviously didn’t want to properly take note of my e mail,but that was last week, and since then i have tried many apps etc and everything is always coming back that i have a good battery,and i personally believe i have as-well,do you no off any known issues that could be causing this,as if its out of my hands ,i think i should sent it back,but i think this guy is going to try to be difficult,if you could help or advice, would be most grateful,Many Thanks Paul

  31. My Samsung Galaxy S5 is stuck in a loop. Once its turned on it keeps restarting and only reaches the Samsung splash screen and then powers off, all within a few seconds. I tried pressing all buttons (Home, volume and power button) simultaneously and resetting the phone to factory defaults and clearing the whole phone and its cache. I also removed the battery and SD card and so on. I’ve tried every way I could and desperately need help. How can I fix this boot loop once and for all? Thank you for your time

  32. Hello, I have the LGg5 I have only had it for a few months and I am having problems..I can send a text with no problems but when someone else trys to swnd me a message I never get them.. Sometimes it will send one but my friends have had to resend things many times just to get it to me.. I’m not really sure what to do.. I’ve looked somethings up but non of them worked..

  33. My Samsung Galaxy edge 6 stuck and the S6 edge logo appeared and non stopped. I couldn’t restart the phone. Please instruct me the procedure to restart the phone.
    Thank you for help in advance!

  34. Hi. I have a samsung galaxy note edge. I’m not sure which version of android its using. it was having problems with the battery at first where the phone would cut out between 60% to 70%, then i would have to charge it before it comes back on. Then day before it froze on home screen with a lot of tiny horizontal lines on the lower half of the screen. i tried restarting it but it keeps looping on the start up screen. I tried pressing the power, home,and volume up buttons to get into the recovery mode but it only goes as far as the little android guy with the words underneath saying “installing system updates …” but then that freezes and it cuts out again. tried that a few times now its a black screen with the blue light

  35. My note 4 won’t download the new update did a soft reset and come to find out I don’t remember my lock pin is thereally a way I can get around it and reset it all

  36. Ever since recent update LG l5 keeps discharging, vibrating and saying I need to charge Tried to do the reboot to no avail. Now What ?

  37. LG G5 constantly discharges since a system update and just keeps vibrating and saying I need to charge

  38. I have a Galaxy S6 phone and when I installed update on it yesterday the phone when to 0% battery so I plugged it in to charge. When it was showing 100% I turned it on and got the Verizon red screen. It won’t go past this screen or shut down. I left it on overnight & it went dead, charged this morning to 100% and still the same problem. Can you help?

  39. I’ve tried everything, and nothing works for my Galaxy Note 4! – not even the fridge and freezer thing
    !!! It just will not reboot at all! I am also sooo done! with Samsung! This is my third Samsung and they all have died the same way, after almost the same length of time! Before they died, they all behaved the same way – random reboots, freezing, etc. How can we start a class action lawsuit like the one against the Apple iPhone?

  40. Help!

    I have a Samsung Galaxy S7 and also a “life proof” case, however the life proof case charger port protector is broken and wont close (so the charger port can be exposed to water).

    I was at my friends pool and my Samsung galaxy S7 fell in. I told him it was waterproof and so he threw it in again like an idiot. The phone worked fine until about 3 hours later when I went home to charge it. I put the charger in and the “check port: moisture has been detected” came up. I dried the port with a cotton bud (q tip) and used a hair dryer. The phone died and it won’t re-charge. What to do?


  41. Hi, I filled out the form. At the end, two choices, “Send Feedback,” and, “Leave a reply.” I assumed it was, ‘Send completed form,’ and, ‘include note.’ Clicking ‘Send Feedback’ yielded no action, so I chose, ‘Leave a reply.’

  42. yesterday i will take the new device samsung galaxy j7 max
    today my phone totally power down
    i will input the device charger but not charging or open
    i take the device U.A.E yestarday now send the device bangladesh
    what can i do now ?

  43. Hi,

    Please help me. My Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge handphone screen can be seen once I plugged into the socket to charge.

    However, once I unplug it, the screen goes Off!

    Can you advise if this is due to the faulty battery or the mechanism?

    Appreciate your kind advice.

    Thank you

  44. I also have a problem with my s6 edge it cant turn on cant charge cant even enter the reset menu …… i got a message that it is overheating and will turn off … I splashed a little water on it by mistake someone help please

  45. I have a galaxy s5. The other day the screen seemed dim on the lowe half of the phone. It flickers as well. I woke up this morning and the bottom half of my screen was yellow and green and flickering so I turned my phone off for a couple hours. Now the phone is just back to flickering the bottom half dimly.

  46. I have a note 4
    Works great until yesterday it just started rebooting on it’s own over
    and over .
    I plug it it a charger and it’s fine
    I JUST replaced the battery 1 month ago

  47. My samsung s6 just stopped working won’t turn on charging light gos bright then dims before all this both push buttons on the front of the phone was lit up why

  48. I currently own a Tronsmart QC 3.0 Wall Charger that has a USB Type A port and USB C port. The USB C port quick charges my Nexus 6p easily but it cannot fast charge my S8+. Only the Samsung Adaptive Wall Charger can fast charge my S8+. Was wondering if you know what the issue is. I don’t want to buy another charger that’ll end up refusing to fast charge my phone. Thanks

  49. My used S5 wants to continually install a new Android update. I tried yours, and others, settings tips without success. The Verizon tech backed up my files and reset my phone to factory settings. This seemed to stop the upload cycle for several hours but it again started. My last update version is July and my wife’s newer phone Note 5, shows an Android date in November.

    Can I set it to just update when I want to? Right now, most of the times I use my phone it prompts me to update now or delay.

  50. I have a Samsung note 2. It fell in water and now i have a black screen but lights come on, how can i repair it and how can i recover my data and files on there without paying a fortune

    Please help

  51. hi im currently using samsung s3 with Wi-Fi, network, and mobile data related problems on my phone
    it has no data usage button and it probably have connection with my wi-fi and network please help me with my problem sir/maam.
    please reply asap when u read this on
    thank you
    good day

  52. Hello, im having the same problems with fastcharging won’t work at all…. I have clean if but won’t work…. it takes 5 hours to charge from 10-100%….

  53. Hello, while charging my phone and playing candy crush (at the same time) my phone suddenly turned off. I am unable to turn it back on. I’m tried the resets. Nothing is working.

  54. I have a problem with my A7. When i am trying to connect with wifi its shows fair or strong network. Its connected then display massage “INTERNET MAY NOT BE AVAILABLE”. When other device is connecting and working properly at same range and network. Please help me to solve this problem.

  55. Currently im using samsung j7pro.and i just updated yesterday android version 7.0 and after update i cant use my playstore for updates new downloads or anything through wifi network.but through mobile data it work properly.i do trouble shooting like clear the catche and factory reset also.i would like to know how i will solve this matter.thank you

  56. My Samsug gets hot. The phone rings& i can’t answer it. I have to take the cover off but I have to wait a few min. This thing about the Visible near devices. I can’t even log into my web.

  57. I have a Samsung Galaxy S6 Active. A few days ago my S6 started with not playing text notifications sounds when I received texts. I did a factory reset on the phone. Issue still exists. Then I found this site after googling my problem. My problem duplicates the problem with the text sounds situation listed. A little less than weird fact with me is, my LG HBS770 Bluetooth headset, and my Ford sync system will announce texts with individual tones when I’m connected to that particular device, though the phone itself will not. I did a soft reset on the phone with negative results. I then launched the phone in safe mode, and again negative results. All other tones, i.e., ringtones, alarms, email, calender events, and messenger tones all work perfectly, just not the text notifications.

    I’d be most thankful for any and all info You may have to offer.

    Dale McEuen

  58. I have had the galaxy on5 for a little over a week. The screen Page looks great. But just five seconds after it is displaying, the screen turns black. It will light up again when I prefer the on side button. This is bothersome. I called Walmart support and they said that is just thecwy the phone is made? I did go into settings and changed display to thirty minutes. Any help would b greatly appreciated.

  59. I had a cracked screen and my Galaxy S8 got wet. I let it sit in rice for two days. Today when I plugged it into the charger the LED light came on showing that it was charging. I then turned the phone on and the screen was just black. I can still feel my phone vibrate when I touch the screen. I’m worried about getting pictures off the phone. Is there anything I can do.

  60. I have Samsung galaxy s8 and the batter drains fast. Any help would be appreciated. I have received the run around from Samsung, Boost for 2 days.
    Can’t get form sent keeps saying fields that I have submitted is incorrect.

  61. Hi, I’ve got a Samsung s6 and it’s constantly got a black screen with flashing green & purple/blue lines across top half of screen, then I’ve got white lines top, right & bottom, can’t see anything.

    Tried everything I know, could u help me plz. Thankyou

  62. this massage appears in the screen of my mobile Galaxy S5 android: “unable to open Gallery. go to Setting>Permissions,then allow the permission and try again:
    I removed the battery for 10 sec. but it did not work. How can I solve this problem, Thanks

  63. What the heck is reCaptch, won’t let my issue go through, this is really a shame all this stuff I been going through just to not show call back number on my text would prefer my name to show, somebody anybody please , REDICULOUS!!!!!

  64. I am trying to ask a question, but I can’t get past the captcha thing.

    I am not quite sure what happened, but my phone was sitting next to me charging and when I picked it up it was very hot so I unplugged it right away.

    I noticed I didn’t see any lights and now it won’t power on.

    I didn’t do anything out of the ordinary with it and I am not sure where to go from here.

  65. Hello,

    I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 4. I have performed both a soft and hard reset.

    The issue I am having is it have connectivity but only if connected to WiFi. I don’t have 3G/4G or LTE services, even though the options are selected in settings. My APN settings are also correct as I have verified them with my carrier and it still doesn’t work.

    I have noticed that the APN setting seems to not remain selected despite my selecting it and saving it.

    Any help you can offer would be greatly appreciated.

  66. I might end up having to take my samsung galaxy j7 to the target range, as I did with my iphone, and shoot a nice large hole thru the middle of it them mail it to samsung customer service with a note telling them that this is all the phone is good for

  67. My motorola g3 is looping on the setup screen and keeps saying the device was synced to another account but when i enter the other account i get the same, any help

  68. I have a Samsung Galaxy Prime. If I send a message and it does not reach a recipient for any reason, will I receive a reply stating that the message did not go through? Thank you.

  69. I will hit the home or power button to turn my screen on. Immediately after it will turn back off. I will see the image but will turn back off automatically. It’s as if you hit the power button twice you turned it on then turned it back off as quickly as possible. I’m in constant battle with my phone. Please help.

  70. HI Iam using samsung galaxy on 7 phone now when I send a text message I know it gets delivered, however, a “transmission wheel” keeps spinning for a couple of minutes and then I get an exclamation mark. If I click on it, it tells me that “sending has failed” and yet I know that the message has been sent successfully. Help!

  71. I just filled out the questionnaire and I’m hoping they help me to see why my phone is acting like this. Did they help any of you that filled it out too??

  72. Hi
    Bought samsung note 4 it was working, put it charging.unplug it and the screen wont turn on, I can hear the phone work, but not the screen.
    Tried software reset, because it doesn’t show anything, was not able to
    What should I do to fix it

  73. I have Samsung galaxy S4 and when I play clips and media videos I can’t hear the audio on the speaker located on the back of the phone. I have turned the volume on the side all the way up. Any help is appreciated.

  74. phone switched off, now wont turn back on. even after a night on charge. and not even the light comes on when on charge.

  75. Dear Madam/Sir,
    I reboot my Samsung edge 7 two time and my phone is asking to verify the gmail account and it does repeatedly without let me using it.
    Please help, what should I do

  76. I do it all your given solution but the problem still arrises it show’s( has stoped ) becouse of i change my network settings manually everytime 3g to 4g that’s why i getting this problem but i want proper solution on it my phone is kult gladiator ,android 7.0 version please help me to solve this problem when i dialed any code like *123#,*121*2# etc then this error display on my screen please help me to solve this problem.

  77. I purchased a Samsung Galaxy S5 at Walmart/Straight Talk 01/29/17. Two nights ago I received a warning window that demanded I update Android Launcher or not be able to use my phone, in 24 hours it would be unusable.
    I backed out of this window, closed it, but it returned several more times. I suspected it was malicious, so I uninstalled any new apps, ran two different virus scanners, and immediately after this my phone turned itself off, despite having over 50% life. This happened 24 hours after first warning.
    My phone does not respond to charging, nor does any of the recommended tricks. It is as if someone turned it off internally, locking as promised.
    I have ill children and being without my phone is not an option. Also, I upgraded from a Samsung Galaxy S3 which belonged to my deceased daughter. I took over her phone after she died, wanting to preserve it. I stayed with the Galaxy due to protection of photos and text messages. I have the photos backed up, but her text messages are not.
    The initial virus scan (HI Security)prompted me to download a WiFi protection app called Hi VPN, which I did download, but I didn’t trust it enough to open it. It mentioned something called “Krack”, and I needed to protect my phone? Not understanding what this app did caused me to not trust it. I had just removed it before phone shut off.
    Is it possible someone shut down my phone internally? The Geek Squad tech told me that there is indeed a possibility this is exactly what caused this, that the Galaxy 5 is known to have hardware issue that placed users at risk for such a hack. he explained it is a hardware issue, not software, thus the reason it went undetected.
    Does any of this make sense to y’all, and can you think of some way I can unlock it?

  78. When on the web and i add something to the homepage or one of the homescreens it shows up then later dissappears. Samsung s4. Woked great for years. For the past 2 years no more. Help Dawn

  79. Goodmorning. I have samsung J5 2017 it is start to overheating because i use this phone to copy a big file from the flash drive to my phone, so after that my phone started to overheat. I don’ what to do or the solution. Thankyou very much if you reply.

  80. I have recently updated my S6 to a new Android Nougat (7.0) version. It was an official update from Samsung. After recieving the update I noticed that the audio coming from the phone speaker (not loud speaker) is now have a metalic rambling tone while calling or talking to someone. It is very noticable and extreamly anoying. turning on/off extra Volume option during call will solve it. But Samsung should fix it.

  81. Hi, i’m using samsung j5. i bought it on october. one day the mobile reset/rebooted itself. After that daily it restarted itself without any warning. It was very annoying to me. I don’t no what is the solution for it. So what is the solution to fix it.

  82. Hi, I’m using sumsung note 2 and it was stuck at sumsung note 2 screen when reboot after I’m install a new apps. I had try to press the power button, home button and volume button together and it was go to factory reset screen. I’m accidentally press the shutdown button and my phone was unable to reboot. Im try again on factory reset but the phone no response (in black screen). Please help.

  83. Got an unlocked galaxy s 7 and am a tracfone user. This was an AT&T phone. I have spent time with tracfone to get my texting issue fixed with no results. I am unable to send and receive group texts and text with pictures. do you have any solutions for me?

  84. Since my latest update (end of Sept 2017) the media part of my Bluetooth will not connect to my car. I have to unpair and repair the phone every single time I get in the car…much annoyance Android!! This has happened before but the next update fixed it. I hope the next update fixes this as I hate iPhones but I can’t faff on with these constant Android issues where it feels like their software is going back over instead of advancing. Sort it out please Android developers

  85. I’ve tried charging it but it only shows that it notices the charger is plugged in it doesn’t even show the battery percentage. IDK what to do

  86. I purchased a galaxy s6 edge on August 14th, 2016. Yesterday I was charging my device after the battery ran down. Suddenly, the charger kept depleting the percentage so I decided to use a Huawei Y-625 charger which works in my phone. For a while, the device charger but the LED came off. The phone was plugged and I had restarted it a couple of times. I powered it off for the night and it charged this morning and to see if the problem was fixed, I plugged it again and the phone won’t charge

  87. My note 5 is note coming on. No indication when charging or anything at all. It fell and has some cracks in the inner screen. Kindly assist.

  88. My samsung won’t turn on even though it’s been charged, I tried charging it but it still won’t turn on. I think it’s because the screen is cracked but i’m not sure of it.

  89. Hi, I’m having trouble with my Samsung S6 edge phone, I tried your troubleshooting guide and it only turned on my indicator light into white while it is plugged in, and it just stays on for a long time I waited for a long time thinking it just needs to charge, but the screen just won’t turn on.

    Please do help me, thank you so much.

    Have a nice day.

  90. has stopped is the error with an option below to close app is the error thats popping up on screen consistently n not going off even after following all the trouble shooting you provided its still not working .
    i just updated my samsung j5 2016 to nougat 7 android since then this error started popping up. the main issue is with the phone app and the one drive i believe thats causing this issue. but still not sure as that error doesnt show any specific app name.
    i have two sims card in my phone and it shows absolutely no network sim card 1 shows as no sim card and sim card 2 shows as emergency calls only. pls help its very urgent

  91. I have updated my phone (SM-J710GN) from Marshmallow to Nougat using normal system update and after the download, phone rebooted and then touch screen no longer responds. (works without problem when phone is still running Marshmallow)

    Have tried the following:
    – Soft reset; hard reset; cleared cache
    – tried flashing latest 7.0 firmware from Sammobile but problem still persists
    – tried emergency recovery through Smart Switch but getting error : please check model name and S/N and enter it again
    – unable to flash previous 6.0.1 firmware through odin; getting error – Check Fail Device 4; Binary 3

    Don’t wish to pay for LCD replacement if there’s an alternative solution that I can try. Can anyone help me with this please?

  92. My Samsung Note 5 charges fine with the wall charger and cable. It does not charge when plugged into the USB port of a computer or car travel charger. I bought a new car charger just in case my previous one didn’t have sufficient current output to charge my phone. My new car charger outputs up to 2A from the USB port, and also has an inverter where I can plug in the wall charger. My phone charges fine through the inverter plug (110V), but does not charge from the USB port in the inverter (2A). Does the Note 5 have a software setting that will allow it to charge over a USB port? Sometimes I get a message with charging options when I plug into a USB port (transfer files, charge, etc) but it doesn’t seem to make a difference when I select “Charge over USB”. Thank you!

  93. Phone got stuck at hard reboot options, neither Volume up/down nor power buttons responding to select the Wipe data/Factory Reset OR to select the Wipe cache partition.
    just before this happened, phone was behavhing in continuous reboots, but showing the Home Screen only for a minuite. After several attempts I could select the Factory reset options, now it is stuck at the Factory reset options. as said above neither volume up/down nor power buttons or appearing! what will be best option to reset my phone and bring back to its original condition.

    Thank you so much,

  94. Yesterday I upgraded my note 4 to OS 6.0 since then the network on my phone has disappeared. I took the sim card to my service provider they said all the internet settings are OK. The sim card is working fine in another phone but not the note4. I tried to reset it but nothing has changed. Please help I don’t know what else to do

  95. My Samsung s5 has stopped working. It has a blank screen and no lights at all show if I do a reset it vibrates but that is all. Any ideas on what to do? I also just tried a brand new battery today still no luck

  96. How would I transfer my photo gallery from galaxy s7 to s8 phone? I tried with the usb cord, the photos didn’t transfer and s7 drained the s8’s battery. How can I receive messages from the note 8 heart icon feature? I kept getting unable to download every time messages are sent to me.

  97. Girlfriend dropped phone onto table from handbag . Screen become pink from left hand and has slowly taken over full screen . Only power button responds . A few days later I have checked phone and screen is black with very faint signs of background screen. Screen and digitiser changed on warranty couple of months ago

  98. My J3 has been great so far. I know my way around cell phones and other devices pretty well. However this one has me stumped. I text a lot. Like a ridiculous amount. I like the preview message content in the status bar with the option to reply etc. Well earlier to day it stopped showing up that way. Now I have no preview or options just a notification that if I tap it opens messaging app. Like I said earlier I know my way around a smart phone well. All notification options in settings are set to display in popup on status bar for all my apps that are relevant. All the apps are still working properly showing content previews in the status bar notifications however messaging is not. Any help is appreciated. Thanks


  99. My mobile Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge cannot reboot after software update. I pressed the power and volume buttons for more than 15 seconds but the phone does not respond

  100. Thanks in advance for any assistance. I have a Note 4 with android 6.0.1. My issue is when voice calling. I hear the person talking to me, but my voice is very muffled on their end. This occurs when using WIFI calling and normal calling. It happens at all locations. However, it is fine when calling using Messenger and google voice search works fine. Any ideas?

  101. I used to be able to change the notification sound of my text messages by going to the ringtones. Now it only has the factory ringtones and not the ones I’ve downloaded also the choice when I click on select ringtones is grayed out. Do I need to enable something and what do I need to do to add my songs from my music player. What would have made them disappear?

  102. Forgot to say There was a Recover booting in blue in the top left corner of the screen, but nothing ever happens after that.

  103. Yesterday my S4 attempted to install update/upgrade. It shuts down in the first step to restart but it never restarts. I have attempted to hole power, home, volume up keys to clear the cache since I did get an error message can’t install update/upgrade. Any other ideas?

  104. Hi
    I am trying to send photos through email from my Galaxy S5 but when I do send them, the message comes up ” Email will be sent when network established” Both WiFi and Signal are available. What network do I need and how do i switch it on?


  105. Earlier in the year I cleaned my S7 as usual inter a running tap because it’s water resistant right. But after months of doing it I must’ve worm down the seal or something because water got In. So I dried it out in a rice bag and thought everything would dry out and be fine, except I kept trying to reboot it as I need it to be on for anything important. But then things started to get worse. From callers not hearing me and my volume button not working properly plus no decent sound from my earphone jack. But all of a sudden my power button started working and I got sound back on my earphones, temporarily due to by bro warning them up on his phone. Something to do with stored energy in the wire (I hope you know what I mean). The problems are motherboard related but it’s still working right now as I’m using it to write on this. Just some technical issues that I don’t really want to fork out around £50 for.

  106. I bought my j5 on 10 July 2017 .it started restarting from day one this problem is not only annoying but making me regret me why I bought the gadget….i have taken it twice to the Samsung Care centre in my country and the problem still persists..this is after failed attempt on following your guidelines on the page …hope this massage is read and I get reply on a remedy to fix this.!!

  107. I am hoping you could advise me on a weird question: I hate my Samsung GS7, though I’ve been with Samsung Galaxies since they began. WHAT PHONE SHOULD I BUY NEXT?? I am a Realtor. My phone is a 24/7 extension of my brain, as well as my secretary, photographer, videographer, and part-time storage facility. I am an Android/Google/Windows girl – Siri is not my friend. I need:
    — workhorse phone, tons of memory,
    — great camera and video,
    — hi-speed processing, great ability to transfer tons of secure files quickly and accurately’ to clouds all over my world
    — won’t freak out in the middle of the night when it updates itself and discovers the hundreds of OTHER Android apps I either need to or choose to use. Particularly Google.
    — will allow me to have my legally-required signature on my texts and email.
    — LOW level of proprietary app interference.

    I have owned my Samsung GS7 since February, thought I’d love it, and yet we’ve had a love/hate relationship from Day One. After researching a ton of tiny problems, I believe they all boil down to this: Samsung has a gazillion separate proprietary apps to run everything in the phone, and the Samsung Mothership considers it an act of war for me to download and use the hundreds of apps I need for work or prefer to theirs (namely I prefer Google keyboard, voice, etc. AND am legally required to have signatures on my text and emails, which prompted me to find other apps doing same.

    Do you have any ideas? These things cost a ton, and I don’t want to go through this all over again. I’ve considered Google Pixel but seems the camera/video is lesser, plus processor is better on GS8+. My Tmobile guy suggested Motorola Moto z2 Force – same processor as Samsung GS8+, similar camera, etc. He hasn’t personally used that one, but previous Motorolas seemed to have less proprietary apps and interference.

    It’s really hard to search bizarre general problems like this – not the type of thing that is typically compared on the techie comparison sites. I would really appreciate your feedback because this is driving me NUTS!!!

    BTW, I go through similar War of the Worlds stuff with my Microsoft Surface 3 Pro, as I hate IE and prefer G Drive and Adobe. That’s a whole ‘nother can of worms, but the other primary reason I go through so much Excedrin this year, lol. Thank you so much for any insights you can provide!!! 🙂

  108. my phone fell in the college toilet by the time I got home to put it in rice it had been up to 20 minutes I only recently got this phone and I really don’t want to buy a new one what shall I do

  109. Hi. my cellphone has 2 days before fell down and after that it turns off and just once it turns on and in the screen was some purple drops, then it turned off and i could not turn it on any more. I am waiting for your answer.Thanks

  110. Hello I have a Samsung galaxy 6 which will only work on charger after it was dropped, no apparent damage to phone. I can restart it while on charger, using power key, volume down. & home key, a blue screen appears & gives option to either download os, or restart using volume down which I do, and phone works fine, battery stays at zero. I am able to restart by using only power key once it is restarted as above. The phone will then show battery level at 47% which goes down to 45 or so %, then phone shuts down & restarts self then showing battery level back at zero. Ive had phone brand new only about 8 mos. Please help! Obviously I cant do soft reset as I cannot reach battery.

  111. Thanks. I’m using an S6 edge with a “3” carrier. The phone keeps freezing for a couple of 5 seconds and will sometimes heats up and restarts itself. Upon restarting after the black and white page with s6 edge powered by android, at the level where you have “3” logo it freezes again but the led sensor breathes with the blue light. I’ve tried resetting the phone, holding down the power button, home key and volume down key but the problem persit. At the moment the phone is on safe mode.
    Am skeptical disabling the safe mode.
    Please what can i do to solve this problem.

  112. Everytime there are system updates problems come up…first I couldnt add shortcut to homescreen from my Contacts , the option just disappeared. Then my Memo app doesnt share files anymore….I feel very frustrated with my phone

  113. Dear Team,

    I tried to reset my phone while the charging was 12%, To reset my phone i clicked Volume Up+Home+Power Button.
    And my screen Shut down, I tried switching on my phone in different ways but i could not switch on my phone.
    I tried all these below mentioned Keys to switch on my Phone.
    1. Volume Up+Home+Power
    2. Volume Down+Home+Power

    For Volume Down+Home+Power It shows a screen like Downloading and and i press Volume Down that is restart, but it vibrates and shows samsung j7 prime and go to sleep,
    For Volume Up+Home+Power, there is no response at all.
    I also charged my phone for more that 2hrs, but nothing happened.
    So please look into this matter and do the needful as soon as possible.

  114. My phone fell in the toilet. I’ve tried to power it on but it says it is overheating so I left it alone. I put it in rice over night and it does not charge.

  115. HI, my Samsung 7 phone set down randomly when I was in the middle of a text message. It will not turn back on. It was fully charged, I tried holding the power button down, holding down the power and home button at the same time. I clean the phone to make sure no buttons were stuck. I even tried letting the phone charge for a little while( the phone felt warm after this so that’s how I assumed it was working) No life at all, no lights or noises. I plan to go to my mobile store later but thought maybe you would have idea of what went wrong? Thanks!

  116. i need help guys, please guide me what should i do for my cell fon htc one m8 didnt show mobile portable hotspot

  117. I have an S5 that fails to download firmware updates they download go to install error comes up at 25% why sick of it

  118. Yahoo not recognising my devicexafter having it fixed and upgraded. Samsung galaxy s5!!

    Yahoo sent me sms but im not receiving it!!

    Dont understand.

    Very annoying.

    Please advise.
    About to attempt to get on yahoo website and attempt send them email.

    Thank you
    Kind regards

  119. 3/4 of my S7 edge screen had a pinkish tint to it. So on a blank white background i can see like 2 diff colours, one that is white and one that is slightly pink. Any idea how to fix it? Or do i need to replace my screen?

  120. i took my sd card out of my phone an now it wont let me in any of my apps ive tryed amost everything how can i fix this?

  121. Do you people not understand simple instructions? You fill out the form with your issues or complaints…you don’t post them in the comments section for all of us to see… that’s why you are probably getting No response! Geez.

  122. my Samsung Galaxy S II also has this problems When I switch on it vibrates only and require me to connect charge it after I get symbol of charging but remains zero percent As I disconnect it immediately it shut down

  123. My s7 edge recently became very slow, and sometimes freezes, when it does, the screen goes black… and then back to the home screen after a few seconds… oh and my sd card sometime dismounts by itself… please help

  124. i have a google pixel and a day ago my charging box stop working the cord still works in a car charger just not in the charging box what do i do?

  125. I just filled out the form but didn’t realize I put my lawyer friend’s personal phone number in the question. (He’s the only one Facebook Messenger won’t text right now). Could you make sure that number doesn’t get out? Thanks.

  126. I have a galaxy j3 prime and the screen keeps jumping and flickering what can I do to stop it from doing that

  127. I turn my phone off night before and plugged it in to charge. Next morning said 100%.So I am unplugged it from the electric starting to turn my phone on and nothing it will not turn on. nothing please help

  128. I have two j7’s that only charge on 110 volt not 12 volt…makes using GPS for long trips useless. Any fix for that.

  129. Having a frequent restart problem with my motog4 plus device.
    comes upto sim1 and again re-boots.
    Unable to do factory re-set/safe mode on etc.

  130. My Samsung Galaxy s5 will not send or receive texts. I tried to factory rest it bit it still won’t work. Do you have any advice?

  131. Not only did the memory in the phone being so slow everyone my text messages that I send tell me they failed even though the recipient says they get them all out of order so nothing makes sense to him but for the most part they do all get them. Can you help me please

  132. Hi there
    I have an issues.
    I own a Samsung A5, it completely froze since last night (8 hours ago), I tried rebooting switching the phone off, charging it, connecting it to my PC but it is not picking up.
    The phone is not even off it just has frozen and there is nothing I can do about it. I sent a fortune on this phone and now there is nothing I can do about it?
    Please assist me as soon as possible because I need my phone.
    I bought this phone because I trusted Samsung and no it is disappointing me.

    Your assistance would be highly appreciated

  133. My Samsung S5 is having problems with the finger scanner, it says I have to reset my phone… I already have repeatedly and it still doesn’t work. I’ve also tried ALL the “solutions” I’ve found on Google and it won’t work! The last option always is to return the phone and ask for them to exchange it, but for me that’s not an option because I live in Ecuador and they won’t exchange the phone. So I could really use your help to fix it. I really have no other option.

  134. Since the last Android os update to my Galaxy S7 I receive the message failed to send error every time I send a text…like other people with this problem the text goes through but I receive the error anyway. I have switched my text conversations to MMS by sending group texts instead (one to the intended recipient and one to my own number) and this has resolved the issue thus far. Since this only started with the last os update it is my belief that it is an Android glitch that needs to be addressed. In my case where my phone is Trac Phone I get charged for each of those extra texts. I have a friend that has a S7 with Straight Talk and she has exactly the same issues with hers. None of the reboots or cache wipes or any other thing we have tried has fixed this problem. if I could roll back before this latest update I would gladly do that!

  135. I had been using the headsets that came with my previous samsung device with my Samsung galaxy note 4 until recently, when they were damaged. So I’ve only just opened the ones that came with my note 4, but they do not work at all. My device does detect the headset being plugged in, but the sound continues to come from the external speakers.
    The headsets are in no way damaged, they have only just been removed from the box they came in.
    These hearphones do, however, work with other devices.

  136. MMC_Read failed error. Done some trouble shooting such as using the phone while plug, uninstalling all third party application, remove and replace battery couple of times etc. I have done all but still no improvement. The phone still keeps hanging and shuts off on its own. It also refuses to come on on its own and sometimes you have to take out the battery and re insert again before it comes back on. Some other times it just does not come on but starts downloading for hours without success.

  137. Hello, I have been reading your forum for quite a while and I always find a solution here for my problems here Thanks for that 🙂
    But I got a problem yesterday, it is the first time when i couldn’t find any solution on

    My S7 edge got half the screen (exact right half portion of the screen) a yellow tint. Just like a shade of yellow. I restarted the phone it didn’t go away until I restarted 3 times again and again and it appeared every time, after that I started checking my mails (while the problem was there) and all of the sudden it resolved autimatically.

    It happened once again after one day when I was playing a game.

    Few things about it,
    1. Screenshots appear normal I checked that.
    2. black colored text and images appear smudging out or widened in affected yellow area with pink pixels on borders of black text.
    3. Every other thing like touch screen etc working fine.

    Now I am really worried because I bought it few weeks ago, what should I do. Replace it or is there any solution available?

  138. Owner of a Samsung Galaxy 5 here. This just happened today. Peel remote keeps popping up in the task bar yet when I go to installed apps, Peel remote does not show as downloaded. I did not download I and don’t want it. Also, the display screen goes all pink and lime green and yellow shapes and the phone shuts itself down. I tried doing the soft reset and removed the battery for a while and then put it back, so we will see. I’m using it now and waiting to see if it happens again.

  139. Hello..
    i have samsung galaxy note 5
    Since i update my phone to nouget 7.0..i have many issue here and need some help
    i cant enter recovery mode even i have press 3 combination buttons, and phone stuck on galaxy note5 screen…my startup samsung bootanimation also missing and direct jump into home screen..then my screen always freezing, need to press on/off button to refresh it again.

  140. Dear sir,
    Im your old client from last 7 years im using samsung mobile. I have just purchased galaxy j7 prime on date 16.07.2017 suddenly since morning a vertical single light line has been appearing on my mobile screen for a couple of seconds, then suddenly it becomes disappear.

    So i request to you please solve this problem

  141. Hello I am facing a huge problem with my note 5. The battery is losing 10% almost every hour. I tried greenify ,clear cache , Sam battery but nothing worked. I even formatted it and nothing happened. May you guide me on how to find a solution?

  142. I have the exact same issue as Aaron, who posted yesterday, September 10th, 2017 at 11:44 am. I went to bed yesterday with my cell phone functioning normally. When I woke up and tried to unlock it, it displayed a message requiring me to put in my backup password because the phone had restarted and fingerprints don’t work after a system reboot. I thought this was strange, as I hadn’t remembered turning off the phone. I left it alone for awhile and after about 2 hours I noticed that the wifi was turned off and when I tried to turn the wifi on, the phone started to turn itself on and off again. It has been doing this on repeat for the past 2 hours. I finally managed to get it stay off. Does anyone know why this is happening? Is this a result of a battery defect?

  143. My phone doesn’t always alert me of a text. sometimes it will and display a box for me to check “view”, but other times nothing.

  144. My phone doesn’t always alert me of a text. sometimes it will and display a box for me to check “view”, but other times i don’t get anything.

  145. Hi my partner has a s7 that keeps re booting itself. We have tried clearing the system cache and deleting third party apps with no change. All though we have noticed it doesnt seem to do it if the phone is not connected to wifi. Today was working fine all morning and then as soon as tried to connect to wifi it rebooted. Any advice? Thanks

  146. My wife has a samsung s7 which is displaying only half the screen, the other half is blank. Already tried to reboot several times and a factory reset. Still no luck. Thanks

  147. I have 2 problems. I have a galaxy s5. The first issue is when I charge my phone it says it’s charging but it’s still going down? But if it does charge it takes way longer that it should.

    My next issue is, everyone who has the same phone as me (Samsung galaxy s5) has newer updates. But when I go to check for new updates because I don’t get the notification, it says “up to date”. I don’t know why it says that because I know I don’t have the newest update? Do you guys know what’s up with this?¿

    Have a good day, thanks!

  148. My problem is my galaxy s7edge:
    Unfortunately Tafseer ibn kaseer have stop and my Instagram stop and some of my applications
    but if I try to restart the phone it got stuck unless I do master resete and go to factory reset and I will re download every application back then everything will be fine after a week then the situation repeat itself this is the third time i have been re factory re setting my phone why please I need your help.
    Some times I remove the application re install it back but it still doesn’t work

  149. Hi
    Im having problems with my galaxy S8.
    I updated my google and galaxy apps a few days ago and after that I’ve been recieving notifications that bixby voice has stopped , gmail has stopped, twitter has stopped…
    And when I slide the edge screen its not as sensetive as before.
    I thought its because I didnt updated my android but I did and I still have all those problems!
    I just bought my phone and this problem has bummed me out..:(

  150. Does my Samsung 5 lte have wifi calling.can’t find it nowhere on phone. My phone doesn’t work at my son’s house in stony point Newport Michigan. Someone said it would work if I had it.when I call someone from here says something like calling is not available. Please help.very important. Without being able to call it could be a bad situation. Begging for your help.

  151. I have a galaxy a5 2017 and my notification have stopped showing for instance on WhatsApp it would show me a little number 1 or 2 depending on messages it’s showing nothing I have to click on it to see if if have messages and I did 10..!!people think I’m ignoring them..its the same with all my texts emails etc..!!help!

  152. Hi
    I have bought a sumsung galxy note 4 few months back.
    It is working properly,all the updates were coming properly,but from few days when i am trying to check for new update which is naugat, it is showing “unable to download updates”
    And when i am checking in root checker
    It is showing root access is not properly installd but i have not tried to root my phone once also …
    So why this error is coming ..
    Plz solve it ..
    Thank you …

  153. my galaxy s5 sprint, won’t boot with sd card inside, and recovery mode won’t come up either, try to root, but imposible without bootloader being unlock, i did recovery restore, but off course without sd in, it will popup download mode only,(vol-,home,power)its not the sd, trust i tryed differents already, even my works on my wifes galaxy, and her sd; my s5 sm-g900p wont boot and starts at all, please help!!!!!

  154. my s5 keeps turning off randomly what should I do?
    my s5 keeps telling me my SD card is unsupported what should i do?

  155. My note 4 will not turn on and will not charge. The battery is in good working condition. Please help. Thank u

  156. I’ve had a Galaxy S5 phone for about a year now. Sometimes while using it or pulling it from charge, it will just shut off and not come back on. It’s really annoying since I have a case and screen protector, also it’s rooted, so some features could cause extra power to the system, but I had an app that was causing excess power to battery by checking it constantly, so I deleted it. Now my phone will get hot when this happens, and I am forced to remove the battery to restart it. My network is T-Mobile and I’ve deleted any bloatware apps on the device since I rooted. Any help? Thanks.

  157. My sumsung Note 3 is not charging and is heating up, and is getting off after few minutes. How can solve this problem?

  158. my galaxy s3 stuck at samsung logo doesn’t boot up and does not enter in recovery mode what should i do please help

  159. My Tumblr app keeps crashing and bringing me back to my home screen. I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling it, restarting my phone, the soft reset, closing all unused tabs, clearing cache data for the app, and nothing has worked. It’ll let me use it for maybe a minute or two before it says the Tumblr app has failed unexpectedly. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  160. I have had the LG G3 the G5 and now I just got the G6 I’ve invested $1,200 in cell phones this year not happy but it’s been done and I’ve read and I have had the same problem about the text messaging being received from another person from my phone up to 12 hours late the phone time was wrong it was off by hours and not minutes this is very upsetting I’ve tried to fix it but but would have been reading seems to be the everybody’s having this problem also I was wondering if this phone can be upgraded to the new Snapdragon 835 considering how we are using last year’s processor

  161. Hi, my samsung s6 took a fall and it cracked the screen but also i can’t access my touch screen it went black but i could still hear my phone ringing
    do i need to change my screen or is it something else ?

  162. Cannot connect to Bluetooth speaker JBL purchase 2013 number GG 0 0 4 8 – 0 0 7 2 868
    I could connect with my original
    note for purchased 3 years ago

  163. @Emmanuel If you see this, I had the same problem, holding down the, power, home and volume down button all at the same time worked for me, hope this helps.

  164. I have a samsung galaxy s6 it was on ee but I wanted to move to three network so I played some1 to unlock it . Now it won’t pickup a signal for any network and says security notice unauthorised actions have been detected

  165. i recently started my senior year and had needed to charge my samsung galaxy note 2(phone connected to laptop using charger cable that came with the phone)… after that whenever i try using any cable with any wall adapter it won’t charge… still charges with the laptop and portable charger…. i can charge my phone from the portable charger(charging the portable while charging my phone from it)

    i tried your soft rest did not work

  166. im using oppo find 7 and my wifi, hotspot & bluetooth can’t turn on…. i tried restarting the phone mny times, turning on and off airplane mode, double clicking wifi….

  167. my samsung galaxy s5 screen went black but the button light and the phone is also on because i can hear messages coming through and the phone also ring but i cant see anything on the screen. i have removed the batteries and sim card from the phone and allowed it for 10 minutes , still it wont come on. what can i do?

  168. I can be standing right next to my son who has a Galaxy 8 with the same 4G Verizon service and when we run a speed test his speeds will be 10 times faster than mine also he will have service to be able to hold calls where I lose calls on my Note 4 in the same area I have activated Advanced calling and although the calls sound better it has not helped my dropped calls

  169. i have a problem on my samsung s5… i cant update my s5 unable to download update… what will i do here?

  170. I have samsung A5,
    Problem:1) Mobile on but display not come sometime when display come after many times by pressing power button,
    2)When keypad lock for 2 to 3 min it again show display as press the power button but when leave the phone for 15 min to 1 hour then the phone display come,phone is on, call come and receive but display not come therefor I install ”No screen off” then phone working good as long as battery charge. what is the problem not geeting

  171. Hello, I have a Samsung s7 which keeps overheating and restarting when I try and connect to wifi. I have read a few of your posts and reset the phone in safe mode to see if the problem keeps happening, which it does. I have important photos and documents in the phone which I need and cannot transfer to another storage device without internet. I have also deleted and uninstalled most of the apps and videos I have had on my phone. Still the phone restarts and overheats when connected to wifi.
    Please any pointers would be greatly appreciated!
    If this keeps happening with many Samsung phones should there be a recall or Samsung fix or replace these issues which their making an insurance claim?

  172. I have Samsung A5 ,when the phone kepad lock for 5 to 10 min,Then by pressing keypad the display not visible and many time pressing then the display come come and therefore I download ”No screen off” apps the phone working fine,initially the Samsung told that that phone has a display problem but when no screen off apply how it run whole days without any problem expect battery drain. Kindly tell the me solution

  173. Hi
    I am the user of samsung note 4
    For the past 1 month my phone is getting too hot while using and automatically gets switched off when reached at 70% battery
    Please help

  174. I took the phone to a technician and he said the phone couldn’t receive android 5.0 or 6.0,he was only able to update it from android 4.4.2 to 4.4.4. I don’t know if the technician is telling the truth, i wonder why the phone couldn’t accept any of those update,I would need your professional advice on this.

  175. Hello,I have problem my s5 Samsung sm g900v it couldn’t recognize memory card.And also software couldn’t update to 5.0 or 6.0 ,is it very safe for me to use the sammobile update link you posted

  176. Hi droid guy! My Samsung Galaxy s7 edge has been having some problems. It once became unresponsive. It wouldnt turn on but the led indicator was blue and it was charging so I did the safe mode thing and forced reboot which fixed the problem. since then its been randomly shutting down and rebooting whenever mostly when i was on a call using the Messenger App. I didnt really mind it because it would just reboot. But today it just shut off completely, no led indicator or anything. I hooked it up to my charger and its not showing any signs that its charging. Tried pressing the buttons to force reboot and its just not responding. My phone is about 10 months old. Is it time to take it to a technician?

  177. My galaxy s6 keeps making a notifications sound every minute or so and I can’t figure out how to turn it off.

  178. Pls, my Samsung Galaxy J5 is giving me problem when I charge it will not store current. Initially i thought charging port problem but after changing the port its still charge but does not store pls help

  179. I have galaxy 3 when i am scrolling on facebook my screen turns yellow it dont do it on the games i play on on facebook i did verus it said ok

  180. Hi I got a Samsung Galaxy J7 that is J700-H 2015 I recently installed a custom TWRP recovery memory to the phone and installed SuperSU application now my j7 is rooted I’ve checked with root checker, but since the Debugging USB and OEM Unlock (allow the device to be OEM Unblocked) are enabled since my root was achieved I keep getting this notification SECURITY LOG (unauthorized actions have been detected. Restart your device to undo any unauthorised changes) now I’ve read that if I turn of my USB debugging and OEM Unlock option when my phone is rooted it will turn to brick is it true I need your help and I also tried to force stop Knox and delete its data since phone is rooted so it give me a privilege to do that. Still I keep getting the notification please give me authentic solution and BEFORE rooting the phone this notification was not there I think it was because of USB debugging and OEM Unlock.
    Waiting for your answer.

  181. Hi. I have a “hand-me-down” Samsung Galaxy S5. The WiFi works fine. The problem is REGISTERING THE SIM ON THE NETWORK. the phone had been used before in UK with a pay as you go sim, and in Europe with whatever SIM i put in, and about 24 hours again in UK with a Lycamobile SIM. last few months, all I can use the phone for is wi-fi +(camera, calculator, offline games etc). The phone is SIM unlocked, or at least so I have been assured at the repair shop.
    Help, please.

  182. Hi, i baught my Samsung S7 Edge around a year ago i have researched all the symptoms of my phone and everything i have read so far is saying i have a faulty phone. For around 4 months it has been freezing and turning of and it will have a pulsating blue light, i would wait for it to die and then charge the phone back up and turn it on. Then it would work for a couple of days and do the same thing, but a few days ago my phone did the same thing again and i waited for it to die like i was doing before. it never turned back on, i plugged my charger in for a couple of hours not even the charger symbol came up i could tell it was charging because the back of the phone would get warm but the screen is unresponsive and holding down the power button and all the others like in all the forums wont work either. I have since rung up Samsung and sent it off, because the phone has a little crack on the back and by little i mean tiny!! They want £262.23 to fix it. I have refused because i think that’s way too much. All i want is for my phone to turn on and start working again. Do you have any ideas at all?

  183. Hi my name is Clarrisa n iv got an galaxy s5 n it will not let Me call out or receive call but I can tex but it looses service a lot it want keep sercive I have straight talk minutes on it how can I get this fixed so I can go back using it with out having to buy a new phone?

  184. Hello I have a S7 edge and I’m having charging issues, I’ve tried rebooting, resetting the phone, different charger and nothing is a permanent fix. What can I do at this point.

  185. Hi, I have a galaxy s7 and I’ve been having problems sending text messages it says that they failed when indeed it got to the person. I have tried everything from wiping cashe data and resting my phone to factory settings twice still no change. No problem with my phone before the recent update. I’ve called Samsung and my phone provider they can’t help.. Please help fix my problem!

  186. Below is your answer, so the first thing i tried worked….i got my own text message; but you don’t say what to do if that works but you’re still not getting other’s text messages>>/???

    LG G5 can’t receive but can send text messages

    “For some reason, my LG G5 can no longer receive text messages yet I can still send without having issues.
    I have a lot of friends telling me I haven’t responded to their messages this past couple of days. Regularly, we do text each other everyday and I also wonder why I haven’t heard from them even from people I texted. What should I do?”
    In the event that you can send text messages but can’t receive them, then you should check if your phone still has enough storage left to store those messages. I understand texts are very small about of data but if you have used up all the storage, then it’s impossible to store those messages. However, you need to further verify everything before seeking assistance from your provider. Here’s what you need to do:
    Compose a text message and send it to your own phone number. If it goes through, you should be able to tell as the message will appear as a thread.
    If you can’t receive your own text message, check the internal storage of your phone. You may delete some large files and try sending another message to your own number to see if the problem got better.
    In case the problem remains, you have to clear the cache and data of the messaging app you’re using.
    Lastly, if the issue persists, then perform the master reset before contacting your service provider to help you fix it.

  187. Cannot download new emails. Have done the cache, removed old emails, it won’t delete Tha last 1000. Taken battery out. No luck

  188. Hi, I did a hard reset on my samsung s5 and the phone will now start up and I can use it but if i take it off of the charger it completely shuts down again. Off of the charger it will not show any screens of any sort. Also while its on the charger and on, the battery life is going down and does not charge at all. Off the charger if I even try to soft reset, reboot, turn on, or even hard reset again it doesn’t respond at all. I have no clue what is wrong with it. I have tried everything that I can think of but I am at a loss now.

  189. Hi, I have a Galaxy S7 Active, my phone did an automatic update on the 23rd of August, and since it did, my text alerts will not go off, but every other alert does. I can’t figure out how to fix it, please help! Thank you!

  190. Hello,

    I have a Samsung Galaxy J5 2016 SM-J510FN that will not complete just gets stuck in the opening screen that says Samsung J5(6) with this error message at the top:

    Odin: flash read failure
    Error: There is no pit binary
    ddl : mmc_read failed
    Product name: SM-J510FN
    Current Binary: Samsung Official
    System Status: Custom
    FRP Lock: Off
    Warranty Void: 0x0
    Qualcomm Secureboot: Enable (CSB)
    RP SWREV: S1, T1, H1, R1, A2, P1
    Secure Download: enable

    nothing seems to work… I have tried the reset in every sequence as well as trying to get it into safe mode… nothing works…. I have recently obtained a USB Jig but that only helps as much as my laptop recognizing that the USB cable is connected to a Samsung device but it still goes no further than the first screen… which in this case with the jig… the Download screen… I have tried a few apps that eventually say that the phone needs to be in debugging mode ( which I don’t think it is) or that the device is not supported yet… I’ve even tried Kies and Switch… but because the device does no complete the startup and just freezes… I cannot go any further.

    Please Help… if anything… I’d like to retrieve the photos off the device before doing a clean sweep.

    your time is appreciated… thank you!

  191. I have notifications turned on and they populate in the left corner but I cannot swipe down to see them or to navigate to the app with the notification. When my phone is locked the populate on the screen. I have reset the notifications, restarted my phone, and cleared the cache. this just started – not dropped phone, no pocket mishaps etc. I have no other issues that I have noticed.

  192. Hi guys,
    Problem with Samsung J3 running on 3 network.

    Intermittent problem not sending texts. Can receive fine. Have replaced SIM and phone to solve. Network coverage is ok.

    Interestingly when 3 switch on recieve notification which costs 1.2 pence, all the texts are delivered ok.

    Hope you can help

  193. Hi..I have Samsung Galaxy J700F and I didn’t get Google Assistant Yet. Why ?
    My Samsung Galaxy J700F Is On Android Marshmallow and It has 1.5 GB of RAM .
    Everything is present what Google assistant Demands. Then Why My Galaxy J700F Doesn’t getting Google Assistant.
    Others Smartphone gets the Google Assistant by changing the system language and updating their Google App . But I also do same still I didn’t getting Google Assistant.

  194. Regarding the Wi-Fi issues with the j3.. dropping home Wi-Fi signal… the app.. I believe it’s the”service and protection” app… go to settings.. applications… search all apps.. find it and open… top right click more… uninstall updates. Done. Wi-Fi stays connected now

  195. Hi there!

    I have a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and I’ve recently noticed a strange issue when charging my phone. Once my phone reaches around 70% battery while on the charger, the rate of which the phone charges slows down dramatically.

    From 1% to around 60%, the phone will fast charge as it should but after that it slows right down. Almost to 1% every 10 minutes.

    I have tried both wired and wireless charging and it’s the same with both as well as opening my phone in Safe Mode.

    Any ideas what could be causing this?

  196. Ok, so I have a samsung galaxy s7 I have Hotspot on my phone but every time i try to connect my hotspot to any device it tells me it’s connected but then I lose service completely. Please help! Thanks youu?o Ida.

  197. Hi
    I have a Samsung Note 5 & have been facing a major problem when I call out.

    It happens a lot, when the person I called cannot hear me well – feedback is my voice is very soft. Even when I make sure ring & media are set to maximum volume.

    Please advise

  198. I recently got a galaxy s7. I was previously using an LG v10. Before with my v10 whe I paired to my car Bluetooth and played music/podcasts/etc the display in my car would reflect some sort of information about what was playing{song title, artist, podcast name etc. it varied in detail based in the source}. This was the case with every other phone I had paired as well. Once I bought my new galaxy s7 the only thing that displays on the car screen is the device model number sg-etc. I’ve poured through the settings of both devices and have found nothing. It’s incredibly frustrating!

  199. My S5 is stuck on a reboot loop. I can enter the recovery menu without pressing my power button and i can navigate in it as long as i want, then i physicaly remove the power button (thinking it was defective) but even with no power button it keeps rebooting… any idea how to fix my s5?

  200. My galaxy s5 suddenly stopped recognizing any charging cord except my 3 inch cord. I have 5 different cord and it just doesn’t recognize that they are plugged in at all

  201. My galaxy s4 gets over heated when charging, and when it’s charging…it literally doesn’t move from 0%. Also, when the phone is turned on, before anything it shuts back off

  202. All of a sudden, the outgoing sound on my HTC phone is not being heard on the other side. Is there a possible fix without going to an AT&T store or sending it in?

  203. I have a Galaxy S6 with Android 7.0. I am having problems with my notifications. A few months ago I stop receiving alerts from my downloaded apps ESPN, the score, and MLB. I looked through all the setting in the app and my phones settings but I could not find any solution. I even uninstalled and reinstalled these apps. There was no ring or physical message. I continued receiving alerts just fine from all my other apps. While this angered me, I did nothing about it. Fast-forward a few months, I have stopped receiving notifications from my messages app on the lock screen. However, when I get a text, I receive a sound and also my screen lights up when locked. I do not receive the physical message saying I have a text, nor do I get an LED indicator. I have no idea that I receive texts when I pick up my phone after being gone from it. At this point, I do not receive notifications from the 4 apps I have mentioned, but things such as email work fine. I have tried all the basic things such as looking through the notifications section of settings, looking through battery optimization. None of the basic troubleshooting fixed my problem. I have heard some mention of resting a cache somehow, but I have not attempted that. Not sure if that would fix my problem.


  204. Hi there

    I have a Galaxy S7 Edge and now face the dreaded custom binary blocked by frp lock.

    I have tried downloading the newest Odin but ever after extracting the files, nothing shows up on my laptop. So I can open the Odin app, but there are no files to enable a flash. I would really appreciate assistance with this problem.

  205. Good morning, I have a Samsung Galaxy 7 and did the recent update this morning. I was having no problems with my phone prior to the update. When I send a text message they all come back stating that they failed when the recipient did indeed receive them. I have done all the trouble shooting advised and it has not worked to no avail. I see in comments below I’m not the only one having this problem please help. My OCD is making me crazy. Thank you and hope you have a blessed day.

  206. I have a Samsung S7 ..When I get a msg it will alert me for the 1st msg but not for any other msgs so I miss a lot of msgs. How do I fix this problem?

  207. Hello,

    I was having issues with my phone with the battery being drained. It would turn off at 52% and I would haved to put in the charger. As tge days went by and percentage went up to 64%, it would turn off, 76% it would turn off then when it got to 95% it turned off and would nit come back on. The sprint tech said that the battery was fully charged its an internal issues. I took it to a battery shop and they told me tghe battery failed. But when I bought the new battery, my phone still did not come on. When you put it on charge there’s no indication lights that it is working. I had a bad feeling about it but it went off as I was in the middle of backing up my Samsung account. Can you please give me any other advice. I am continuing to try the power button and removing the battery for 2 days now. Any advise is very much appreciated.



  208. I got my s7 edge wet and it turned off by itself. I stupidly tried to turn it on except the screen is black. I can tell that everything else works as I can hear the device unlocking and changing the volume. Also the task manager and return buttons light up as usual but the screen remains black. I dont know how to turn it off now. I have put it in bowl of rice ( should it be submerged in rice or just enough for the ports?) Please help i woukd really appreciate it. Thank You

  209. hello! I have a Galaxy Note 10.1 (2014) with the black screen, but the soft keys light up. I have verified that the cable connections are tight. Do you have any other suggestions on what it could be? Thanks!

  210. My Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is ‘talking’ back to me while navigating, composing emails, reading news stand, and speaking subject titles of my emails. I noticed the phone unit performing the audio talk back three week ago. I don’t recall downloading any new applications. Scanning the phone unit and received no viral attacks.

    I worked with Samsung and the Smart Tudor app and received no results.
    Aggravation has heightened. Your assistance is most needed.

    Thank you.

  211. This seems minor compared to some of the other questions. I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 5 , and I have done all the system updates, but I’m unable to get Words With Friends to update. It’s still shows that I have six games active, regardless of the number of games that are actually active.

  212. Hello I have s6 been having the same black screen issue with the white x on either side of the screen..keeps blacking out every 5 or so minutes…the phone keeps prompting me to connect to gear vr and I don’t have any…ive tried resetting the phone nothing seem to work I just want it gone… and another thing I left it charging over night but the phone keeps lighing up all on its own…please help ..

  213. I have a Samsung s7. I did the software update 1 week ago today (8/17/17). I can send and receive text messages but I get a message back saying message failed to send. I have done a factory reset twice. I have shut the phone off and taken out the SIM put the SIM back in. I have cleared the cache and cleared the partition I have reset settings. Straight Talk keeps telling me I need to call Google, I need to call Samsung. Yet I cannot find a phone number for Google and Samsung says they have no other troubleshooting different than Straight Talk has done. I am getting so frustrated and ready to put this phone through a wall!!! PLEASE HELP ME!!!

  214. Hi. I’ll spare you the weird background story but my Samsung Galaxy J7 ended up soaked in mouthwash. I cleaned it up and it started malfunctioning hours later. As of late last night it started powering down with a message about it “overheating”. I put it in rice overnight in hopes of drawing out excess moisture but as of this morning, it again powered off for “overheating” after being on for less than a minute. I say “overheating” because of the error message–the phone itself is not even remotely warm to the touch. Do you think it might be salvageable?

  215. Hi, I have tried everything I hope you can help!
    Yesterday my phone froze, I did a reset using power and volume down. That brought up the menu and i chose restart. After that it got stuck on the s7 start up screen, then when I tried to reset again it went in to a long vibration. After that I tried recovery mode and it just said recovery booting at top of screen, but never brought up the android logo. It will not go in to safe, recovery, or download mode. It is occasionally flashing s7 logo screen? Please help! It has been flawless up until it froze yesterday???
    Thank You,

  216. I have a galaxy S7 which I purchased a couple of months ago. It has worked just fine until a few days ago. When I send a message it says the message failed yet recipient still receives it twice.

  217. I have a galaxy S7 and when I send a text it say sending failed but people still get the text

  218. My phone is over heating really fast. When I go on the Internet or just play games it starts getting really hot and I don’t know u. Please tell me what to do to prevent it from over heating again. Thanks

  219. Hi. My fast charger has been working fine recently until it broke. So I was using a different one but that didn’t work and I thought it was just the plug. I brought a new fast charger today and it’s still not charding fast. it only charges normally. The fast charger slot in the settings is on but I don’t know if it’s the wire or my phone. Please tell me what I can do. Thanks

  220. Hi there. I have a Samsung Galaxy S5. I moved to Italy in the last couple of weeks and recently got a TIM SIM card. I currently have the error message “SIM card is not from Verizon Wireless” displayed on the phone and cannot use data. I have canceled my plan with Verizon, reset the phone, and even waited a couple of days. Nothing has worked yet. I saw that there were some tips for rooting the phone and I admit that I was a bit intimidated by the description. Is rooting the correct way to solve this issue? Thanks!

  221. I am working through your steps to reset my Moto 4 Gplay. I am ready to wipe the data. However, I do not have a “Yes” option. My options are (1) User data only and (2) User data + personalized content. Which option should I choose? I’m thinking delete everything.

  222. When I try to scan a QR code using the wechat app on my new Samsung J7, the phone immediately shuts down. Every time. I can scan QR codes using another app, but that doesn’t help me join the groups I need to join on wechat, pay with wechat, etcetera (everything in China is done via wechat). How can I address this (soft reboot didn’t fix this issue)… A google search revealed a few others are asking the exact same question, but I don’t see anyone replying to their questions on those other sites.

  223. Hi. I have a samsung grand neo duos phone and it has been flickering for a while now. I have tried several solutions but none of them seem to work. I tried the brightness tricks but none of them work then i tried downloading some apps like screen dimmer which also didnt help. I also tried changing a setting while on developer mode and that didnt work either. I don’t want to reset my phone because thats just a temporary solution. Please help.

  224. I have a samsung s7 and some of my contacts text msgs dont come through. Iv had 3 contact’s with the same problem.

  225. I have Samsung Galaxy S7. The feature to connect to my home Panasonic Wireless phone system worked great when I got the S7 in November 2016. Then sometime in early 2017 there was a Samsung update. Everything worked except for the message notification tone via Bluetooth to my Panasonic phone. I can connect and I can receive cell calls on my home phone. But not text notifications.
    I also use Samsung S7 connected to my Buick Lacrosse. Everything seems to work there.


  227. I have a Note 4 and since the over the air update my phone suddenly died. I took it to Sprint and to a phone repair center. They tested the battery and it is fine. It will not boot at all. Just a black screen. What can Samsung do to reconcile this issue?

    FYI, I went back to using the Note 4 after the Note 7 bombed. I appreciate any consideration you feel is appropriate.

  228. The problem with my phone is I dropped and it won’t turn on. and I’ve tried everything, but it’s not turning on at all. When I tried these steps I always felt various vibrations and saw a light from the two buttons on the bottom and a blue LED light from the top. The screen still remains black. I need help to fix this. Please help and thank you!!

  229. I am not receiving any notifications when the screen is off. I don’t mean screen lighting up, I don’t want that, but not even texts are coming through. Its also disconnecting from WiFi every time the screen is off. The texts have been an issue for a while but the WiFi problem is fairly new. I’ve never liked this phone but now i want to throw it.

  230. No signal,this black square with yellow writing pop’s up on my phone, can still use wifi and I don’t know whats wrong with it, I took the sin card out because I thought that was the problem, please help me thanks

  231. I have a Samsung Galaxy S7 and I have never had a single problem with it until last Wednesday at midnight when my phone updated now I cannot send text messages every time I tried to send one it comes back as send failed and then I get notifications forever reminding me that my message failed sending I have tried restarting my phone I’ve also done a hard reset and that does not fix the problem I am very frustrated as I spent $500 on this phone so if you could please and tell me how to fix this problem

  232. Hi, I have a Samsung Galaxy S5 Active and recently, some texts aren’t being received, but some are. There is no association between the person has an Iphone or not. I gave my phone a factory reset a couple months ago and it fixed it, but it is now broken again.

  233. Hello. I bought a new battery hoping it was that. But it’s not. I plug my phone in on the charge and it won’t charge. But it will vibrate and show the lightening bolt when I unplug it. Then when I have it off and plug it in, it vibrates on and off like it’s trying to charge. But it wont. What’s wrong with my phone?

  234. My samsung galaxy s6 just randomly turned off and it won’t charge or anything. I’ve tried holding the power and home button but nothing. No blinking lights. Idk what to

  235. I can’t get any notifications from Facebook (I get ALL other notifications.)
    Also, all the pictures I receive from IPhone users are blurry. Please help…

  236. Hi,
    I have a Sony Xperia xa which has been working fine but for a few days I haven’t been receiving notification noises but the phone vibrates and lights up fine. I don’t know what’s wrong with it.

  237. So I charged my phone yesterday thinking that it will charge overnight. Cause i saw the lightning bolt and it showed 0% with a green in the bottom. Then it showed a red light beside the front camera.. and now its still charging and at 0% is my phone drained? Or is there a possible solutio?

  238. I am unable to connect my Samsung Galaxy S6 to my selfie stick via Bluetooth. The message displayed reads ‘Can’t connect to Z07-5. Try to connect from Z07-5’. It has previously worked without a problem. Can you help please?

  239. My moto g4 is not responding at all.not booting up……not booting in bootloader also.only led is blinking while put on charging .volume down +power key is also not plz.
    My device’s bootloader is unlocked and this all happened while device was updating…

  240. I have a galaxy s7 through straight talk after the latest update evertime i send a text message i have a circle that keeps spinning then a quotation mark in a white box comes up and when i tap it it ssys messaged failed but the people are getting my messages i have did all troubleshooting that was given and still isnt fixed i am getting very frustrated please help

  241. I have a samsung s7 edge. It will not notify me if i have a missed call, it did this one other time before and i was able to google it and got it back to working but now nothing is working, could someone please help me.

  242. Hello, I owned the Samsung Note 5 and a week ago the phone started restarting randomly & constantly. I did a factory reset, it stop restarting but then after couple of days did it again. This time though it doesn’t turn on at all. No led light on or logo appear when I try to power it up. It’s unresponsive when I charge it as well. I tried the power + and power button, power – etc, phone will turn on for a few secs but will quickly shut off again. Now it won’t turn on at all not even for a few secs.

  243. Hi,
    I followed your advice on how to fix “Unfortunately, the has stopped” and did a factory reset using the 3 buttons, but the message keeps poping up!
    Please Help,
    Kind regards

  244. Following issues
    1. My S6 galaxy keepd shutting down n restarting every now and then.
    2. Lately my phone shutdown n never restarted. I had to send it to the Samsung store who said software has to be updated. My phone was formatted, couldn’t repair otherwise. Lost all my data
    3. After this software update, still my phone eeps shutting down n restarting. What if the above prob keeps happening?
    4. After this software update , my Watsapp notification sounds are deactivated. In the settings, the notification sound is enabled though. However the other apps lik email, SMS etc emit sounds properly.

  245. I have a Samsung A5. My software update is supposed to be on wifi ONLY and between 2-5AM ONLY. I am in the UK.
    I was on wifi, I left the office switched on my phone off flight (that it’s usually on), and was on my limited monthly data that I pay for, and then realised there was a software update happening. I couldn’t stop it, I couldn’t turn it off, I couldn’t take the battery out. I went back to where there is wifi but there is no indication on the screen as to whether it would use wifi or not. Nightmare!

  246. I have a samsung galaxy s7 edge. Its only a year old. All of a sudden, it wont allow me to download videos i purchased in the google play music and tv app. It will just say “preparing to download” for hours and not download. And i have apple music on my phone and all of a sudden it deletes songs that i had already downloaded on my phone, and if i try to re download them, it downloads, and immediately a message pops up saying “song removed from downloads”. It has been going on for a couple months now and i cant get anything to download now on this phone. I dont know how to fix it and i cant find any information of anyone else who may be having the same issues.

  247. I switched from lte/cdma to cdma. My phone was telling me that messages failed. The messages were actually delivered. The first message that i sent after makimg the change did not fail. However, my next message did fail. Therefore, making this change did not work.

  248. I switched my galaxy s7 phone from lte/cdma to cdma. It solved the the messaging issue that i was having. Problem: my phone was sending messages but said that it failed. Will i have to eventually change back to lte/cdma?

  249. Galaxy S6 edge plus text messages are combining texts that are received even though it wasnt a group message.

  250. I bought my Samsung s5 in the US and I’ve now moved to the UK. I got an Asda Mobile SIM and everything is working except my mobile data. I’ve walked to Asda, they gave me this info for the APN:

    APN Description Name: ASDA Mobile
    APN Name: everywhere
    Proxy: Leave blank
    Port: Leave blank
    Username: eesecure
    Password: secure
    MMSC: Leave blank
    MMS Proxy: Leave blank
    MMS Port: Leave blank
    MCC: 234
    MNC: 30
    Authentication Type: PAP
    APN Type: default
    APN Protocol: IPv4
    Bearer: Unspecific.

    I did this and still have not had success. Is there anything else going on with the phone that could be preventing me from access the mobile data/? is this phone not compabtable? Or am I going to have to find another provider for a SIM card?

  251. Yesterday i can”t get into my FB, Gmail, Messages – all with the same message: Unfortunately, Messages has stopped”, Unfortunately FB has stopped – what is wrong? I have a Samsung J7 Prime …please assist because I reset the phone, clean caches etc…

  252. My phone is stuck on boot loop.

    I was using my phone last night and i think over the night, the battery drained, so in the morning i plugged it in, it was working normal. After 1 hour, i came to use my phone, and after 10 seconds of using it, it just restarted randomly. I tried going to recovery and tried restarting and it came even worser. It said i have no OS installed. So then i download the official firmware and used odin to install it. after that, the phone loads up, but it gets stuck on boot loop. During those times I had some TWRP mount/data error and efs. I have fixed that and it still wont load phone properly.

    So, now i have found what the problem is, but i think its my battery. If i keep my phone plugged in, it works normal. As soon as i remove it shuts off and show the samsung logo forever. I left like that for like maybe 6hrs and the battery still is on, but it doesnt have enough power to boot up. It can only boots if i plug in.

    Is there anything i can do?

  253. My Note 4 started crashing when the battery was low and I tried taking pictures. I bought a new battery and no change, did a factory reset and no change. Now it crashes using random apps and then boot loops and comes up with an error message saying that an unauthorized system was downloaded and the phone is locked. I plug it in and the phone boots and the error message is gone. I have never rooted my phone and did the reset through the settings in the phone. Please help

  254. Galaxy s5 always runs either really slow, or freezes while mirroring. That and it a pain to turn it off or do anything to the phone while it’s in mirror mode.

  255. I customized my HOME SCREEN page on my GALAXY NOTE 5 & now I can’t get rid of the words EDIT & HELP at the TOP right Corner of the HOME SCREEN PAGE. Can SOMEBODY help me PLEASE. I’VE been trying for HOURS.

  256. Daughter dropped her Samsung Galaxy s5 in water. She thought it was fine and kept using it. Then she turned it off and put it in rice. The moisture sensor on both the phone and battery are still white. After this, her battery was draining quickly. She put a fairly new battery in and it still drains fast. Just now, after charging fully to 100% and leaving the phone on and idle, it lost 13% charge in 2 hours. Wondered is this is a fixable problem (especially due to AT&T’s next plan, I still owe 9 payments.)

  257. Note 5.
    The Samsung keyboard app is off. I tried to reset it, and use my finger print to open, but need to use password first. Please help.

  258. Same as alot of others. Samsung galaxy 7, android OS. Straight Talk service. When sending text messages, it says messages failed when it fact it goes through. Have tried all the suggestions online. Even reset to factory settings. This happened after the latest upgrade. Very frustrating!

  259. Galaxy S7 Edge

    It shows the starting boot screen, with “Samsung S7 Edge” in white on a black background. Lasts roughly 1/2 of one second before it goes black for 1-3 seconds, then does it again. Does it forever, endlessly, in that loop and nothing I’ve tried can interrupt it. Is there anything at all I can do?

  260. I have a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.
    The battery was showing 42% so i decided to put it on charge while i was having supper but when i got to the phone an hour later the phone was dead so i reconnected it to the charger but it wont charge and just shows the battery sign in white with the power flash sign. tried holding power and volume buttons in for more than 10 seconds but nothing happened.I then connected another phone to the charger to test the charger but it charged fine.
    The phone was 2 years old on the 16th of this month,can it be the battery or is there a bigger problem?

  261. I’m getting,

    Do not turn off target!!

    This just happened, tried everything you’ve put on this link, even tried to do factory reset, but even When I turn it off completely, ( taking out battery ) and hold home and up keys then power I wait for the vibration and then, the same screen shows up, downloading do not turn off target, I have reaped multiple times to make sure it’s not operator failure please help……

  262. I currently have a Blackberry which syncs perfectly with MS Outlook 2010. I am currently looking at a Samsung S8, but want to be sure that it too will sync contacts, calendar and email with MS Outlook 2010. Is this possible and if so, how?

  263. Hi, I have a Samsung galaxy s7 and I’ve been having problems sending text messages it says failed. Although the person im sending to gets the text on my end i get a failed.This problem started after the last update went through. Please help

  264. I am having the same problem with my s7 as many people on here have commented. Saying texts have failed but are actually going through. After the update. How can this be fixed?

  265. I own an S6, Verizon. Stuck on Android v5
    Constantly says so much updates are up to date. I also own an HTC ZMAX. This is a Metro PCS Phone. It is on version 6.
    Now, today, both phones were notified of an update available. Updated and installed on both. Too appx 10 minutes. What the hell was this?! More importantly why won’t my S6 get a notification to update to at LEAST version 6? I checked the status. It’s still version 5, and both phones show no sign of anything different at all. How can I update?!

  266. Hi my back button on my note 3 keeps acting funny I won’t even have my fingers around the back button but yet it’ll still go back please help me fix it

  267. Last week my Galaxy S7 did a software update. Now my text messages say failed, despite the fact they are going to the person. I have done countless things. Restarted the phone 20 times, empty the cache for messages, called my service provider and nothing works. It’s very annoying to say the least.

  268. Hi

    I have Samsung Note 4 that I bought from Best Buy. It is is an international phone but unlocked. I have been using it thru Metropcs. Suddenly a letter E poped up instead 4 G. I swicthed to TMobile the 4 G still not working. T mobile has gone thru all the options for troubleshooting nada.
    They say they have been upgrading the network system aome phone might be affected but it has been months and months.
    Can you help?

  269. My Samsung note 3 s wifi’s butten won’t open and when it opens I can’t connect to the wifi.
    If I try to fix it nothing happens but when I leave it for months it seems to work for a month or more.

  270. Hi,
    I seem to be having a problem with my Sony experience X with texting. I currently use the default app and SwiftKey app to text. But for certain contacts (only people I text a lot) when I open a previous conversation to reply the entire app will sometimes freeze and load the pop up to wait for it or close the app. I’ve gone into settings and cleared the messenger cache /data. I’ve also done a factory reset but nothing seems to make it work consistently. I have noticed that when I go into messenger if I click a conversation with only 1 message in first then all the other conversations will work fine.

    Hope you can help!

  271. When I try to send a text on my galaxy s7 it sends me a failed to send message. The messages are actually going through though. However I can still send multimedia messages and they go through. Thus started happening after the most recent update. Help please.

  272. My phone says sms message has failed whennud has actually sent. Didn’t start this until the recent update

  273. I’m having same problem as a few others, my phone says my sms measage has failed, but the person I sent it to has received it…and it started this after the recent update

  274. Hi, I just bought a second hand S5 and it it’s running Android version 4.4.2 which I assume is a bit out of date, but it won’t let me update it. Each time I try it tells me “Unable to update software. A network or sever error occured.” It tells me to go to Samsung Kies (which of course won’t even install on my laptop because “The ordinal 12404 could not be located in the dynamic link library” whatever that means. The GPS isn’t working and I’ve tried a few different solutions, nothing works, I’m wondering if it needs to be updated. Any suggestions?

  275. I am having an issue with my message app. Only one contact I cannot send a message to. Which is a family member. It stopped working abut 2 to 3 weeks ago. I have went into to sethings made sure I didnt accidentally block her and I havent. Please help me.

  276. My samsung galaxy s7 recently done a system update ever since the update when i send a text i get a failed message but the person is getting my texts since they reply. I have restarted everything and done a factory reset. Please help.

  277. I have a note 4. I noticed from a month that my mobile signals are 1 always whereas my friends mobole signals are 3 or 4. When i go outside it changes to max 3 where my frienda mobile signals are 4 or 5. Please suggest something asap. Thank u.

  278. S7 phone can connect to modems and routers I have, but will not connect to internet. Other peoples phones (and my laptop) can connect to same modems and routers and WAPs no problem. I can connect to phone hotspots and other wi fis.

  279. Hello, I installed a new 4G SIM into my Samsung Galaxy S5 (model SM-G900F). The problem is, when I turn on mobile data, it doesn’t show up and the connection is not available(I cannot access the internet, even with data on). Could it be a problem with my phone’s support? Does Galaxy S5 support 4G/LTE? Thanks for your time.

  280. I have updated my Samsung j7 2015 model via OTA to Android marshmallow.
    for few days phone works fine.
    one day I restarted my phone and entered my pin, but it said wrong, I tried and tried but after several attempts, I got locked out for 60 mins.
    I had no option than hard reset then the phone works fine then again when I restarted the same problem occurred. I don’t wanna reset my phone again. what should I do?

  281. Same as Cody. My messages are failing to go through but the person I’m texting is reviving them, I’ve tried resetting my phone, the whole nine yards, and nothing has fixed it. Help please.

  282. Its this simple, my signal has dropped and it is not coming up back. When I put service on my phone which was before the signal fell, I saw an exclamation mark at the right of the signal bar and it wasn’t coming on. How do I fix this??….Also updating PRL and so forth isn’t working.

  283. Hi, I woke up to see four horizontal grey coloured lines across the screen of my galaxy S6 edge. It is not pleasant. Please could it be removed?

  284. Hello, my Samsung S4 has got a black screen. Other indicators can light up and the phone still rings when a call comes in. I have tried to reboot many times, like take the battery out, hold down the power button for several minutes, and then power on as some articles suggest. and tried to reboot with all volume, home, and power buttons down. am sure the battery is full as I charged and have two of them. …Nothing worked.

    When the problem first shew, there was light greenish lines on the screen. They were able to go away and I used the phone a little bit. but then it went black and could not come back on. there was some water on the cover, but not like being in the water at all. I dried it using hair dryer also.

  285. Actually The problem of a Guy you mentioned in your observation story Is same Hapening with me its stop for 20-25 Days And then Screen Flickering Again Use to start I use to Wipe My data So Its work Well But After somedays This Problem again take place. And when i use to visit Samsung care they use to say me no Problem is There in my phone So Whats Should I do?

  286. I have a Samsung Galaxy S3 have had battery replaced, screen replaced, completed reset factory settings with your guidance. But once the phone is on sleep mode for a few minutes it won’t turn back on. Will need to removed battery for it to turn on,and then it will repeat the same thing.

  287. I am in the exact same problem as ourpeanuts2 is. My Samsung Galaxy S7 did an update and now my text are “failing to send” yet I’m getting replies to many of them from my family. I have done a restore, I even did a factory reset. Still having the exact problem. Please help me find a solution. My phone goes off continuously and it’s really nerve racking. This was the first phone I ever spent so much money on and I can not get any help from Samsung support. They told me to go to BestBuy?? Please, Please help me keep my faith with Samsung Phones

  288. So about 1 week ago my s7 did an over night software update. When I woke up in the morning it said that my phone had been restarted for a software update. Starting that morning I could receive texts but I began receiving a “messages failed”, “sending failed” error notifaction for each text message I tried to send. I have been in contact with my provider that says my texts are actually being delivered however my phone tells me they ARE NOT. I confirmed this by sending a message to my childs phone and they received it but my phone told me it failed to send. My carrier has tried everything to fix this problem. I called Samsung and they state the phone works normally and no problems that its with the carrier. I have done google searches that show many many people are experiencing this same issue despite doing all the steps you state on your trouble shooting guide. I have done them as well and its not fixing the problem. How can we get Samsung to recognize there is a problem and fix it? Has anyone been successful at fixing this error on the s7 after the most recently software update?

  289. I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 4. My dad recently just replaced the charging port on it. He had tried to replace it at least 3 days ago, and had the wrong size for the phone. He fixed it today, and now it doesn’t react to touch. He thinks it may be a connector he missed. Do you agree, or do you think it’s due to not having the battery & sim card not in it? (It was apart for the few days we were waiting for the right port)

  290. When using a camera through a telescope for distant objects the focus ALWAYS needs to be set to infinity.

    If the camera is perfectly mounted and the telescope is in perfect focus, the samsung j7 perx camera will correctly autofocus on the sun or moon.

    However it is VERY difficult to get a camera to look through a lens or telescope without precision equipment to measure, align and repeat the process.

    If alignment is slightly off the camera will focus upon reflections on the primary, or the spider, or the reflector.

    So, is there a value that can be edited to fix the focus (note, not the exposure settings.)

  291. As of today I am getting all these
    “Unfortunately Android system has stopped” messages on my Galaxy Sy
    I vleared the cache and restarted phone but that did not help

  292. My galaxy s4 will no longer turn on. I have tried all your techniques and it still won’t turn on. I went to a technician and he stated that it is a software issue and not a hardware issue. That no matter what I do I can’t get any data off of it. Do you have any suggestions?

  293. Hi sir .i am kareem from Dubai .i like only Samsung ..I bought so many mobile from this brand .but now I bought Samsung s7edge but wi-fi,and blue tooth not connecting plzz give me answer what I want to do sir ???00971553589892..plzz waiting for your good answer

  294. Is this the short questionnaire I’ supposed to fill out? I can’t find anything else. I have a Samsung Note 5 and starting five days ago, all texts sent to my husband have failed to send after 24 hours. All software is up to date and it’s only texts to him that fail.

  295. My Samsung galaxy s6 has been powering off if not connected to a charger. So even if my phone is at 100% it will power off if I disconnect my charger. I do have a feeling my battery is shot but I don’t have money for a new phone. Is there any way to fix all this without money?

  296. Hi there. My Samsung s5 has become very very slow for some reason. Also my laptop wont connect to it when I turn in the hotspot. It always used to connect as I have used it to do so for over a year now. I contacted Tesco mobile(my network provider) and having checked everything their end,they said that it is probably my phone but they woukd send a new sim,which they did,but no difference unfortunately. So,can you advise me in what to do next olease. I havn’t tried a factory reset yet as being a technophobe, I am apprehensive about doing this in case I lose something I need to keep. I have write down all my phone contacts(took ages) so do I need to write down all my email contacts too and anything else to that matter. Very frustrated and need help please???

  297. Hello I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and recently after an update none of my contacts seem to sync anymore. I go to the contacts app and it just constantly says updating contact list…. and I can’t even view my favorites or recently called list. I still see my messages but it only shows me the numbers I have sent the texts to not the names that should be there. I really need help because even when I try to save a new contact it won’t even show the loading circle or anything after I hit save. Its almost like it doesn’t process this. What can I do to fix this and in the worst case scenario at least save all my contacts somewhere I can recover them if I need to do a reset.

  298. Hello, I have a Galaxy S5 and the screen isn’t working, I dropped it and the screen just doesn’t turn on anymore, it still buzzes and the light still works. I’ve tried charging it and that doesn’t seem to help. please, can someone give me instructions on how I can fix this? Thank you

  299. Hello,

    I have a Samsung Note 4 phone and it is not fast charging at all for the last 6 months or so. I have to literally charge the phone for 20 hours to get it to 100% which is a real nightmare. Suddenly one month back the fast charging started working for 2 days and then stopped since then. I tried all of the troubleshooting steps mentioned in these forums but no luck yet. Hoping you can help me fix my issue.

  300. Hello. I bought a Samsung micro SD for my phone and It’s saying ‘this device doesn’t support the SD’ The phone is Samsung A5 2917 model. Thanks.

  301. phone acts crazy. jumping from app to app. closing without prompts. I have reset it but it still happens

  302. Hello, I have the Samsung Note 5 . When I am at a concert the lights are bright in the arena. Sometimes it is too bright to video tape. Should I turn the lights off on the note 5 ? How would you set up the note 5 to video tape an event in an arena.

  303. My S7 is getting text messages but since about 3 days ago it stopped telling me when my messages would come through. No notifications for them or anything. I’ve tried resetting my phone. Resetting my settings. Nothing is working…

  304. I can’t get my music player to play after down loading music to my new samsung galaxy s7 edge. Can this be sorted as frustrating

  305. This has happened a few times, and I don’t know what happened to make it stop. The problem starts while the phone is on. The only symptom is that the power button becomes unresponsive; I can’t use it to turn the screen off or hold it to restart/turn off the phone. However, everything on the phone seems to work fine; no obvious software issues. I should also note that the phone has not been anywhere close to running out of battery when this happens. It’s happened at 30% as well as 70%. Eventually, the screen turns off, and it won’t turn back on. I’ve tried a soft/hard reset; I try different chargers; I’ve tried removing the SIM, SD cards, and battery; I’ve tried charging it for hours before trying these again; I’ve tried doing all of this both connected to a charger and not connected to a charger. The previous two or three times this happened, it “magically” turned back on after messing with it a few hours later, and all buttons and software seemed working and unaffected. This time, though, it has not “magically” turned on after over 24 hours. The power button doesn’t seem stuck or broken; I still get the “click” when I press it.

    Please help. This is my last resort before buying a new phone and losing everything that is on this one.

  306. My HTC One M8’s camera suddenly became blurry and makes a continuous Sound (Hissing).
    I cant take clear photos at all. The noise comes on whenever i access the Camera. Please help me out on what could be the cause and how i can overcome it.Thanks

  307. My Samsung Galaxy 5S has no network, no matter what sim is placed inside. I have contacted my mobile supplier and stated that the board needs to be replaced.
    I have read your article and reset the whole phone and still no network, tried a few sims that do work in a Galaxy 4S.
    Please help!

  308. Hi
    My samsung note4 drops netwrk signls. It picks signls on roofs or in open place still not picks signls in open floor room. How can i solve this issue.

  309. Hi there!
    It’s been a year since I got my Galaxy S7 and just yesterday, it froze while I was watching a Youtube video then it shut down.
    It started heating up for a period of time then started cooling down. I left it at that overnight then I started to press the power button and volume up, still no luck. I tried charging it but it only heats up and still stays as a black screen ( no LED lights). Please help me and thank you!.

  310. I’m currently using a Samsung Galaxy S3 and whenever I try accessing the Google Play Store it always gives me the error code [RH-01]. I`ve tried everything under the sun from wiping off data to deleting and downloading another play store app but there’s no solution. Please assist me.

  311. I just bought a Samsung galaxy S8 two days ago because I wanted Bixby. The Bixby button works great, but the settings in the Bixby home do not work. I see all of the settings, but I can’t open them when I tap on them. It’s the settings for the background, voice wake, pretty much all of the settings. Also I am unable to open the alerts in the Bixby home menu. So I guess what I’m trying to say is that the Bixby home isn’t working like it should. I did a factory reset and cleared all of the apps cache and made sure everything on my phone was up to date. I called tech support and they want me to mail my phone in for repair. I was hoping that I wouldn’t have to be without a phone for weeks. It really seems to just be with that software. Thanks for taking time to read this.

  312. Hi
    About a week ago my phone started acting funny. The screen will freeze during random assignments. Random app or just checking mail. Some times as a result of this freeze the phone restarts and its back to normal. At least until the next time the screen freezes. The biggest problem is when it doesn’t just reboot but stays frozen. The screen goes black and becomes unresponsive. There is still light in the bottom buttons(menu and back touch buttons) but ofc doesn’t do anything. My problem is i cant turn off my phone or do any of the other reboots or soft battery disconnects that is recommended. I have to wait until the phone has drained my battery and turns off. Then i can charge it again and use as normal. Until it happens again. Has done this 3 times this past week. No idea what to do about this. The phone is only 4 months old. Got a damaged screen but that happened 3 months ago and never influenced its use.

  313. Bonjour,
    Je me suis retrouvé avec un code imei invalide sur mon Galaxy S3 commençant par 00 pour la deuxième fois (après un passage en magasin et remise à neuf du système) et j’ai essayé grâce à vos tutoriaux de réinitialiser mon téléphone sans succès ! Et je fais ceci car j’ai de nouveau un problème avec mon S7 actuel qui reste bloqué sur le logo Samsung mais là pas de souci sur l’Imei. Par contre je constate que tout ces soucis sont causés par ces mises à jour comme celle pour mon S7 (nougat) ou celle qui avait provoqué à l’époque la mort subite du S3 !! Ras le bol de ces mises à jour qui bloquent des téléphones soi dit en passant haut de gamme…! Heureusement que mon S7 est encore sous garantie car si il ne se rallume pas par miracle comme la fois dernière je n’ai plus qu’à retourner en magasin. Mais en attendant je ne peux même pas remettre mon S3 en fonction pour dire d’avoir un téléphone de dépannage. Avez vous une solution avant que je retourne en magasin ? Je précise que la led bleue est allumée que je n’ai pu le rallumer suite à une coupure car plus de batterie et qu’en ce moment il chauffe tout en restant sur ce logo Samsung…

  314. My Galaxy J5 was scheduled to complete an overnight software upgrade. After the upgrade my phone will not boot up. I get the green android icon followed by a “dead” android icon with error underneath and then the phone restarts. The phone gets stuck in a loop and I have to take the battery out to stop it. I have tried loading the boot menu using the volume, home and power buttons but nothing happens and the phone goes into loop again. Any ideas how to fix this? Thanks

  315. hello, my phone is samsung galaxy s5, my phone wont open. i try all the troubleshoots. if the “samsung galaxy s5” appears it will immediately turned off and repeat the former. how can i solve this problem?

  316. I dropped my Galaxy Note 4 from about 3 feet high. It did not seem to hit hard at all, but now my screen is black, there is a little blue blinking light in the top left corner. I tried taking the battery out and I tried rebooting it & I even took out SIM card. I hope I didn’t break it. Truth is I have dropped it harder in the past and all was fine. Any suggestions?

  317. I see that I am not the only one with this problem after reading these issues other people are having. I have a galaxy s7, and the latest samsung update came thru a few days ago. Since that update, my texts still are going thru fine, but at my end it just spins as it goes, the exclamation point comes up, and then it shows as a failed text message. Please advise on how this is going to be fixed….thanks

  318. Hello I got a Samsung s6 edge and can’t install the newest android nougat I still have the 6.0.1
    I have rooted my phone and when I wanted to install the nougat firmware they tell me to unroot my device to update my phone manually to its official firmware in the settings so I unrooted my phone, when I used to update my phone manually from the settings I receive an error message says ( unable to update the software .a network or server error occurred, try again later. )

  319. Note 4 boot loop issue same as many tried factory reset went into boot loop took out all cards new battery ECT got phone back on installed wake lock app works 100% w the app on but if ogone shuts off I have take battery out wake a while reinstall then it will boot up ,new software security patch available but during instal phone has to reboot and once phone shuts off it will not reboot I have to go through procedure of taking battery out wait an hr reinstall then activate wake lock app to use phone any fix yet for this issue a more permanent fix other than wake lock app and having to take battery out wait then reboot

  320. Galaxy note 5. I want thw most current text message to be the first one i see whwn i open the message app. Example i have 5 people who text me. I open my message app and although i received the latest text from “bob” he might be the 4th person down on my list of all text messages. If he swmt me the last text i want him to be at top of list and then when “sue” sends a text i want her to be at top of list. It used to be this way and now i might get a text from someone and they are like 20 people down.

  321. My Samsung S6 fell into the ocean yesterday. I rinsed it under fresh water and sat it on the dashboard of my car while the heater was on to try dry it out. When I got home I put the phone into a container of rice and sat it in the hot water cupboard over night. This morning when I plugged it in to charge, the battery sign came up saying it was charging but wouldn’t turn on. Any tips to get it working again?

  322. Hi,
    i have seen that my issue has been addressed in prior posts “Galaxy S5 has a black screen but phone working”. Is just really nerve-wracking to not know what triggers this issue but i beg for your help since i am going crazy and my phone is perfectly good otherwise.
    It all started when charging it, sometimes just sometimes after a while the screen went unresponsive while charging, but all the remain buttons worked, led lights worked, buttons below blinking, i received calls, heard notifications, even able to unlock the phone through the swipe just cant see anything in the screen.
    after a while it happened every time when charging, after a little of being connected screen went black (phone still working though) and after disconnecting it took time for the screen to respond again.
    things turned worst: the issue came up not only when charging but at any time during the day, and could not tell what was trigging it. I have a hunch that is when the phone gets hot but i can not be sure really. I just had to sit and wait for the screen to come back with no average time when it did so (1 min, 5 min, 15 min..)
    i have followed all your suggestions: 1) taking away the battery and putting it back again doesnt do anything, 2) i have also removed the battery and while out have pressed and hold the power key for 30 seconds and waited 10 min to put batter again (it works if i follow each step strictly but cant live like that cause issue keeps coming back), 3) have also removed all apps and when that didnt worked i performed a factory reset 4) i have tried with and without SIM card and memory card
    I have had my phone for about 2.5 – 3 years but is in great condition, it pretty much doesnt have any scratches, screen is clean and scratch free 99.5% (at least not to a human eye). I have drop it some time in the past of course but has never been followed by any problems.
    The only thing is that the battery lid/cover broke in half so the charging area is exposed. Battery charges fine although battery life has of course diminished a bit, as i said my phone has about 2.5-3 years.
    I am out of guarantee of course and dont know what to do. besides this is in perfect condition and is just not fair to have to throw it away.
    Ill appreciate ANY help, thanks!

  323. When sending a text from my Galaxy Edge they look completely fine! All neat and in one note! However, when my recipients receive the text it is jumbled into 5 or 6 blocks, depending on the length of the text, all out of order and nearly impossible to decipher! I have checked settings but no help! Please help me so that people won’t hate getting texts from me! ?


  324. Hi.
    I have the galaxy s7 edge, since the nougat updates, i keep getting a ‘service started’ message. It usually happens on a skype call, but has now started appearing at anytime? I cant find any app or notification to figure out what has started..
    Pls help.

  325. I have a couple of questions on the Galaxy S7 (not the edge version)

    Is there a way to turn on sound for notifications only, and have the ringtone volume on vibrate or silent?

    Is there a way to turn the lowest notification volume setting even lower? The lowest setting is still pretty loud.

    Is there a way to turn the incoming phone call notifications off? By this, what I mean, is if I am playing a game and a phone call comes in, the phone notification won’t go away. I can’t swipe it away either.

    Thank you,

  326. Hello,

    My Galaxy Note 4 is stuck on 5.0.1 and cannot update beyond that. Using T Mobile.
    Downloads the patch fine, reboots and then (unfailingly) fails to update.
    Tried two factory resets (one before restoring backup and one after restoring backup), same result. 16gb of space on the phone.

    Any ideas?

  327. Hi
    Recently my htc one m8 has been loosing alot of charge without any reason for it to do so. When i put it on charge i have to always make sure my phone is turned off and is positioned in a way that it will stay charging. However it takes a good while for it to charge up to 100% with it stopping at a certain percentage for more than 10minutes then charging up pretty quickly. When it reaches 100% i take it off charge and without using it or using on and off it looses charge in a matter of seconds.

    Please can you help me find a solution that will help me sort my phone out

  328. Hi,yesterday I drop my Samsung galaxy s6 edge into the toilet bowl at night and immediately the phone cannot be on. I tried to put the phone into the rice overnight then when i wake up, i tried to on it but still cannot. What
    Should i do

  329. Hi, I have and love my Galaxy 4 phone, but I have started having a problem sending or receiving phone calls. The screen says it is dialing but the call does not go through. I have tried having a friend call me and I am not receiving the call. I have powered off and on the phone, checked with my Straight Talk Account and I am good till the end of November 2017. Can you help me?

  330. Hello, i have a galaxy s8 plus. Right now i am receiving alerts to register with RICH COMMUNICATIONS. i cannot disable it or register. Either way… i do not want this service on my phone. So far… nothing I’ve done had gotten rid of it. The ONLY thing i haven’t done is a factory reset. I can access it through
    Any help would be appreciated

  331. My Galaxy S6 has been acting up. It will go black for no reason at all. I have used the tips to restart it not sure why it’s doing that is there any answer? And does it mean that my phone is about to die for good? I’ve only had it for a little over a year I cannot use the port to charge anymore so I’ve been using the docks. And sometimes it says another thing which is called sharing power which I’m not doing. Any suggestions would be helpful. Could you please email me so I can get the answers I might not be able to find the site again.

  332. PLEASE HELP!!! Since an update on my GS7 my texting has messed up! Have tried everything master reset rebooting factory settings! have exchanged phones 4 times!!

  333. Sir
    I have tried all the troubleshooting solutions on your website on how to fix Samsung galaxy s6 edge random shutdown, I have taken the device to a technician but the problem still persisted.The device is running Android 7.0.

  334. **Sorry for posting for the second time, I just realized I had not mentioned by phone model. It’s a Samsung Galaxy S7 edge**

    Good day! Earlier today I was playing games on my phone and I hadn’t notice that my battery was really low, and my phone turned off by itself. After that, I just left it to charge and went out for dinner. But after coming back I realized that my phone was still dead, but occasionally flashing the grey battery icon. I tried various methods, from holding down the volume up and power button, to rebooting, nothing works, it just won’t turn on. I’ve checked my power outlet, charger and cable, it works just fine. How can I fix this? Thanks in advance!

  335. Good day! Earlier today I was playing games on my phone and I hadn’t notice that my battery was really low, and my phone turned off by itself. After that, I just left it to charge and went out for dinner. But after coming back I realized that my phone was still dead, but occasionally flashing the grey battery icon. I tried various methods, from holding down the volume up and power button, to rebooting, nothing works, it just won’t turn on. I’ve checked my power outlet, charger and cable, it works just fine. How can I fix this? Thanks in advance!

  336. Why does my Samsung Galaxy Note 4 flash-light flash when it gets an email notification with the Flash Notification setting deactivated (box nit checked)?

    How do I stop the light from flashing upon email notification, other than in ‘Settings – Accessibility – Hearing -Flash Notification?

  337. I have a galaxy s7 and I am unable to receive text messages and i cant seem to figure out what’s wrong.

  338. Hello, I have a Huawei Nexus 6p that is stuck on the Google screen. It started when I upgraded to the Android 7.1 version, the update was slow but completed after wards the restarting process completed and then came on, but started restarting continuously till it would not pass the Google screen again. Please help as I have vital information on the device that I cannot just let go now.

  339. I have a 2 month old samsung s7 edge. It suddenly stopped working and the screen went black with no indication. I tried following the steps that were mentioned, but nothing is working. There is no physical damage nor did it fall in water. What should i do?

  340. Hi i have s5 it is 2 yrs old its started heating resently if i watch something continuouly for sometime its start heating and when i power on its display is gone.i have to wait for some minutes and power on the device then the display is visible what should i do..please help me

  341. Hi I have an Htc One M8. It happened to me twice now that the battery will die at like 23% and when the phone turns back on after I’ve charged it it will have reset all my settings. Two days ago my front camera started vibrating and as soon as I leave the camera it would stop. But yesterday I accidentally went on the camera and my cellphone crashed (it was at 80%battery). It wouldn’t turn back on until plugged in and then when the android system finally started up again it would crash as soon as I took it off the charger. So I left it on, it turned on again, but there were all sorts of error messages (home sense stopped working, couldn’t access any apps, some processing stopped working) a lot of error messages and I couldn’t get them off the screen. I went into safe mode, same thing happened. Restarted my phone, nothing. So I finally did a factory reset, which made me loose everything I had on the phone, but the same problems keep appearing. Did another factory reset, nothing changed. Is this problem fixable or is my phone completely doomed? I really like the Htc system but I’ve had way too many problems with it now. Please help. Thanks

  342. I just completed an update on galaxy S7 and now I can receive messages and send them. The issue is it states the sending has failed, even though it actually did send it successfully. I have rebooted, but no success. Thank you for any help.

  343. Hi I just got an LG G6 and after a couple of hours I tried to change the theme to black and the touchscreen ceased functioning. A soft reset did not fix the problem however a hard reset fixed the problem momentarily before it stopper working again. I was wondering if this was a software or hardware problem thanks.

  344. I own a galaxy s7. Since the update a few days ago, the texts I send spin and state failed – leaving the exclamation point in my messages and notifications. I have tried taking the sim out, safe mode and factory reset with no luck. Thanks.

  345. Me and my boyfriend both have a galaxy s7 and we both did the system update about 3 days ago and when we send text to each other we get the spinning wheel and a text back saying message fail. But we are getting the messages . Plus it shows a exclamation mark on the text that we just sent. It’s driving us crazy please help.

  346. When sending messages on my Galaxy J3 some of these messages go to schedule message without my changing a thing. How can I stop this.

  347. I have this galaxy s5 but it has a black screen I know that it is on because it charges and when I turn it on I can sometimes here the sound and when I turn it on the icons will light up. I even butt dialed a friend on accident but the screen was still black. Can u please help me figure out a way to fix this problem.

  348. My samsung note 4 will turn all the volumns down to zero.
    It does this randomly, i only notice when i see the missed call/message.
    I have the lock sceen enabled and it still happens.
    I also tried volumn lock, but it didn’t help

  349. my galaxy note 2 have problem: when I want charging my phone take this error : charging paused .battery temperature too high.
    i change my battery and my charger but dont solve this problem.
    how can i solve this problem?

  350. My moms galaxy s7 edge hasnt been sendin her messages after a phone update a few days ago. She told me she has reset the phone, powered it down, updated it and that she still can no send messages normally. The thing is, once she deletes the message it sends to the intended party or says messaged failed to send as well as still sending. She can receive messages perfectly fine but can not send them. Please help.

  351. My samsung galaxy s6 back lens won’t focus all the sudden yesterday it was perfect, and i woke up and my camera just won’t focus.

  352. I have a galaxy s7. It did some software update about 4 days ago and since then when I send a text there’s the circle that just sounds and eventually a red exclamation point comes up and it says failed to send but the person DOES receive the text. I am able to receive incoming texts and do not have the same problem sending a picture message. I’ve tried shutting my phone off, trying in safe mode, clearing the data and cache in my messaging app. I do not know what else to try. Help!

  353. I have been using a galaxy s5 for 2 years and all of sudden the phone won’t charge.But if i try a few 20 minuets later the phone will charge, but if i take it out and try again it stoppes charging.If I try with another charger my phone will charge.If I use my charger to charge another phone it will charge.So what can I do?

  354. Hello,
    I have a Galaxy Note 4, which I love in spite of it being an older phone. A week or so ago, there was a software update, which I did. Now however, not only do I have to hit the “home” button several times for the display to light up, but it is giving me an error stating that the SD card is unsupported. This is the same SD card that has been in it since I bought it in December of 2015. Obviously, it has something to do with the update. (?)
    I’ve taken the battery out and so on, but am still having issues. Any suggestions?

    Thank you.

  355. My Samsung Edge7 wont boot or respond to any buttons. It got low on battery and died and then wouldn’t charge. Eventually it did fully charge got to the wallpaper [out of focus] but froze then displayed a blank screen. It wont reboot, or respond in any way and the RED LED is now permanently on. Any Ideas?

  356. My Samsung Galaxy S5 from sprint zone was decoded but I can’t access the internet through my mobile data and also my data roaming is default. Please how can I fix it.

  357. My Samsung s4 will not allow me to send a text to a 5 number address. I believe I could before, but now get Shortcode may have expired or blocked.

  358. An annoying pop-up keeps appearing at the bottom of the screen sometimes hiding the lower messages. It says can’t sync profile. no network. will try again later. What does that mean??? I have a Samsung Galaxy S6.

  359. An annoying pop-up keeps appearing at the bottom of the screen sometimes hiding the lower messages. It says can’t sync profile. no network. will try again later. What does that mean???

  360. My Samsung S7 is saying messages can’t be sent. My phone service is active. I am getting an exclamation point (!) After it tries to send. The person I am messaging gets the message but it tells me that it failed. How do I fix that? I receive the messages just fine. I just received an update yesterday thats when it all started. It was an Android update.

  361. Have followed soft reset procedure twice, same problem occurs freezes cannot do anything so have to remove battery.
    today the phone went into my answer phone messages by luck i had the volume up so when i heard it i switched it off apparently when i looked the the phone log it had done this three times in a few minutes.the problem seems to be getting worse never hadany problems until 2 month ago. any suggestions please

  362. Hi TDG
    I am wondering how I can disable all of the wifi metrics (rssi, tx, rssi, score, frequency, etc….) that appear when I pull up wifi networks? I have a samsung galaxy S8 +.

  363. i updated my note 5 last night and the screen started stalling out. it finally turned off after charging last night so i plugged it in agin thinkin maybe i didnt have it connected good. a grey battery came up with the lightning bolt inside the it jumped up to 75 percent.. i tried to do a hard reset and it let me highlight hard reset and wouldnt select it. it then gt stuck on the note 5 start up screen and now wont do anything.. the buttons on the left and right of home button light up but that is it. i even got the google assistant to talk to me once but nothing else

  364. samsung s6 edge tried rebooting in all modes but still nothing states it has 90% battery samsung logo comes up then just goes black.

  365. I have gone through all the troubleshooting steps including a hard reset on my S7 and my phone still tells me my text messages failed to send. Please help!

  366. god morning. when i go onto skype and go into chat it keeps spinning and saying updating conversation making it difficult to chat on skype or receive messages. i have tried uninstalling and reinstalling many times. this is on my s6. also wen using bbm and i have on the loud speaker the person on the other end cannot hear me

  367. Our Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus has a problem at our house with phone calls. Have not noticed this problem away from the house. When dialing any number it will quite often just spin with no connection. We will often get dropped calls. Our carrier is ATT. We thought it was connectivity since we were only showing 2 bars so we got ATT to provide a microcell. We get 5 bars with the microcell and it still happens. We put the phone on wifi calling with our high speed home network and it still happens. Took the phone in under our repair service contract. They replaced the phone. Transferred the contents and sim card to the new phone and it is still doing it. It will temporarily correct if the phone is turned off and back on. Could this be an APP problem?

  368. After the recent s7 update, my pc cannot pair with bt to my phone. My car is paired fine, but nothing else although I used to have a list. Pc is in discoverable mode as is phone, but cannot ‘find’ it. Phone will show up when using USB. Please help as that is how I transfer music, etc

  369. Hi. I’ve had my Samsung S7 for over a year and since having it I have had power saving mode enabled which I just did by selecting it through settings. It described this as Mid rather than ultra power saving mode. This assisted preserve battery but it never effected me getting notifications. However, I am now having problems getting whats app notifications without opening the app. I haven’t changed anything and don’t understand why I now don’t get them. Text messages still come through. I’ve also noticed that where as before it just said mid battery saving it now says Mid customised. It didn’t use to say this. On the advanves settings whats app is listed as one of the apps not to be put to sleep and yet clearly it is still doing that. Are these changes to do with recent android update? Would be grateful of advice. Thanks

  370. I’ve had my Samsung galaxy s7 edge for a year
    And just last night while it was charging it randomly started resetting itself without my permission and now that I’ve finally found Wi-Fi I was able to turn it back on. Now I have lost all of my photos luckily I have Google photos that saved most photos except for this last week while I was in Portugal so all of those pictures are lost as well as all of my memos where a lot of my passwords for different accounts were on. Is there a way I can retrieve this data? I am very upset that my phone did this on its own.

  371. Hi! I have a Note 5 and I tried OS updating with SmartSwitch but after clicking “update” and confirm everything, nothing happens, it doesn’t start downloading, it just takes me back to the main screen.

    The phone is unlocked and connected to the pc with a Samsung cable D: I did everything as said on the instructions.

  372. My Samsung S6 edge (SM-G925F) is stuck in boot loop, I am not able to go to recovery mode or safe mode. Please help. Upon closer inspection of boot screen with Samsung S6 edge logo, I can find some distorted red pixels. Kindly help. Tried installing firmware through ODIN, still the issue remains same.

  373. Hey I have a Samsung s5 active that everything works on it all my apps work but every time I try to make or receive a call it turns off when I push call or accepte I can rejecte the call but will turn off when I accepted it looked it up and said to change the battery and I did but still does it need help please

  374. Samsung galaxy J7 2015
    Started to experience flickering of screen (about90% except the upper most part) when the battery level is low. Settled temporary when the brightness of the screen is slightly increased. Now it is more frequent and wants a higher level of brightness to settle the flickering.

  375. Hello
    I have samsung Galaxy S7 edge and just recently I’ve been having issues with the phone refreshing every 1-3 minutes while I’m using it, it doesn’t matter what app I’m using it’ll do it for all of them. I haven’t dropped it nor has it been in contact with water. I’ve tried turning it in and off. Doing a soft reset. And going into safety mode. None have worked. How can I fix it and prevent it from happening again?
    Thank you

  376. Not sure if I am posting in the correct area since it mentions a questionnaire that I keep clicking on but don’t see…

    Anyway, I have a Samsung Galaxy 7 Edge that I sometimes stream from and use screen mirroring to watch on my Samsung SmarTv. It seemed to be fine before, but now when I use it, it seems to have lagging or freezing issues. When I turn off the screen mirroring it streams fine from the S7E and doesn’t have issues with freezing, which leads me to believe it is an issue with screen mirroring. Any suggestions would be great! As I said before, I never had any sort of problems with freezing while using the screen mirroring option and just seems to have created an issue within the last few ‘-months, I just dont know what has changed. Thanks in advance for the help!

  377. I have a Samsung galaxy S4 O2 and facing a problem that it itseft switch on loudspeaker when I pick up\answer a call
    I have done a reset but it didn’t help
    It does this on random calls not on every call I receive or dial.
    I currently live in india.

  378. I have a Samsung galaxy J7 Prime.. today it has started an issue.. when I turn my phone on it’s side (landscape position) to do anything the screen goes darker I can hardly see what’s on the screen but when I try to do something it still works I just can’t see it properly.. please help..

  379. Three days ago, my Samsung Galaxy S4 went off when my battery’s percentage was 24. I was a bit surprised but shrugged it off. Today, after charging the phone, I had barely touched it when it suddenly switched off. I connected it to a charger and it continued charging at 93%. I unplugged it and it went off. This is really weird because it’s a new phone. I bought it almost two months ago. Pls help me

  380. Hi, I have the new Samsung J7 Perx. When i get a text notification on the lock screen, it has the name and some of the contents of the message. Is there any way to get just the name in the notification on the lock screen?

  381. Flashing screen issue for my Samsung Galaxy Note 4 that I posted yesterday was resolved! No problem with phone. It was a failed SIM card!

  382. My Samsung Galaxy Note 4 has an issue with the screen flashing. From the main screen, it intermittently flashes to a black screen. This is happening constantly since yesterday when the phone got wet (with raindrops, not submerged) Also the button just above the charging port is not working to toggle between screens. Help, please!!

  383. I have updated my phone and since it lags and shutsoff on its own and stalls. Tryed factory reset and it didnt work. I will be talking on it anf after 10 minutes it will shut off. It at times comes up with mcc reboot fail

  384. My Samsung galaxy j7 perx brand new works so bad couldn’t fill out your form due to slow response. But also becuz my phone device name, Samsung galaxy j7perx, and carrier boost mobile, rejected as a no match in the fields required on your form. Internet won’t work on this phone. Brand new paid $225 and cant even use without tremendous frustration of internet very slow response an slow data connectivity on all apps

  385. Samsung s7 would get hot when using at a high brightness and/or charging since I first got it. After a few months the battery would randomly drain and the phone will die immediately. After about two weeks this issue stopped and the phone acted like normal. Fast forward a few more months and it does it again. I leave it to charge one day while I slept and I woke up to it being burning hot and it burned me and then it just turned off. Now I am stuck with the grey charging battery icon and if I try to boot it won’t go past the samsung logo screen and shut back down. I’ve tried to clean charging port and I have used multiple power bricks and cables, even wireless charging to no avail.

  386. my s4 randomly turned off today at 84% and i was able to fix it, but it shut off again and idk what to do… it only turns on when i take out the battery and put it back in, and only turns on until the s4 logo appears, after which the screen goes black. it’s able to be booted into recovery mode, but turns off almost immediately after. it doesnt respond to my charger either.

  387. Just applied an update to my Galaxy note 3.
    After the initial screen it shows
    “”Recovery Booting…”
    followed by
    “Installing system update…”
    followed by
    This stays in a continuous loop.
    Tried holding the power, home and volume up keys simultaneously, same thing.
    Tried with and without sim card, same thing.
    Any help most welcome, Thanks.

  388. Hi,
    I have a Samsung S7 and a couple of months ago it started doing a hard reboot when I was using it. This didn’t happen too often (possibly once a week) so I wasn’t too bothered. However recently it started doing it more and more and I managed to pinpoint the problem to whenever either the Facebook app or the Facebook Messenger app were open. Whenever I tried to clear the cache of these apps or uninstall them though the phone would freeze, small black horizontal lines would appear on the screen and it would do a hard reboot, but it would freeze at some point of the boot process, the screen will go black and the blue notification app would permanently be on. The only option I’ve found at this point is to wait for the battery to die. The problem now though is that this is happening even when just trying to boot the phone, even when trying to access the menu to delete the system cache, I get the same freezing with small black horizontal lines on the screen.

  389. I have a Tmobile note 5 and it suddenly when black. I am not able to use the power button to start the phone. Using the combination buttons will not work to start the phone. Either in download mode (vol up, home, power) nor does the hard reboot work (vol down, power). Also used several different cables to charge and also wireless charging and it does not see to be charging. Any suggestions on how what is wrong with the phone. I believe it may be just down to a huge issue with hardware only. Meaning the phone will just have to be replaced or dumped completely and purchase a new entire phone. Seems like everywhere I have read. There is not a solution to this.

  390. Hello,recently my Samsung S4 got a problem.When I switch it on it stuck at the Samsung logo then vibrates, sometimes it takes long to switch on.I tried reseting it but it failed.Now i see greenish color which in few a seconds turns white.Please help.

  391. My samsung 7 edge suddenly can not receive emails only sporadically and even so, there is not text or images when clicked on. This has occurred since I updated my phone. The phone shows my sent messages and I can receive them on other devices. I have input all the correct settings as well. The account has not synced since last Wednesday either. My calendars are not syncing either. Please help!

  392. My Samsung Galaxy S4 (Verizon) will stop receiving texts and calls and mobile data, and the only way to fix it is a reset, where it does it again after ~15-20 minutes. I’ve already tried wiping my cache partition, soft-resetting/power draining and everything, and I don’t want to perform a factory reset as I’m afraid it will wipe my phone number and everything, which I’m probably wrong about, buI don’t like taking risks.

  393. Hello,
    When powering on my Note phone, “headphones disconnected” displays and of course, the headphone jack doesnt work. Is that related to music players? I have Amazon Music and Google music player.

  394. I have a problem with handwriting recognition in S pen on my week old note 5 .
    When I write a note in action memo i.e name and phone number or web address , I click the “Link to action” , I always get Recognition Failed . The handwriting is set to english . I have factory reset , cleared cache , no change . I have change the language but problem didn’t resolve. can anyone help me to fix this problem. My phone model is SM-N920i.

  395. Hi,
    My Samsung Galaxy S5 Neo has no volume when playing any sort of media through the speaker. Message alerts and alarms still work fine, and sound still works in headphones, but youtube videos etc. have no sound without headphones. Additionally, unplugging headphones while watching a video no longer pauses the playback, it just continues without sound. I tried cleaning the headphone jack, thinking that maybe the phone thinks my headphones are still plugged in when they’re not, but it has been no use. Any advice is appreciated, thanks!

  396. my issue with my Galaxy S4 is that it totally shuts down, but it does not have the battery drain problem. I just shuts down completely.

  397. Hi hi, yesterday I drop my Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge into the toilet bowl at night and immediately the phone cannot be on. I tried to put the phone into rice overnight then when i wake up, i tried to on it but still cannot. What should i do?

  398. hello i have a samsung galaxy s6 edge it turns off and on till the batery runs down help please i know it is a soft ware problem but i dont know how to fix it i have facktory reset i have cleared the cacth then reset

  399. Hi, so I’ve had my galaxy S6 for a while for a while and never really had a problem with it until now. The phone was working fine in the morning, turned it off and left it in my room as i went to class and all was well. After class I come back to a dark screen and a blue flashing light. At first I thought that i had left my phone on but then i realized the phone wasn’t actually turning on. I tried all the troubleshoots but there was no response, so now I’m stuck. Even if I could hard reset the phone (which I can’t, buttons not responsive at all) i wouldn’t because i have some very important that i cannot afford to lose!


  400. Yesterday I decided I wanted to root my S6 Edge phone (SM-G925F, International Version) and flash a custom ROM onto it. I managed to root it successfully and install a working version of TWRP.

    I began installing the XtreStoLite Custom ROM onto my S6 edge. Around the 10% mark of installation, my phone suddenly booted. I read online that I should boot back normally and install an app which reduces my CPU power or something like that, can’t really remember. But when I tried to boot back normally, it was stuck in a boot loop with only the Samsung S6 Edge logo appearing.

    During installing TWRP I bricked my phone a couple of times because I installed wrong versions of TWRP. I flashed a stock firmware a few times to get rid of the brick (a similar bootloop), which worked every time like a charm.So I figured that with this “Custom ROM bootloop”, I can just flash the stock firmware, boot everything back and try again. But after flashing the previously so glamorously working stock FW, I was stuck in a bootloop way worse than before.

    This time the phone starts, I get the S6 edge logo, I get a “installing software update” screen for about a millisecond and then a “no command” screen. After the latter, it repeats. Once repeated for – I don’t know – a 1000 times, it boots into stock recovery.

    I tried factory resetting, which only gets rid of “software update” and “no command” screens. The bootloop stays.

    What do you suggest I do?

  401. I have a Samsung s6 And it keeps chiming every so many minutes. You get a flash on the screen and goes back to the chime There is a blue lite lit on screan. Not sure what happened to phone no indication of a firmware update . I heard the phone chiming in my pocket and thats where I am at. I tried all the resets and got no where.

  402. After firmware update on August 8th, 2017 the following pop-up opens on my screen ‘WI-Fi Calling has stopped. x – close app’. When I close app, it re-opens….all the time so I can’t use my phone at all! Very annoying.

    I’ve been through every method available to solve the issues (connections, removing every app that access wi-fi calling, safe mode, factory reset etc.) and it is still reoccurring! I’ve tried multiple forums to solve the issue, with no results. My IT department is just as stumped.

    I’m with BELL Canada, and am crossing my fingers this issue is in the works and hoping for another update to solve the problem. Otherwise any help would be greatly appreciated!

  403. my samsung s7 edge want keep a charage. now it is completely dead and the only thing that shows on the screen is a dead battery logo. of course samsung says its out of warrenty. is there anthing i can do other than send it in.

  404. Hi my p10 was submerged to salt water, after i soaked it to silica gel and rice for 2 weeks it work, but the power button does not responding and also it restarts over and over again..what will I do??thank you

  405. I can send texts from my AT&T Samsung galaxy 4 but I can’t receive texts
    Please advise. Thanks so much

  406. Hiya, my note4 crashes when Bluetooth is on, then becomes unresponsive requiring a reboot. Any ideas?

  407. hello,
    so my galaxy s5 won’t charge at all. Every time i plug it in, the energy symbol (lightning bolt) appears along with a little vibration, but it doesn’t start to charge. If I leave it plugged in for a short amount of time, it just repeats, with the screen shutting off for a few seconds, the little vibration, and then the symbol showing for a second before the screen shutting off again.
    What is wrong?

  408. I have a Galaxy Edge 7. The built-in texting app does not seem to allow me to add or subtract people from a group text once one text has been sent. Please help!

  409. One day i was using my HTC One and it died now when i try to charge it it says “THIS BUILD IS MENT FOR DEVELOPMENT PURPOSES ONLY YOU NEED HTC WRITTEN PERMISSION TO DISTRIBUTE THIS ELSEWHERE” Please Help!!!!

  410. after the last official update for note 4 my phone is acting weird.slow,rebooting again and again now its stuck in efs mode saying o not turn off target .

  411. Hello,

    I have a HTC Desire Eye (Android version: 5.0.2) and it’s extremely slow & lagging.
    There is a 4 second lag between touch and action.
    I’ve already done a hard reset and put it into factory mode, but it doesn’t help.
    It’s not rooted.

    Could you help me?

    Thank you in advance! – Zoë

  412. Hey
    I updated my note 4 (over the air update) now when the screen turns off it stays off even when I get a call, when I remove the battery and turn the phone back on it works normally until the screen turns off again, any suggestions ?

  413. Hey
    I updated my note 4 (over the air update) now when the screen turns off it stays off even when I get a call, when I remove the battery and turn the phone back on it works normally until the screen turns off again, any suggestions ?

  414. Hi TheDroidGuy,

    I own a Galaxy S6 Edge since December 2015 and I’ve never encountered any problems.

    However, during the night, my phone stopped charging. It was plugged to the original Samsung Adaptive Fast Charger.

    I then started swapping cables, charge blocks and wall outlets but nothing helped. My computer did not even acknowledge my phone when I plugged it in via USB.

    I then decided that the USB port on my phone was the problem, so I cleaned it out and tried again, this time I got like 0.2 seconds of charging when I held the charger in an awkward position. So I tried my Samsung Wireless Charger, and it was flawless.

    I followed your ‘Soft Reset’ manual and that didn’t seem to help.

    I really don’t see how to fix this, the charging port seems to be failing.. what could I do?

  415. Hi there. I have a Galaxy Note4 which up until recently I have been very happy with. Lately, when the battery gets between 15-20%, the phone just shuts off. Sometimes it tries to restart and fails. Sometimes I can restart it and have 10% or so left. Usually, it requires recharging to turn back on at all. Today it did it to me at almost 25%. Do I need a new battery or is it time to “upgrade” my phone?

  416. galaxy s6 stuck on suppliers logo (H3G UK), tried everything from soft reset to clear cache/factory reset, when the android logo comes up it says installing system update and then no command, then it goes into android recovery, what could be the problem and how can it be fixed?

  417. My galaxy j3 has a black screen. I know it works because I can hear the notifications and the vibrations. I tried safe mode reset and major reset-NOTHING WORKED! I tried taking the battery out and placing it back in and nothing works. When I took out the battery so that the phone can completely turn off or shut down, I tried charging it and it doesn’t show the green battery that shows that it is charging. I don’t have any blue led light. At this point, IDK what to do. I Need a BLESSING!

  418. My Samsung Galaxy s6 Edge (SM-G925A) is stuck in a boot loop.
    I can’t get it to go into safe mode or recovery mode.
    Please help.

  419. Hi~i have a samsung galaxy s5 and and recorded some valuable video in my micro SD card. All files are recorded normally and can be played in the my phone.

    However, when i transfer the mp4 from SD card to my PC, some files cannot transfer and says something like “unexpected error occur, cannot copy files, if it happens continues, please use the error code to search for the problem. error code: 0x80071AC3 ; operation cannot complete, since the disk is dirty, please perform chkdsk and then try again.”
    the above is translate from chinese to english, sorry for my poor english.

    However, after finished chkdsk, it still fails… and has the same error.

    my micro SD card is real and purchased in a well known computer store in local, not from internet.

    SanDisk Ultra 64GB U1 (red and grey color)

    what should i do, thanks .

  420. Hi. I have samsung j3 (j320sn) that stopped charging the battery. Battery itself can be charged on other device. Device hard reset and software update performed. Data exchange via cable works. When charger is connected, the charging icon is on, settings report it charging but the battery capacity drops. Please help, I ran out of ideas…

  421. Hi

    On my galaxy s6edge+ unable to receive calls and also unable to send text massages”
    Any solutions please. I have replaced SIM card but still same problems.

  422. my htc one m8 back camera is not working properly when i turns to it screen goes black and the app quits i have tried resetting it but isnt of any use

  423. Hi,
    Please need your help
    * 2 years after buying my Samsung Galaxy NOTE ll GT N-7105, I upgraded it from kitkat to Lollipop.
    * It worked fine for another 1.5 to 2 years years
    * it was working fine till this time till A few months ago, I put it on charging.
    * After a few hours I took out the charging cord out and noticed that the red (battery charging light) is not going off.
    * It looked hanged so I took out the battery and put it back again after a few minutes.
    * In past whenever phone got hanged this trick worked.
    * This time it became totally unresponsive.
    * Now it will not turn “on” and further I can not see any charging indication if connected to charger.
    * It Looks like completely shut down and unresponsive.
    Please Help
    Thanks – Rick

  424. Hi, my wife and I just got 2 Samsung phones (S7 and S8) from the new Xfinity mobile service. Phones work great, but we both have a problem using Messenger in video mode … the video connects, then immediately disconnects.
    We have 2 Samsung tablets that work fine with Messenger video, but all attempts to connect using our new phones to anything have failed.
    I have uninstalled and reinstalled both Facebook and Messenger, and power cycled, but it fixed nothing.
    All ideas would be welcome 🙂

  425. Hi,
    I tried rooting my phone (was not a good idea) and now the phone (huawei p9 EVA-L09) does not boot up. I relocked the bootloader and now whenever I try to boot it up it shows the logo and after a few seconds this message pops up (this was the same when I had the bootloader unlocked but the message was in orange color and not red and the title was slightly different):

    “Your device has failed verification
    and may not work properly.

    To learn more, visit: *some link*

    (1) Press Power key to continue
    (2) Press Volume Up key up to 3 seconds to enter erecovery to restore your device
    (3) Your device will stop start,
    if there is no operation.”

    1. When I press the Power key to continue the bootup process, I end up with the huawei logo for a couple of seconds and then i get back to this screen.
    2. When I try to recover the phone with erecovery, it starts downloading ‘package info from server’ a message pops up saying: “Getting package info failed” and there is no other option as to cancel out and end up where we were before.

    I have tried to soft reset the phone by letting the battery run out a couple of times.

    I have searched about 6h now for a solution and noone seems to have the same problem. I am really starting to get worried.

  426. the issue came with the ATT softward update i ran about a month ago. I should’ve known it was a bad update when it asked me to update 3 times in a row, each saying it was successful. Somehow it brough back a bunch of pictures I deleted in my gallery from my camera and other folders and the worst is that my main contact is the slowest person to text. It lags so bad that I’m to the point where I refuse to use that orange ATT messages app to communicate with him. if i ignore the lag and keep typing, it will not show anything I’m typing until i pause but then I see that what I typed was duplicated 2, sometimes 3 times. I have absolutely NO problem with anyone else I text.
    Deleting 400 messages and about 50 picture messages in our thread didn’t help the issue whatsoever. The reason we communicate so much is because it’s my husband, and you better believe if something were to ever happen to him, I would rely on our text thread to remember and relive those beautiful things he said to me, on an average day. So yes, I save them all.
    I do not turn on the setting in messages to back them up or sync them to the AT&T cloud because I feel they don’t have any business know what is said in my messages, and you “backup” to the web or to some company, it’s obvious that it’s not private anymore. I don’t need AT&T to have my conversations and AT&T should have no need for them either.
    I also have facebook messenger settings set up to not allow access to my text messages through AT&T, so there shouldn’t be any other app causing this problem. It’s the AT&T software update. Perhaps because they are trying to push towards using wifi to make texts and calls, but that won’t fly. I have they’re new option to share larger files, get read receipts and see when someone is replying – all turned off. I don’t share with others when i have read their messages – that’s turned off too. There are no messages stored on my SIM card. I have no messages locked or marked as spam (that’s all new). Spam filter off, cell broadcast off, signature off, character count off, delete old messages off. Pretty much only Push Messages is ON…
    anyways, i’ve done the soft restart many times but seriously, do i need to do it 2 or 3 times a day to be able to text my husband without delay? Does someone let AT&T software people know they messed up?
    AT&T in the US. Samsung Galaxy Note 4. Marshmallow android version. August 3, 2017

  427. Hello. We have a HTC Desire 10 Pro which is dual sim. We’ve run into a problem where, when a picture message or a contact is received and the phone tries to download it, the mobile data disconnects

    If the preferred data network is sim 1 and the message is sent to sim 1. it sometimes works, but other times it will disconnect and and not reconnect
    if the message is sent to sim 2, it doesn’t never works.
    if the preferred network is changed to sim 2. the mobile data never connects.

    Any ideas?

  428. After Power Sharing selected by mistake, Galaxy S4 draining completely (to 0%) and now unable to perform any of the solutions… Any idea how I can at least 5 % battery ?


  429. I own a Galaxy Note 5 and ever since the Nougat update, I’m having issues with my keyboard. I was using SwiftKey, but I began to experience issues with the keyboard/emoji and suddenly I was getting a message that said “Samsung keyboard has stopped”. No matter what keyboards I download and install, it eventually quits working (only after a few uses) and I get the error message. I really hate the Samsung keyboard, but it’s like I have no other option anymore.

  430. The phone keeps restarting itself every 10 seconds & this has been happening since last saturday. After it has finished restarting, the battery would have gone down by alot. Would love to know how to fix this cause I have important data I need to access.

  431. When I send a picture I would like to add text along with it my phone simply won’t let me send text along with a picture I have to send a second text describing the picture my Note 3 never gave me any issue like this?

  432. a lot of people on here need to flash a factory firmware using fastboot method, especially all the bootloop issues i see. That would wipe your phone and install Android as if it were a new phone, causing you to lose all data, but if you are having a software problem, this is the last resort but usually fixes your non booting device.

  433. My samsung 6edge recently showed me the red temperature logo that the phone is over heating. I did not wet it . and i recently changed the battery about 2 months ago. I tried changing the usb port same thing happens . I also have pictures on this phone that is not backed up. how can i save them because this phone stays on for 10 seconds on the main screen then shuts right off with the overheating issue.
    please help me.

  434. Hello from austria. My problem with my note 4 is that it used to charge fast with a normal usb charger when the fast charging feature is on. I do not have a fast charger but my normal usb charger works fine. But not until the last update like a week ago. The fast charging feature on my fone doesnt work anymore. Even if i turn it on it wont jst work anymore…so now my fone needs 10hrs to charge full if its less than 30%. Please help…
    I appreciate any advice you could give..
    God bless and take care.

  435. My galaxy s7 edge display is having a problem.
    The bottom 2/3 part of the phone has darker colour than the top 1/3 part.
    The bottom part looks more like having blue light filter on.
    It is not very obvious but still noticed it.
    The problem gets more obvious when on white scrern.
    Is it because of the phone overheated and damaged the screen? Because I never drop my phone.

    My friends and I are facing the same problem.So please reply as soon as possible. Please

  436. i have s7 edge mobile.Since two day its automatically get stuck and restarted. i had flash a firmware with clean installation and then while setup the phone phone it get stuck and restart it automatically.
    but when i put phone in recovery mode and download mode its does not restart. dont know whatv is the exact problem.

    I hope you understand my problem and help me and give me the solution for it.

    Awaitng for your reply

    Thanks in an advance 🙂

  437. I have Samsung Galaxy A3 but Internet connection is always EDGE in every place,I tried to change simcard and even reset but still it doesn’t work

  438. Have Galaxy Tab3. installed 32Gig ext.SD micro card. Tried to transfer albums to that card and was successful in 1 album but then the folder that said “Photos” in the left column of the “files” list disappeared and have not been able to get it back to transfer the remainder of the pics to the ext SD card. It is not in the “hidden files” setting. I can go to the tablet and using the Gallery application pull up all the albums and run all Home tools and run slide show through all the albums. How do I get the left column to do transfers to the SD card?

  439. I don’t like using the Facebook app so I just use my browser to connect. Sometimes when I want to post an article or something my internet page will black out and no matter how many times I try to go back the screen will just be black. I figure I can use a different browser and I won’t have this problem but, I don’t want to use a different browser . . .

  440. I am now doubting HUAWEI products. My second phone went off from the same company. Do Huawei design their product a serving period and automatic shut off after the period of service???

  441. Can’t charge my Nexus 5 when. It’s turned on but I does charge when I restart or in power off mode so every time I have to either restart or switch it off for charging. And recently have changed the charging adaptor and drain battery very quick

  442. My Samsung S6 Edge started rebooting every few seconds so I clear the cache partition, I also try the recovery factory reset but the issue persisted do I flashed the firmware with Odin. Unfortunately, that didn’t solve the issue and my keeps rebooting continuously. Any thoughts on how to fix it?

    The current firmware is the 6.0.1 Marshmallow.


    Rebecca M.

  443. My phone has recently started to restart itself. I didn’t download anything dodgy or weird, it just restarts so many times i can’t do anything on my phone. I using Safe Mode on my phone to see if it will still crash but it doesn’t, so it must mean it has to do with something that has been downloaded recently. I really don’t know whats going on with my phone since it just recently started doing this. Please hel

  444. My Note4 w/6.01 calling app crashes when I have other apps like maps, messages, email open and a call comes through. Rarely does it reset itself, and the notification just dominates the screen, making me push “OK” to remove the notification, then the crash notification reappears immediately, making rebooting necessary and difficult. Tried all the usual cache dumping, use a new Samsung SD card, and what else…?
    Thanks if you check into this

  445. My Samsung J36V fell onto the floor and wont turn on properly, everything works and if i take a screenshot you can hear the noise or when a text comes in i can hear the noise. the only light emitted from my screen is a small green area that turn off immediately.

  446. Last night I kept my samung a7s on charging after half an hour I came back and the phone was off, its not booting up its not resetting I’v tried holding the the button combinations for soft reset and hard rest there is no response, also I plugged in different chargers and its not even showing the charging icon, just a dumb black screen, and I did all these steps again without an sd card inserted.
    Can it be because of a power fluctuation as lots of appliances were running at the time specially that god forsaken mixer.
    also the phone was scheduled to update while charging at night, but the pace was less.
    thats about it, my phone is an year old its not under warranty, and if u guys get the time do help me with this issue, if theres anything that would help this phone start.


  447. Frp bypass for galaxy note 5 doesn’t work anymore. I insert otg and nothing happens I’ve downloaded the correct files and followed step by step. Also need a frp bypass for galaxy gear s2

  448. HELLO
    my note 2 has problems with CONTACTS
    When I select CONTACTS my list of contacts are displayed but when I click on any one all I get is a blank WHITE screen

    If I go to the section where I can download contacts to download as CSV file they are downloaded to Excel

    so they are all still there but the phone will NOT display them

    If I add a new contact it appears in the list but I still get a WHITE screen !!

    I put the SIM card in another phone that will display contacts so it is NOT a SIM card problem

    Any suggestions would be appreciated

  449. Hi I have a Samsung s6, it updated and installed the nougat 7.0 software automatically and since then I cant fast change my phone, the battery drains pretty quick and a lot of the time my phone just refuses to charge regardless of what charger I use! I cant hook my s6 to my laptop as the usb option thing doesn’t appear, it keeps restarting itself, has trouble connecting to a strong wifi or my mobile network and a lot of the time it will not recognise my password OR fingerprint to unlock my device…….
    can you help?

  450. Having a problem with Note 4. Power button stopped working, now the device options menu keeps popping up. Done factory reset, took out memory card and sim card, still having issue. took it to phone store, they didn’t know, they told me my motherboard was dead, shows how much they know. Still having this issue with device options menu popping up, downloaded wakelock, helps some but still have issue.

  451. My S8 wont click on phone numbers to call them, either from diary entries or from web pages, it copies the number to a bub screen at the bottom of the page, but when I click on the phone icon nothing happens, have I inadvertently disabled something ?

  452. Hi, my S6 randomly stopped working the other night, I was charging it and when i grabbed it it had a blank screen and a blinking blue light. Everything I found online said to try rebooting it with button combinations but mine is unresponsive to any of these, it also does not vibrate when i plug a charging cord into it. I did try cleaning the port and using other cords. Let me know if anyone knows what the problem is please.

  453. my samsung galaxy s6 fell into a bucket of water; since then, it has started to overheat, quick drainage of battery. When one app is opened it will minimizing and maximizing the app frequently. What I do to solve this problem?

  454. my samsung galaxy s6 fell into a bucket of water; since it has started to overheat, quick drainage of battery. When one app is opened it will minimizing and maximizing the app frequently. What I do to solve this problem?

  455. Hi, my Samsung Galaxy S5 is not booting up. I got a new phone (not the s5) and I transferred my files over, then performed a factory reset (on the s5) so I could sell it. Whenever I try to boot it up again, the Samsung logo flashes and then goes away. I’ve tried booting in safe mode, but it won’t even do that.

  456. Hello, my phone froze out of nowhere. It was on then went to the start up screen saying ‘samsung galaxy s7’ and wouldn’t do anything, I did the reboot by holding the volume down and power buttons and it rebooted once. Once it came back on the touch screen and home button wasnt working then it turned off again and now wont do anything, not even reboot! Please helppp! I have had it for no more than a week!

  457. S7 Edge started to reboot automatically for no reason – no update and no water damage HONEST !! We just came out of a concert where I was taking pictures with it on Medium Power Saving Mode and then in a restaurant it rebooted every few minutes. Later last night I did a Volume Down+Power+Home button press and got to the menu where it asked me to either install a custom ROM or reboot. I pressed reboot and the phone booted normally or so I thought.

    I then logged in and initiated a Firmware update OTA as there was one available from Fido (Canada) as I thought this might cure the random reboots.

    I went to sleep and hoped this had worked. Now I get a phone which boots and leaves the error System UI Has Stopped – x Close App. This phone eventually reboots itself.

    I once managed to get into the screen to clear the cache partition and then rebooted from there but still same problem. Now I cannot shut the phone down or so anything with it as the power button gives me the Power Off, Restart, Emergency Mode options but the System, UI error keeps popping up and stops me pressing power off. HELP I am screwed.

    As a FYI, I was using Swiftkey as a keyboard and had Norton installed with anti theft which is supposed to detect a SIM change (nothing changed).

  458. hello,
    I’ve got a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge from december 2015 that I recently replaced with the new S8. Never had any issues with the S6, I was very pleased with it!
    I gave the ‘old’ S6 Edge to my son. I put a pre-paid card in it and it worked fine for a short while but soon it started rebooting and then work for a while… and rebooting and so on. it began to get ‘stuck’ while restarting and needed some hard resets, before it came back on.
    recently it never rebooted anymore… simply because it now does not seem to charge anymore. I am using the original fast charger, but have tried other Samsung chargers and I’ve tried wireless charging. all chargers work fine on all my other Samsung mobiles… but not om my S6 anymore.
    can you please help me out? any tips on getting it charged or started?

  459. Hi I’m kind of a novice at cell repair, but I’m trying to TS a major issue. This phone has a little history 1st the screen broke so replace the entire LCD . Works like a charm for about a month . Went to the beach with phone and got a little 1st. Normally this would have not been a problem with the 6 , But I think because of the repair the factory seal was no longer there and allowed a little salt water in. After the phone did not recharge after a day. I ordered a new battery . Upon removing old battery I did notice the battery swelled so Was hoping this was the only issue . Have the phone put back together now but same problem . It lights up as if it’s charging and I see the display with Lightning bolt , But does actually never gives a percentage , And blanks out after a minute or 2 . Do you think my problem at this point is a faulty board , Or is it possible the battery they sent is defective.

  460. Hey so i have the Samsung galaxy S4 and anytime i pull down the notifications panel it puts my phone back onto the lock screen. Can i fix this?

  461. Hi so I have a Galaxy Note Edge. I have loved the features of this phone but recently it is not working as it should. Everything has slowed down. it takes too long to load the camera that the picture opportunity passes me by. Battery never charges to 100%. I have already purchased 2 new batteries. same issue with all 3 that I have. Yesterday was dropped calls and no call connection at all. Caller can hear me but I hear nothing after the first 1min of connection. I have reset the phone. i have deleted all the non essential apps and reinstalled them several times. Video playback is crap. Please help I have had it for a year and I cant buy another phone. Please tell me what to do i am at the end of my rope with this phone. UUGGHH!!

  462. my galaxy s7 edge keeps rebooting every 10 seconds to a minute and I can’t even unlock it, as it asks me to enter my password, but the keyboard doesn’t appear. I tried booting in safe mode, but the problem remains

  463. I have a Galaxy Note 5 that was paired with a Panasonic phone system for two years. Suddenly, unable to pair to system. When I try to pair phone, Panasonic system is not displayed as a device. Bluetooth on Panasonic works with my wife’s Iphone, which is paired.

    The bluetooth still works with my car’s bluetooth.

  464. I have a Galaxy note4. I brought a on wireless charging pad to charge my phone but don’t work on my phone note4 but works on galaxy s6. What can I do to get it to charge????

  465. I have a galaxy s5 on my messages my gf contact is a priority says I have 26 messages from her but I can not see her messages. She is the only one I can not see.

  466. A couple days ago, my Samsung S6 Edge made a system update overnite and now I’m not able to enter my phone. It asks for the swipe code, but won’t recognize it. After entering various patterns it won’t lock and ask for my pin code. Is there a way to unlock the phone by other means?

  467. S7 Messaging Notification sound does not play; instead the default notification sound plays. I had problems with the phone so my son cleaned out excess unused apps and got it working better but the notification ringtone no longer worked. I downloaded another one in an mp3 form but it does not play when a text is received. It did play before. Is there a restriction on what sound can be used for a notification sound?

  468. I have an S5 that can get mobile data but has no signal to activate it or make calls. I just replaced the screen so i could use this as a replacement phone (New one stopped working). The phone has been offline for 1.5 years and i have been updating it through WIFI. The new screen is working and I took it in to get activated (New SIM), but now I get the no signal issue even though data works. (I received some signal briefly on the way back from the store so I may revisit the location for activation)

    Thanks in advance.

  469. need help please.

    I have a new huawei p10 and after setting up the safe file folder this folder won’t open anymore.

    If i go in “Files” the built in file manager and click on “safe”, i’m taken back to the home screen (other selections image, audio, etc work fine)

    Also, if i go in settings > security & privacy and click safe file, the animation of a page opening happens but it only reopens security & privacy.

    Any idea what to do before the master reset, i don’t want to lose the files in there

    thank you

  470. Galaxy s5. My original charger is a little frayed. When I tried to charge tonight I got the USE THE ORIGINAL CHARGER…message. It is the original charger. Tried to charge from computer. Same thing.
    Help me.

  471. hi when I go to video and record after I go o watch it get a message saying soy tis video can not play have you an advice you can give me please.
    thanking you

  472. Hi there, I have just read your guide on Samsung Note 4 with the dreaded blackscreen and hope you can help.
    My phone is completely dead, if i plug the usb into my laptop i do get a connection notification beep but that is the only response i get.
    I have tried a new battery, the remove battery and hold power button for 1 / 2 and 3 minutes, still no change.

    Do you have any other methods worth trying ?

    Thanks and best regards

  473. My Nexus 5x got some rain damage, i was able to turn it on after a couple days of drying, however i could not put the phone to charge…
    Once the battery was fully dead it began cycling through a boot loop where it would turn on, go to google screen then shut off.
    I tried to get it fixed and finally ordered a replacement battery online; it arrived, i threw it in and my phone, and it turned on (YES!!!!).
    It was at 40% so i let it die overnight… in the morning it just resorted back to boot loop where it turns on says google than shuts off.

  474. Hi, My Note 3 on straight talk (using AT&T towers) recently developed a issue where I can send a SMS but it won’t recieve them. I’ve factory reset my phone, opened it in safemode, had different people with different carriers try to text me. To no avail. Now if i text like Help to XXXXXX then it’ll get the text. Same with the verification codes that you can have texted to your phone. Those will show up, anything from cell phone though will not. I can still call and receive calls also.

  475. I am having difficulty connecting and transferring my S6 to Windows 7. I can connect and even see and open up the phone on my computer, however a few different things may happen as it will hang or get stuck at a few different points. Sometimes at “my computer” I will get a “not responding” stall or I can get to the DCIM folder and then it will hang. I have even tried using AirDroid and I can see the photos, but when I will try and transfer I will get a transfer failed error. Any help would be appreciated. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the drivers and am getting the same issue.

  476. After paying to unlock the IMEI of my s7 edge, then attempting to root it, it does not do anything. Regardless of what i do on the recovery menu, it doesnt do anything. After restart, it flashes the circle saying its installing an update, then goes back to the recovery menu. The only other thing it does is randomly flashes the startup screen. It wont do anything else.

  477. Samsung Galaxy J7 – I have uninstalled Youtube recently, as well as another program, though the Uninstall process. However, every day, I still get the “youtube has stopped running” message, as well as one for prime photos, which I also deleted. Where in the phone are the remnants of these deleted programs hiding so that I can delete that too?

    Thank you!

  478. I have a Samsung S3 and have just changed the sim onto the Orange network on a contract. With the contract I get 500mb data included per month, however all I can get is Wifi. Even when I turn the wifi off I cannot access any 3G or 4G signal despite the mobile data switch being on
    I have tried everything but cannot get mobile data to work
    I tried the sim in my other phone a moto G and it works fine
    Can you help

  479. Massive data drain (Used in 3 days!!) And battery is draining also. All since latest update.

  480. I have Samsung galaxy s4 GT-I9507, purchased from Aus, Currently i am facing isssues like
    1) unfortunately messaging has been stopped – Not able to send SMS
    2) unfortunately google service has been stopped – Not able to open gmail

    Kindly help me to solve this problem ASAP.
    Thanks in advance

  481. Hai,iam using samsung-s7562 model mobile phone currently iam facing 3main problems
    1.while iam taking pics with flash mobile getting shutdown. getting shutdown while making a call.
    3.while i want to turn on my mobile it getting shut down after few seconds even though batteery showing some charge.
    4.battery showing different charging percentages while iam power on the mobile some times it shows 1%but before it getting shutdown it shows 70% .why this much of huge variation.
    Please help me out immediately
    Thank you

  482. Hi, I have a samsung galaxy3. My phone has started answering in a different format and I can’t answer any calls when it comes up ringing. Have tried swiping, left, right, holding down, but nothing works. I have flashing lights around the whole screen and when I miss the call, it comes up with a box saying missed call and and hand with an orange sleeve holding a phone top right corner. There are adds that I can click on to install or view or learn more, (coin master, CM Launch 3D etc) which makes me think it is something from google. I have been through all my apps to make sure no defaults are on. Would you have any idea what I might have pressed to have this now, or what app it might be. Thank you.

  483. My lg v20 is stuck on safe mode and have tried all means to turn it off but failed.kindly help

  484. Hi, I have been having following problems with my Samsung edge 7 for the last 6 weeks.
    1. Battery draining fast – I check and optimise the battery usage and I’m afraid to use any apps. I have to have the Mobile Data turned off, which stopped the battery draining then I have to manually turn on the data to send and receive pics and mms.. I should not have to do with this expensive phone.
    2. The phone would not turn once I had it off. Takes 3-4 times before it would load. It kept turning off.
    3. It went dead 2 weeks ago and I reset it by following online advice – pressing volume key, home keys etc.. it worked for a while.
    4. NOW – It IS TOTALLY DEAD. Little blue light is on but I can’t reset it. NOTHING.

  485. I have a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, and it does not turn on. What happens is that the logo shows up when it’s booting up but then turns off again and then does it again. I have tried the different types of resets and I really need help.

    Thank you

  486. Hello!
    A few days ago I installed an app called Dr. Fone on my Windows in order to restore some pictures from my phone. After I allowed debugging, it installed dr. phone and MobileGO apps on my phone, but I realized that my phone needs to be rooted to restore the pictures, so I gave up on the idea (I don’t want to root my phone). My phone (Samsung Galaxy S7, Marshmallow 6.0.1) gave me a notification that “Unauthorized actions have been detected” and it’s telling me to restart my phone in order to undo them, but restarting doesn’t help. I uninstalled Dr. Fone and first scan after that showed that my phone is secure, but about half an hour later the notification re-appeared. I uninstalled MobileGO and same thing happened. In the meantime my phone battery is draining like crazy and and yesterday it wouldn’t charge for a while at all. Is there anything I can do without resetting it to factory settings? I have data that I cannot backup and can’t lose either.
    Thank you for your time!

  487. I can not start my LG g6 i have tried all the trouble shooting and still does not start. What can I do?

  488. My Samsung S3 Neo have stopped sending messages and receive few only.
    I did install FreedomPop mesaging but they stopped, I use talkmobile provider. They tested few settings in network and one in messaging by changing network number but no luck. Same SIM works in Coolpad Note 5, and old Samsung non-android GT-2121B .
    kindy adive what can I do next? all updates are done.

  489. my samsung note 5 is stuck. although the blue light of the charge is oney , i can’t turn it on. i tried many ways but they all were in vain.

  490. Samsung s5 had charging issues. After trying the suggested “Take out the phone battery then press and hold the power button for at least a minute. This will discharge the phone circuit and clear out its RAM. Reinsert the battery then turn on your phone.” phone is in factory mode and says “downloading Do not turn off target.” It has been like this for at least 1/2 hour. Is this normal? How long should this take? Thank you!!

  491. Since my update and coming back from Florida i have avery hard time connecting to internet.I have to go to only one part of house .I never had to do that before. Mine work twice as fast as my husbands Iphone so i was the one to order and look thing up . What happened

  492. My Tab 3 lite can not connect to internetm with mobile data. The wifi works perfectly. No problem with account or sim card. I did the trouble shooting. What could be the problem please?

  493. I tried all your steps but none seemed to have worked. I have 2 xiaomi mi5 devices. the first device has the issues while the 2nd does not. I took both devices apart and swapped the batteries. The first device still won’t charge, but the 2nd device does charge. The first device will turn on if I have it plugged in.

  494. I have a Samsung Galaxy s6 (it’s been unlocked from its original network) and I’m trying to find a way to update it to the latest Android OS Nougat

  495. Samsung Galaxy Note 5. Here is my issue, for the past 3 hours my phone has been ringing on and off as If I have a call, however, my phone remains black, there is no call showing to answer and my call log is not showing any missed calls.

    When I call the phone from a number (in my contacts) it shows up just fine. What can I do?

  496. I currently own a Samsung Galaxy S6 and I have been wondering why I haven’t received the Nougat Update (Android 7.0). I am currently in Canada and my phone service provider is Freedom Mobile which used to be Wind Mobile. Same situation applies to my sister except she already received the update. If you have any type of idea, that would be appreciated.

  497. I have a Samsung note 3. there was a recent update done and now I can’t seem to locate where my settings are located?

  498. Good morning TDG,

    I am in possesion of a S7, for about 1.5 years now.
    However after working fine for 1.5 years, it recently started freezing occasionally and just this morning i woke up to find it “dead” i say dead because it does NOT respond to any button combination thats out there to fire up a reset. i tried 5 different chargers and even USB charging it from my Desktop AND laptop all USB ports have been tried and even different cables. none worked, I’m pretty much in sheer panick because i am reliant on my phone for business and at the moment i am not in a spot where i am able to afford a new one, or even a 2nd hand one.

    I am at a total loss here. I sincerely hope you can help me, It’s past its warranty, and knowing the big businesses as they are, it wont help much sending it out there.

    Kind regards,

    J. Pleunis

  499. the questionairre is not working well, i cant type the country and i cant type the provider or other details it seems very limited in response options

  500. My battery won’t charge. When the phone is plugged in, i can turn the device on, but the battery itself won’t hold a charge. How can I take the battery out?

  501. Sir I am using Samsung s2(model19100).. .. The cellular deta gets on automatically….. .. Plz provide me solution to it..

  502. I charge the battery several times and it’s indicate 100% full. After few minutes the battery is low like i didn’t charged it’.Please any possible help ?

  503. Hi The camera on my Samsung Galaxy 6 has suddenly become blurry. I’ve followed your post on this issue and disabled the Smart Optical Image Stabilization and cleared the Cache and Data but it’s still blurry. I’ve also checked it in Safe Mode – it’s still blurry. It doesn’t have any water or physical damage and I’ve cleaned the lens. Front camera is OK. Any ideas? Thanks HC

  504. I accidentally dropped my pone (S6) in the bath tub last night. It was a bit wet on the charging slot, I blew in the charging slot and tried to charge it. It was barely charging. Today it won’t charge I’ve tried loads of different usb cords but till dosent work now my phones on 0% and I need it !!!!

  505. goodday. my htc phone suddenly stopped booting. Each time I power on d
    phone it keeps rebooting continuously. the last time I used my phone,
    I was browsing with it nd then it tripped off. I plugged in the
    charger but it just couldnt pass the booting stage. pls what is d
    possible cause and how can it be fixed?

  506. Hi guys please help me my Samsung note 3 can’t read sim and also can’t play a video from camera and YouTube , and also I can’t play a music. :'( please help me

  507. Hi have a S5 and loaded lollipop but now I can’t use web it says forbidden I can’t open emails and my apps shows forbidden too what can I do to fix this please help

  508. I have great problem with my 3g data connection.when I turn on data my phone get hot and it release the mobile network then it get more hot and keep restarting then it get more hot I get no silution then I remove my battery then cold it to restart my phone.

  509. Resolve my problem with data connection

  510. My Samsung s4 galaxy phone is working but my screen is black and i already took out the battery but my screen is still black please help me

  511. Have a S5….was displaying system UI stopped…I did the restore factory setting/wipe option and rebooted….now when i powers up it just goes as far the the verizon screen and stays there…it wont do anything else?? help

  512. Since my S6 updated to software version 6.0.1, other android users cannot receive group text messages from me (but iphone users do receive them). I found one suggestion of changing privacy settings, and that worked for a few days, and now it is not working again.

  513. When I text someone, doesn’t matter how many times in a day, after each text…a fraze is automaticly repeated. How do I stop this.
    It doesn’t matter who, it always repeats the same fraze every time.

  514. Hi folks,
    I just moved to a G5/Marshmellow from a G3, which I gave to my son. Sprint supposedly moved me to this newer phone. Problem:
    I can receive texts but cannot reply to them–unless the received text is a group text, then I can reply to it–but I cannot initiate a new text to anyone. I’ve pulled the battery and reset it any number of times, all to no avail.
    Hopefully someone can help.

  515. Chat Conversation Start
    I am using note 3, and my wifi does not working, when i attempting wifi ICON, it shows dim light and not fully enlighten nor activating

  516. Hi
    Some pop up ad’s are disturbing me and when I close the add my task get closed. Also during phone call some adds with audio interrupt me. Any recommendations to resolve this?

  517. since updating to the marshmallow 6 weeks ago my phone constantly beeps like i have a text message but there isn’t one there. I have turned off all of the notifications and it still continues to beep.

  518. Hello so I have a note 4 that started draining fast and dying when it says there is %10 to %35 battery left. As well as shows it onoy charges to around %91 most of the time. And so I did the cash part delete which didn’t work also did factory reset didn’t work, as well as got a new factory battery and charging station for the battery and cord, then did another factory reset and still doing the same thing. What a piss off Samsung has become. I have had this phone for no longer than a year and a month, and always in life proof case and never in water or banged around and this is how it ends up being. I also tried cleaning the ports a number of times for the charging port and draining the charge in the phone itself fully while baterry was out and nothing has done a thing. I also tried doing slow charge as well. I’m sure I’m forgetting other things I’ve tried as well. I’ve tried many apps to fix this as well I should have known that wouldn’t work but tried anyways. Please help thanks

  519. My Samsung Galaxy S5 has been stuck on the green screen which reads:
    Android is upgrading…Finishing Boot. for several hours. Should I just take out the battery to reset it or will that damage the system if it is in the middle of an update?

  520. Hello guys… m using Samsung galaxy s4…whenever I want to use the camera for selfie it says …warning…camera fails….plz you guys should help me

  521. I have a Samsung Galaxy 5S

    I go to open my photos and I get an error message: “Unable to open Gallery Go to Settings>Permissions, then allow the following permissions and try again – Contacts, Calendar, Location,” The next screen says App permission and when I try to click on Calendar another error message comes up :” Screen overlay detected to change this setting, you first have to turn off the screen overlay from Settings>Apps.” then I click on settings and the next screen comes up Apps that appear on top. and it says: Select apps to allow their buttons, pop-ups, or other elements to appear over other apps you are using. All are then in the on position. Then I try to open Gallery and then I get the same messages. Please help me

  522. Hello Guys. My samsung galaxy note 10.1 2014 edition keeps deleting & hiding
    some of my personal pictures & audio file form the storage & SD-
    card. It also keeps asking me to install some unwanted applications. Can anyone help me to recover my lost files & to troubleshoot the

  523. Verizon or samsung, hmm,…. THEY ARE HORRIBLE. JUST had to send back 3rd phone. Which (I have receipts that I did)they’re saying I didn’t, on top of all the issues FOR having to return back, now, this new one that I just turned on yesterday, their rep even said “your battery is a little hot,probably hurting things” so I did what he told me to do and now I LOST EVERYTHING. when I turned my phone back on…. ALL MY STUFF IS NOW GONE! DOWN TO, NOt ONE CONTACT DO I HAVE!

  524. Any suggestions on the SCREEN OVERLAY? i cant manuver with some apps, an email address and photos. Needs permission and system wont let me issue permission

  525. I have the note 7 and the gear 2. When using bluetooth my incoming calls go to a voicemail saying I am not receiving calls at this time. I have made sure do not disturb is not on. Airplane mode is not on.
    When I turn BT off, I can receive calls.

  526. Hi , can I replace my Samsung s5 front camera with a samsung s5 neo front camera to improve the quality of images ? as s5 neo has 5 megapixel front camera.

  527. So my S6 won’t download text messages through Bluetooth to my 2014 Mazda CX-5 but my wife’s will. I can get texts on other cars using Bluetooth with no issue. I had this problem before and Mazda said to do a factory reset, which worked that time. I tried the same and it didn’t work this time. Any ideas?

  528. Worse service from Samsung south Africa. I bought my phone in Dubai and Samsung south Africa does not carry the guarantee. All they said that my CPU is dead and it cannot be repaired and I must throw the phone away. Not even 1 year old. R10 000 later.

  529. Ive been having issues with updating my note 4 it keep saying my phn has been modified. But down load supersu it said my phn is not rooted. So I factory reset my phn now it wont go pass thtart up menu its just blinking samsung note 4

  530. My Samsung Galaxy suddenly turned off and on and then froze on the part where the sprint symbol shows up what should I do

  531. why am I being told by clerks in service provider store that I need to sign on to my galaxy 5 (which was not used for several months) with my gmail account password? I never recall having to do that before – how can I unlock the phone so that I can pass it on to a family member.

  532. Sir,
    I bought my new samsung galaxy note 4 on 18 july 2016. I know its a old model but I saw its features were amazing at this price. Sir, When I got it the first day I was very much impressed by the phone’s performance, everything was awesome. No battery extra drain, no lags. But then I upgraded my note 4 to marshmallow. Than it started hanging a lot, it gets stucks alot, well its a new phone but still, ram is only 1 gb left after marshmallow upgrade and I have used only 200 mb of it so now 800 mb is left. The factory phone out of the box had 2.5 gb of ram free…which was amazing but then I upgraded the os. It hangs up alot, games gets lag alot, everything is getting worse, I did factory reset also, What I am thinking that I should downgrade my phone on samsung service centre but when I asked them to downgrade they told me that there is a risk to downgrade, there is no gaurantee that It will start after downgrade and if it does not get started than they will change the motherboard of the phone which will cost 150 to 200 dollars, which is too much. I regrets daily that why I upgraded the phone before the upgrade it was outstanding. please someone help me. I am regretting alot. The phone just get heated easily. Battery usage is ok. The only problem I want to solve is the extreme lagyness in phone and its hanging problem. please someone help me.. please..
    Thank you

  533. My Galazy S2 won’t turn on. Instead, it just vibrates momentarily every third second, over and over and over again. I’ve tried all the normal stuff.

  534. My s3 mobile has lost signal unfortunately from last few days I alredy refresh it mean to say reset factory data but signal r still lost.will u plz help me

  535. I just read today, you are not the only one with those problems. Marshmellow 6.0 has issues. It is said Samsung is working at the issues but it may take time to correct your model phone.

  536. have Magna android. Only have white screen. Phone will not do anything. I have taken battery out and reinstalled. l Taken sims out and reinserted. Its like its dead.l Battery is charged. I cant get it to move even to show logo, HELP

  537. hey so my samsung s6 edge is not charging or rebooting. i got it to go to the reboot screen earlier by holding the up volume then power and back button and it didn’t work or won’t happen again either. also I’ve gotten the OS download screen to pop up and i go to restart it, the samsung screen pops up and then nothing happens after that. The charging indicator on the screen was showing up earlier today but it is not now. what should i do

  538. where do i reboot the phone from to get back my phone in the original state;
    from ADB?

  539. looking for help for my galaxy s4 black screen – powers up but cannot do anything because of the black screen

  540. samsung s7 not charging when using wireless charge pad…. indicates is charging when I place on pad but later battery level is lower than when I started charging…. charges fine with usb.

  541. Hi,

    My Samsung Galaxy S5, Marshmallow 6.0.1, Nova Settings is frozen. It won’t shut down so any troubleshooter that needs to use settings and all other apps won’t work. I can swipe the lock screen to open the home screen but everything from there is frozen. The touch screen is dead or agonizingly slow, then it freezes again since yesterday afternoon.

    I need the factory reset but I can’t figure out how.
    Please HELP!!! Thanx.

  542. hey guys my volume up key doesn’t let me put the volume up and instead does it by itself at random every 2 minutes, and its also in good condition. also my phone is always restarting but goes onto android system recovery. this happened not long after i was using my phone in the rain but i left it in rice and then this happened. somebody please help me thanks !!

  543. After updated marshmallow 6.0.1 software there is sound volume issue during a call on my note 4 sm _ N910c , some one help me

  544. I observed that my Samsung Galaxy Core Prime G360H has few problems.Rarely it shows refreshing simdata and when it shows it shows 2/3 times or 4 times at stretch.I purchased my phone almost a year ago.Since it was not big issue no disturbance except that notification,so I did not take it seriously,now my warranty is almost over and as I asked Samsung for help in their helpline,they are telling me to extend my warranty by giving a lump sum money.Yes and another problem I observed in my phone i.e. when I use 3g as my phone is dual sim 3g phone so suddenly both sim network switched to out of service for a while,since I am using only one sim data and my phone has only one 3g and another 2g I didn’t understand why it take both sim out of service for a while when I connect my 3g net,it also not always happened 4 to 5 times in a month.I tried several methods such as safe mode,sim change,flight mode but always refresh simdata showed only when I took out both sim then it not showed.I also tried to put options to my sim network in perfect way for 3g i.e. tick the net while roaming and auto connect gsm/wcdma and for 2g I tick gasm only but all these did not work for me.I only a day left to extend my warranty,Is it really require please I will be highly thankful if you reply me soon and show me the correct way possible from your side.

  545. I did the same update and im having issues with signal strength and Internet connection

  546. my phone keeps dropping call, sometimes I cannot make call out. And I lose my data .Service plan with .T Moble said it’s the phone. Bad phone wont work good with all service plans. shame on Sumsung for selling damage phones

  547. Whenever i wanted to end the call, i can’t press the end call icon due to black screen. I have press the power button/home button first before i could press the end call icon. Guide me on how to maintain th screen to be on after my conversation so i could press the end call icon without having to press otger button first. Thank you.

  548. I recently got the update on Sunday 2/7 for the Marshmallow 6.0. Since the update there was a change to how notifications are shown when you pull the tool bar across the top of the phone down. When I have messages (i.e. text, hangouts) it’s expands the message so the entire message can be read on my screen. I want to know how to turn that notification off to just show that I have a message with just the first line. In order for the message to not show I have to take my two fingers and collapse the message manually but this happens to many others apps as well. I noticed when I have navigation running it will expand to show the next two turns as well.

    Look forward to any feedback on this issue that you can provide

  549. I’m just curious. I have a galaxy s6, when I play a song there is a “more” option on the top corner, I click it and a menu pops out, one of the options is, play on other device. How do I play on other device?

  550. Heloo can anyone help galaxy s5 slip Innota pool and iI manage to dry it up..and it was able to boot…but the network does not work,it shows at time but will still stop work…

  551. Good day droidguy, I use Samsung galaxy grand prime SM-G530H.I recently upgraded my phone to the lolipop version5.0.2 which was successful only to discover my phone won’t start up, keeps vibrating nd won’t turn on beyond the device name I have tried recovery mode yet it won’t even show it.please I need your help. Thanks for the audience.EVELYN WEST 

  552. Hello, i upgraded my note 3 from 4.4.2 (Kitkat) to 5.0 (Lolipop), then faced alot of issues

    First:the games speed decreased, the games too slow now for me, iam playing modern combat, it was perfect in the last version 4.4.2 too fast, when i updated it to lolipop its too slow now

    Second: the battery drains too fast

    Third:heats up fast

    Help me please fixing this issues

  553. After three years of trouble free service, my Galaxy S4 began delaying the sending and receiving of text messages by anywhere from five to thirty minutes. I finally tried unmounting the microSD card and that solved the problem. I’ve ordered a new card and am hoping to gain back the lost storage.

  554. Recently bought a gear s and paired it to my note 4 using the samsung gear manager (App actually says its for gear s2).

    Everytime I wear my gear s and put my note 4 in my pocket, the note 4 switches off completely.

    If I disconnect my gear s and put my note 4 in the pocket, then it doesn’t switch off.

    Any help that will allow me to wear my gear s and put my note 4 in my pocket?



  555. I changed my launcher to APUS it is in the Play Store JFYI when you download and install this you have to re do all your apps and settings but I don’t have the issue anymore it fixed it!!!! I love it it works awesome now

  556. My new Note 5 with Verizon is doing the same thing. Even if I restart my phone it works correctly for awhile then starts doing it again. This started about 2 weeks ago, before and after the Samsung update.

  557. My phone s4 sgh i 337 is unresponsive to touch. I tried swiping to get past the main screen but it wont feel my finger i tried soft reset and holding the power button for 1 2 maybe 3 minutes help please I feel like I lost my life companion

  558. The top left corner of my touch screen on my Samsung Galaxy Note 5 don’t work all the time. Will Marshmallow correct this issue or is the phone bad or do you have any other fixes or suggestions cause I can’t figure it out. Thank you!

  559. Hi, could you please help me.
    I have updated my software on my Samsung Galaxy S6 2 days ago, and since then i am not able to use my phonebook/contact and cant add or find any contacts, the phone syarts to freeze, also my messagea does not reflect on the lock screen or on the top even tough the settings is still turned on.
    Could you please advise on what i can do because i have switched off/rebooted and took out the sim…and nothing ia working?


  560. My Samsung galaxy note 3 doesn’t have where i can locate mobile Hotspot in case i wanna share my network to another user. I’ve searched through my phone but could not find it. Please help. Cheers!

  561. Can any one help me with a samsung galaxy tab 3 lite for kids.. when i turn it on it starts up but than stays at a blank orange screen..

  562. Hi I have a HTC One M8 and my cameras playing up.
    It’s just on selfie mode upon launch and no option for the back camera is available.
    I’ve read a few threads and tried everything but to no success.
    Although the funny thing is that if I use the camera in my WhatsApp the camera launches in selfie mode however I can switch it to the main camera mode but the image is of very low quality and captured upside down.
    Would this be a hardware issue?
    Thanks in advance.

  563. hi hope someone here can help me……when I send a text to a person on my contact list the reply comes back in another message with just the number and 61 in front of it…61 is Australia area code. but why wont the reply come back in the message form isent it in….does that make any sense…

  564. My Galaxy note edge when charging will turn on and off constantly until fully charged. when charging at night I must turn volume off and upside down so I am unable to receive any emergency notifications.. any ideas?

  565. i have a samsung galaxy note 2 one day the battery was low so i got home and as i was about to put it on the charger the flashlight turned on so i pulled the battery and went to put it back in and nothing . it wont turn on nothing happens now i got a new battery and nothing has worked someone pleaseeeee help me my phone otherwise is in perfect condition so i really really want it back !!!! thanks in advance !!!!

  566. i have the same issue !!!!! PLEASE LET ME KNOW IF YOU FIGU
    RE ANYTHING OUT !!! but mine is a Galaxy note 2

  567. Can anyone help me remove my samsung S3 from safe mode pleaseeeeee? I tried switching it off n on, tried removing battery several times and also tried long pressing the volume key and power key but nothing helped yet.

  568. Hello Guys. Can anyone help me remove my samsung S3 from safe mode pleaseeeeee? I tried switching it off n on, tried removing battery several times and also tried long pressing the volume key and power key but nothing helped yet.

  569. Has anyone done the new Samsung system update that came out today 2016. I did it this morning and now when I take a picture which saves to the system storage it tells me it can not be located. It’s not there in my gallery. I tried switching to use the sd card to store pic and still the same issue.

  570. My Galaxy s6 has a problem with its split screen view, it will just start on its own and I can no longer use the phone. Please can any one help with a solution of how to fix it?

  571. I used my galaxy S4 over 6 months in Qatar without any problem. Then, I was in Italy for Xmas vacations and I updated the SW. When back to Qatar telephone calls are not working. I can only receive calls. To be noted that changing the SIM card with one from another provider (e.g. Italian TIM) the telephone is working and my Vodaphone SIM card is working with other phones. It seems we have now an incompatibility between Vodaphone SIM cards (I tried another one) and my Galaxy. How is it possible? I think it can only be a software problem.

  572. Over the past few days, my samsung S4 has been acting up. The powerbutton going in and out. The battery taking forever to charge and then it happened to…die because I couldn’t get to an outlet fast enough and now it wont charge or turn back on. I figured it was my battery and got a new one, still it didn’t work. The screen wont come on anymore and I’ve ran out of ideas. Any help?

  573. unable to send emails with attachment from my corporate account though i was able to send emails from it earlier. seemz after some update in my note 5 this problem occurs. guys did any one of you have its solution..?

  574. I received a Polaroid selfie stick for Christmas, so excited when I went to use it on my Galaxy note 5, and a message came up that said something like “how to view picture “google play” or ( I can’t recall other choice) i quickly tapped google play. now it won’t take any selfies it just goes right to the google screen with the circle of dots and says “listening for music” and then just sits there…. how do I change the selection so that the google play doesn’t do this???

  575. Hey my name is MarckendyMilfort i’m having problem with my posh pegasus 3g and i wanted to know how to fix it. The problem that i’m having is that i could open my phone but it just that tab and the screen is unreponsive can u help fix it

  576. My note 3 s pen is not working properlt. When I hover it all over the screen, I can’t see the s pen pointer and I can’t launch air command by pressing the pen button. How can I fix this?

  577. My note 3 s pen is not working properlt. When I hover it all over the screen, I can’t see the s pen pointer and I can’t launch air command by pressing the pen button. How can I fix this?

  578. My s5 is saying sd is damaged and try reformatting it but then it says if I do I will loose my photos and such on it..why after a yr is it sayin this and I know my sd card is not damaged. Just a few days ago I could see all my photos I had B4 I put it in this phone they was all still there so y now that I’m getting this message on my notifications I can’t c my old photos but just the ones I’ve took since I had this phone? And also If i decided to go ahead and take my sd card out to replace it will I loose all my old photos? Thanks hope someone can help me understand this

  579. Ampere app wont work with my s5 duos on lollipop. Anyone has the same problem? Tried other charging apps, they dont work either… need help

  580. I have a note 4 that when on won’t charge and when off the battery comes for a second than shutsoff. I tried the soft reset different cord and charger and checked the port for debris any ideas?

  581. It was not related with third party apps. It is bad battery. I have reflash the original rom and it still did not fix. (this solution was given by Samsung, told me they need to do that but I did it by myself cause I did not want to send my phone to them and wait a week or so.) but anyway I will use this battery and replace it once I get more problem with

  582. SCL23 samsung galaxy s5 has stopped detecting sim card after an update.

    for the first two months it was working properly but after a software update of 133.33 mb for touchwiz it suddenly stopped detecting my sim card, i used the same sim card in an another phone, the sim was ok. when i tried another other sim card in the galaxy s5 it was not detecting it. Also i tried to register the mobile network but a message was displaying “insert sim card to access network”. i dont know what to do now as the phone was bought from japan but m using it in India. plz find a solution for this.

  583. I love the advice so kindly shared. It made my day and the holiday season bearable now that I have a working mobile. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!

  584. Hii I have a Galaxy 6s edge plus. Does anyone know how to set a picture for your text messaging when you text? My friends pictures show up, but I can’t seem to get one for myself? I thought having the my profile option in the contacts with the profile sharing enabled would help. It didnt. Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong? Unless there’s no way to have one?
    Thanks in advance

  585. I seem to have lost the setting options on my samsung galaxy s3 since the last updage, what can I do? I tried to reset to the manufacturing defaults and the volume button does not allow to choose it is as if the screen freezes. I do not have wi-fi capabilities either the phone is screwed. What can I do?

  586. I am using Samsung Galaxy Note 2 .I am Having Sim issues in my cell it Only supports my sim for1 or 2 Hours after that it doesn,t Support My sim I have Changed My sim but still Had That Problem after 1 or 2 Hours if i try To send Message A Message Appears “.Unable To send Message The message will be sent when the service wil l avaliable ” and I had to restart my cell again & again and again.
    plz help me With this…..

  587. HELP PLEASE!!! My Samsung Galaxy SIII phone won’t allow me to type in anything or even push any buttons (my password, or to push/shut it off). I’ve attempted to clear the cache and put it into “safe mode” but it’s still doing the same thing….

    Does anyone know what’s going on or how I can fix this?

  588. I have a samsung s5, the screen went black – then it went grey with coloured pixels all over it? – i took the battery out, held the power button for over 2 mins to let out all the energy… i turned it on and it worked!!!! but then as it went in to lock screen, i went to use my phone again – it was black and unresponsive.. its on, i can hear my message tone ect… so i tried the take the battery out and hold the power button method again, but now it wont get off the grey/coloured pixel screen!!! can anyone help???

  589. Power your unit off. Then try holding the volume up button, home button and power button at the same time for 3 seconds then release. Use the volume down to navigate to wipe clean. Press power button to choose it.
    The next screen will prompt to reboot. Press power button.

  590. If there are any covers that can be removed like the back or access to the sim card then try putting the phone in a bowl covered in white rice for 24 hours. The rice will draw out any moisture. After that you can try to blow it out with a hair dryer set on COOL do not use heat to try and dry it out

  591. I think it is supposed to do that to save battery life by shutting off your screen. The screen should come back on when you move your phone away from the side of your face and move it into the normal viewing position. If that doesn’t work try a quick push on the power button.

  592. I had the same problem with certain recipients. I backed up the texts and deleted the conversations and started fresh. It worked like a charm. No issues since.

  593. Hi people. .I have a Samsung note 4 when I text
    xt in group message. My phone says it only delivered to some.can someone please help.

  594. There is no move option in the more sections of the email trash folder. So I cannot undelete an email that I inadvertently deleted and move it back to my inbox to respond. The respond features are greyed out while the message is in the trash bin as well. My galaxy s4 had a move feature and also allow you to respond from the trash bin I believe. This is urgent and a very important issue for me to resolve as I use this for my work email. I have 3 email addresses they are all POP email when is Roadrunner and to our Go Daddy. I know I can login to the web mail to deal with this however I set the phone to delete from the server when deleted on the phone so the emails are no longer there. Can you help me?
    Galaxy s6 edge plus

  595. My gallexy s5 will just turn off by itself when flexed. Done this after being dropped a few times. Only way to turn it back on is to connect to the charger

  596. I have Samsung S6 edge .. its S voice starts automatically :/ even without wakeup command .. any solution ? Plz!!

  597. Switched carriers from N-Telos and unable to get my Galaxy S5 to activate with new carrier. N-Telos said phones are not locked but yet cannot activate. Any help as to what to try? They insist their droid phones are not locked and nothing they can do.

  598. i cant update my samsung s4 to the latest firmware. i tried almost evrything, even using pc kies but didt work out. what should i do

  599. The screen of my S4 keeps freesing making the fone completely useless as all the menu and functions are operated by touch.

  600. Hi, I reeeeaaaaaalllly hope you can help.. I dropped my phone (S6) down the toilet last night whilst I was out. As soon as I got home (staying with in-laws atm) my mother-in-law told me to put the phone in the airing cupboard over night. I did this and thankfully the phone turned on this morning, has signal and seems to all be working EXCEPT for the touch screen! I’ve tried the soft rest but it didnt work. Do you think this is fixable?

  601. Hello sir.. I’d like to ask for your assistance. my Lenovo a516 is on blackscreen and i already tried factory reset but the factory reset menu doesn’t show up. i dont know what’s the problem, if the volume button doest work or something else is wrong?.. please help me… thank you… really appreciate you guys..

  602. Hi guys, I’m currently using Note5, with lollipop 5.1.1

    I tried using my thumb drive to connect with my phone but it doesn’t read. Tried to reboot after 5mins and still doesn’t work.
    My other pals whom using the same model of phone works perfectly find as soon as it’s connected immediately.
    Please advice.

  603. 2 days ago my s6 edge did the black screen problem, but i’m still able to receive calls and the notification light works along with the side and home buttons, but when i try the soft resets for 7 seconds nothing happens, I’ve tried all sorts of different combinations with the power button and volume buttons and |’m having no luck, even tried hard resetting it, still no response, I’ve literally had the device 3-4weeks and already this is the second problem i’m having (first problem finger print unrecognisable locked out my phone, had to hard reset within first week), I really don’t want to have to send it off 🙁

  604. Hi, i got a Note 4 (AT&T version) and there’s a new software version from the carrier that i’ve triying 6 times to do and it fails
    Today i finally did the update
    That’s what i do…
    Scroll the notification bar down and hold the logo of the software update, it can show you an i inside a circle , hit it and it will open the software update app that show you a Force Stop the update, and many others options, look for the CLEAR CACHE and hit it, then do your update.
    Hope this can help a lot of people that was waiting for a lag fix or simply wants to stay up to date.
    Here to help

  605. No…. same problems…… I was told the only thing I could do is a complete wipe out/reset…. which isn’t worth the hassle. …. I’ll just wait til my t mobile upgrade which is next week. ..

  606. I updated my Note5 to 5.1.1 now it’s making me trim my videos (in order to send) VERY small & when it does finally send it takes my resolution down so low you cant even make out the video! Ive contact Tmobile & Galaxy w/no help!! Funny thing is I can send HUGE videos that were made BEFORE the update w/NO problem. My daughter has the same phone same network same software and can send vids w/no problem!! Please help

  607. Hello I’m unable to fill put the form for some reason. I have a galxy s 5 . I’ve had it since April 2014 . And just recently I was using my phone and it shut off on its on and then began restarting continously. It starts and as soon as u can see the Home page it restarts and keeps doing that . I have had to take the battery out for it to stop. I tried to keep the battery out and try it again after some time but it’s still restarting.
    Does anyone know If this Is a software or ic hardware issue.?

  608. Phone locking up?
    Call your carrier once per month to refresh your phone. It is free. So use it.
    They reinstall internet settings which 99% of the time is your problem.
    But you’ll have to re-do your voice mail message.
    You will lose any saved messages. So save.
    Shut down all running apps.
    Shut the phone off.
    Remove back cover.
    Remove battery.
    Remove SIM card.(only with your fingers)
    Do not use metal tweezers.
    It’ll damage the contacts.
    Wait 5-10 seconds.
    Replace, reboot. All is fine.
    Basically the same with our T.V. Comcast Cable Boxes back in the 90’s in Connecticut.

  609. You have a problem with the phone shutting off with plenty of Battery charge?
    It’s the battery!
    I have a Samsung Note 4. 10 months old.
    For 2 months going through various technical supports on line found that you can not put an aftermarker battery in this phone supplied by the place if purchase. They sent me 3. None would work as the original battery.
    Phone still kept shutting off with 80% charge.
    I purchase the Samsung OEM Battery 3220mah on line for $12.95.
    Samsung wanted $29.95 Huh!
    My phone now will go down to 2% and the notice finally comes on to charge the phone.
    The after market batteries would not do this.
    Get this! With 85 apps open and running with a total of 465 apps.
    Buy OEM!
    All this tech info on scratching the battery contacts, shove a piece of paper behind the bottom edge of the battety is all hog wash

  610. I have cleared the cashed as in solution 1 and it did not work.

    I then reset the phone to factory default and it did not work…

    Not too happy with this phone.

  611. My samsung galaxy s6 edge takes 11min to start up. Just sits on the logo for 11min while doing fireworks. Any suggestions?

  612. how can i do to forward. ”Exit” sign then, i can’t do anything. Any button unavailable, except of power button.

  613. how can i do to forward. ”Exit” sign then, i can’t do anything. Any button unavailable, except of power button..

  614. hi i have s6 edge and today morning i got issue to my phone accidentally a little bit of water gets in the charging pin. when i plugged in the charger after some time it shows sign of charging and then do not charge and again show charging sign and again disappear again and it continues to do is working perfectly but this charging problem is occurring kindly help me …..

  615. Guyz plz help me. I have note 4 910-C.
    After updating my phone from 5.0.1 to 5.1.1 my wifi continously connects and disconnects. Plz help me what should i do now??

  616. Hello,( galaxy 5 post lollipop update) I’m having problems sending pictures via text mess.
    Most of the time I try to send a pic and I get….. “Select contact to share”….existing contacts….new contacts…. but when I select existing contacts the pic fails to send.
    I did the clear cashe partition but to no avail.
    Any ideas??

  617. I still haven’t received my 5.1 update for my Galaxy Note 5 which I didn’t know they made two models I have the first model but my galaxy s5 did get the update

  618. Verizon s5 just went through an update & now won’t play previously recorded videos WHY & HOW TO FIX

  619. Hi all, i have a galaxy s4. My phone restart constantly. I cant go into recovery mode. When i try to press volume up button in download mode, the phone restarts again and again.

  620. Trying to screen mirror on my note 5. I do not have this option in the edit section at all. Is this phone compatible with roku? Please help!!

  621. Trying to screen mirror on my note 5. I do not have this option in the edit section at all. Is this phone compatible with roku? Please help!!

  622. My Samsung Galaxy s3 all of a sudden has quick battery drain I now have to charge it up to 3 times a day. Alsowhenusingwordpredictor (notsureifthat’swhatit’scalled) thisiswhathappensnow,itdoesn’tputspacesimamymore

  623. I am using DUPAD Captain (No Camera No Gps for oilfield
    workers). Today while speaking with my friend it suddenly went off and
    its not turning on and not even charging. (No charging light).

    I tried charging through my laptop via USB, in my laptop the
    sound coming connecting and reconnecting. (Only the sound). I tried with the
    power button, volume button etc.

    Please help as I don’t have any access to the town to repair
    for another 3 weeks. The phone is coming with a non removable battery and
    kitkat version brought 1 month back.
    OS – Android 4.4
    Chipset – MTK6592M
    CPU – 1.4GHz, Octa core
    RAM – 2 GB
    Storage – 16GB

  624. I am having issues with my galaxy s6 edge. When connected to wifi I am unable to view any website other than

    No applications that connect to the internet (Pandora, youtube) or any other website work. When I disconnect from wifi everything works fine.

    Here is when things get confusing;


    I can launch the internet browser, loads with no issue.

    In the search bar I type “CNN”

    All related search items populate (I am able to preview todays news, images, all other links on google.)

    once I select or any other link that directs me outside of google, an error message appears; “Unable to display webpage”

    (when connected to wifi all other devices work with no issue – tablets computers laptop smartphones)


    No issue loading or other links.

    whats frustrating is I can connect to wifi in other locations and have no issues.

  625. Hello. I was reading your forums on galaxy s6 problems. I also have a problem that was not listed. My galaxy has trouble using data apps such as Facebook or tinder or pof or Ifunny. Pretty much all apps that require data it has trouble with. It won’t load anything and yet I’ll have full service. If I restart the phone or put it in and out of airplane mode it fixes the issue for a short time. The phone will display full data service or WiFi connection and yet will still struggle. I’ve factory reset the phone multiple times and have even gotten a new sim. None of which solves the problem. It happens all through out the day at random. Sometimes it will go a day without any problems. Just this last week it started having problems sending sms messages. How can I resolve this problem? Will the new android update that is soon to be released fix these issues?

  626. need to know if im at a complete loss with my phone. put on charger and wake up to the galaxy note 2 logo. keep in mind it was working great before i charged it. rebooted master reset still same thing. someone please help me.

  627. my tmobile samsung s5 is only displays the samsung logo turns off vibrates then displayes the logo again i tried restarting the phone by pressing the up volume and home key and power button at the same time but it also wont work it goes back to vibrating and displaying samsung i tried connecting it to a pc but it wont even read the phone what can i do i need help please

  628. Thank you so much for the information about Galaxy reading “no simple card detected”. This problem could have taken hours to fix on the phone with reps from the company but I just wiped the sim card and placed a small sim card sized piece of thick paper behind it and bam it worked perfectly. Problem solved in less than 5 minutes. Great job and thank you.

  629. I have a note 2. My camera won’t rotate to take pictures. It’s stuck in the horizontal mode. Seems my screen rotation doesn’t work either. Does anyone know how to fix this? I’ve tried everything.

  630. Back ups. When you save a contact save both to the Google account and to local storage. Then back up your contacts at least once a week. As far as stopping Google from eating your contacts I have not had that problem….do you share the account with anyone?

  631. Let me preface what i am about to say by first saying that i have been in electronics repair for 20 years and have specialized in cellphones for the last 8 of those.. Technology is fickle my friend. Don’t assume that the solution that worked for you will work for everyone. I happen to use a 64gb Samsung SD card from Best buy but it is purely coincidental (they just happened to have a good deal on them) but I also use an array of smaller cards(mostly sandisk) and they all work perfectly. Brand names are irrelevant. Circuits don’t care who’s label is on the plastic. They only care about getting electrons from point a to point b. That being said there are different classes of SD card. And I would recommend class 10. There are some compatability issues with newer phones and older cards. I have seen some Nokia’s that absolutely freak out if you put the wrong class card in them. I kid you not. When the customer first brought it in for repair I thought it was a defective LCD. Until I put their card in an identical phone to let them use a’s a loner and it freaked out as well. Then we realized that as soon as I pulled the card out and rebooted the phone was fine.

  632. My S2 seems to keep vibrating like it is attempting to turn on but it is not letting me reboot it. My camera flashes and logo will pop up and will even continue loading. Unfortunately it doesn’t make it to the main screen long enough for me to turn it off properly and removing/replacing my battery seems to be making it worse… help anyone?

  633. hi guys can you please help me with my samsung s6 edge its automatically turned off and never on again what i will do thank you

  634. Hello,
    my phone was working fine when it was on 4.4.4 software but after last update 5.0.1 i have big problem with my signal in my home ..there is no signal at all just X … but only at my’s fine at any other places ..what i mean is that my phone’s signal is getting down weak .. could you help me resolve this problem please

  635. ok i got a samsung galaxy s2 an it want let me download no games can someone plz help me fix it it keep showing an error

  636. My contact syncing seems to have literally created 100s of entries for each name, making it virtually impossible to find anyone! Can anyone help please?

  637. I believed that I have soft bricked my cell phone since it won’t do anything but reload to Samsung logo and I can old go to new os system

  638. Can someone please help…samsung galaxy s6 edge plus losing bluetooth connections with Samsung gear s

  639. Does the screen turn on at all at anytime? If not the LCD is most likely damaged while the touch digitizer was unharmed.

  640. Boot into recovery and then click reboot system. I had an issue with my note 3 where I had to do this randomly.

  641. Google your issue and find a post about your carrier. My Note 3 had this issue and it was fixed by changing something with the APN.

  642. I rooted my galaxy s6. After unrooting it that splash screen says galaxy s6 edge. Why?? How do I change it??

  643. My Galaxy S6Edge+ new mobile cannot grab and lock onto WiFi. Continuously switches at 1-2 second intervals on-off Wifi. Please help !

  644. Hi pls help me my phone screen become black. I cant see anything but the lcd still working wen I touch touch the lcd its still workinf but I cant see anything in the scrren only black

  645. i was normally updating my samsung s4, then it went well and my phone fell so after it fell the battery was out, i restarted it normally and it said optimizing app. then finishing boot. then it took like 10 mins to open. i automatically took the battery out myself then restarted it again. it opened then it wrote unfortunately, system IU has stopped. now its working but i cant access it at all, installing applications is all i can see and a black background, thats it. please i need you to answer me asap

  646. Hi!

    help me……….. my phone keeps on trying to complete the Software
    Update thing…… it goes from 0-100%, says the “thank you for being
    with t-mobile” deal then repeats the entire process! It probably did it
    like 50x before my phone started getting hot and I just got frustrated
    and removed the battery…. but when I try to turn it on again it just
    does it over and over again… what is causing this??? I called T-mo
    from my wife’s phone and they said take it to a t-mobile place but What
    makes it worse is that i wont even be able to do that until i get back
    in town on Monday 🙁

    rather NOT do a master reset but rather fix the problem if at all
    possible. Please tell me what to do so I can use my note 2 again….
    thank you!

  647. Hello. I just wanted to let you know that you saved my night. I had to walk through a parking lot that was almost saturated with almost 2 inches of rain, with cars zooming by. I go to my car, and I plug in my phone. The doomed yellow triangle shows up, I was ALMOST certain that it was water damage, because the outer case, and the connector hole was a bit wet. Well, I read your post, opened the phone up, checked the LDI, it was crystal clear white. I removed the battery, cleaned off the prongs on the inside, and BAM it’s charging. Thank you kindly for your (FREE) advice.

  648. i have lost some work pictures on my Note 3. Not all were deleted, i accidently clicked the foler as apposed to the picture and lost 40 of 560 pictures… does anyone have any suggestions on what recovery software if any can help

  649. You all are using the wrong cards I repeat you all are using the wrong cards. The only microsd card that will work is the Evo Samsung microSD card. No other card will work. Buy the card from best buy. Do not buy it online cause it could be jankie. It’s orange and white. I bought one for $60 128 GB no problems. Your old microsd is not going to work. Now enjoy your Note 4 🙂 no don’t think about it don’t go to Amazon nor Ebay or some other side website. Best Buy get the microSd card and enjoy your device. No don’t think about it that brand name is not going to work trust me I’ve tried them in 3 different brand spanking new Note 4 s from AT&T nope. Just go get the card 🙂 my kids have s5s the old microsd work fine in there phones and some of the new ones did also but non will work in the Note 4.

  650. My contacts keep being deleted and there us no way I can recover them cause even on the goolge account contacts they are not there.. any solution??????????

  651. galaxy nt4 has att on phone i have had tmoblie for 6 yrs . have same phone number as well. love prepaid . been threw over 10 phones no problims. note 4 will not connect to internet w/o wifi

  652. I tried to be smart but it didnt work …lol ….all i did was for my samsung galaxy s5 and note 3 turn off and just keep me looking at the samsung logo over and over oh and the % of my battery charging … know i did this twice like “wtf” sorry but really …lol…. someone please help me fix the problom or am i at a completely loss ?? Isabel …

  653. How do I get the coach to come back on when I plan a run in the s health app? I have a galaxy 6 edge

  654. My s4 doesn’t allow me to share Internet through Hotspot thetring. Whenever I try to open Hotspot there is an error that either idm.or iccd. Is not valid. Pl help me out to solve this problem

  655. My S4 doesn’t learn my words and the way I compose my sentences anymore after I updated it about 2 months ago. This is very irritating because before the update it used to know what I was gonna say and I would just select the words above my keyboard. Anyone know what I can do about this issue.

  656. My samsung 4 slim keyboard is forced disabled. I didn’t do this every time I text then it ask samsung or Google. I just want text with samsung text. I have tried everything

  657. Music just starts playing outta nowhere and its not music that I put on my phone. It sounds like system music and I don’t know how to stop it.

  658. I really like Aviate from yahoo on my Nexus 5. It has app drawers which neatly groups apps in catergories

  659. I got my Note 5 for 2 days now. Today it suddenly restarted itself once. Why did this happen and is it normal?

  660. Samsung S6 is THEIR Knox security system good or should I install anti virus software I have used before?

  661. anyone using launcher apps? I chose KK free version which is specifically for Samsung Galaxy S6 android 5.0.2 Lollipop. …is this a good app to use? it seems to make it easier for NEW android users. Is it worth upgrading to paid version? you can see what you don’t get with free app which for now seems fine. I have had my phone 3 months now and not having any of these major issues I’m reading about and want to keep it that way.

  662. Samsung S5 keeps deleting my downloaded apps. Crashes, stopped, unexpected errors. Anyone who knows how to fix this issue? I’ve used 5 gb’s redownloading apps that keep crashing and some show 0.00 data.

  663. Anyone get an error message “email invalid” or “use a valid email address”? I get this periodically when trying to access established accounts for shopping. Then I have to go to my pc, where everything works fine with my email address, and start the process of checking out all over again. Is it my phone or is it the website I am trying to log into? Any help?

  664. Maybe but I know from experience residual residue from deleted unfavorable apps have had an effect and your phone really doesn’t need a battery saving app its already built in just make sure all background apps that shouldn’t be running aren’t. Try cleaning connection points also. I’m always on my device which is a obvious cause also. I believe there’s an article on galaxy batteries I would definitely try a new battery amazon is a good place.
    Good luck

  665. My Galaxy S6 basically does not charge full anymore. I have done factory reset and
    I have tried to calibrate battery more than a couple of times. Tried to charge with fast charge, normal charge and even wireless charge.
    None of them charged 100%.
    It first shows me it charged 100% and once I disconnect from cable, it drops to 97% charged. If I reconnect the power cable, it drops to 96% and it star charge again. When it hits to 100%, it drops to 97% again if I disconnect the power cable. This does never hit 100% if I disconnect the power cable.
    Does it mean my battery is defected?

  666. So many drop their Phones, ones don’t use a case for protection of screen and case. I use a Otterbox Defender case and holster for my belt. My Note 4 has dropped out of the holster and no damage at all to screen or case. Still looks New too.

  667. I have a Galaxy S4 and when I insert the battery it just keeps flashing the samsung galaxy s4 logo,what should I do?

  668. Why aren’t the DGs talking about that huge fn elephant? Wireless “Qi” chargers sold at S6/Edge launch? The rabbit hole that takes on that path is brave indeed.

  669. I purchased an unlocked Verizon Samsung Galaxy 6 from America. I am living in Ireland and am having problems sending text messages. When I send a new text message to an Irish contact number on my phone the message will send. When that contact replies my phone changes their mobile number to + (353); It adds in the country code. My phone will not allow me to respond to this text message so in order to reply I need to create a new msg to that contact. I am also unable to send a text message to any international number. help please

  670. hi there, i have a samsung galaxy s4 gt-i9505 my phone dropped on the ground but there weren’t any damages on the phone. i used the phone after it was dropped i was using messenger and left the phone by my side after about 1min i tooked my phone to look if i had any message, the phone was turned off then i pressed the power key button and it light up it started turning on in the screen you could see the samsung sign the phone blacked out i tried to factory reset, turn it back on but i cant do anything

  671. Dumb question: I have a Galaxy S4 with a prepaid 4G LTE card from Chunghwa telecom. I have no problem connecting to interest with wifi but I cannot access the internet without wifi. Is this a phone setting problem or a SIM Chunghwa Telecom problem? Thanks.

  672. I got this crazy… ****WARNING!! iOS Crash Report*** Due to third party application in your phone. How do I get rid of it?

  673. I have a galaxy s5. At a freinds house out of town laid down. When I picked up to use horrible orange yellow color. My photos look like xray images and shortcuts no longer display. I took out battery and then put back in and powered phone. Everything normal for about 15 seconds and went back to ugliness. Placed phone on charge. It became very hot but phone charge only slightly charged more.

  674. No charger in the world is charging my galaxy s6 edge like it should, I bought a new charger and it still takes forever to fully charged.. what do I need to do??

  675. You should be able to use afile manager select all ,move to ,select sd card and folder and move here hope this helps

  676. Hello. I’m having problems with my Samsung Galaxy Note 4. Whenever I unlock the screen through the button on the right side of the phone, the screen wont display anything. 🙁 It is still black. No display at all. I need to remove the battery and turn it on again. and if the screen is locked and i unlock it again, the same thing happens. what could be the problem?

  677. Apps that are moved to SD don’t just reappear back in your internal memory. They were updated and reinstalled in your internal memory. If you don’t have automatic updates checked, you would know this. After updating you have to move updated apps back to SD card. This is annoying but not a mystery. Don’t update automatically and you don’t have to move them so often.

  678. dear nauman,me too is facing similar problem with samsung galaxy note 2. as soon as i start using internet using mobile first comes to blocking mode,battery starts draining faster..say from 80% to 60% in a span of 1 minute or so and mobile becomes off..when i try to restart it fails to restart..what to do?

  679. It is the name if the system update and it will come back again and again. I didn’t like the previous lollipop version but this one is better. I finally gave in so far so good.

  680. Hi i am taking photos with my S4 and instead they are turning to grey pictures with a crack on the top or lightening. I am on holiday so I am very upset about it as I am loosing all the photos.pls help

  681. Buy a new battery and a separate battery charger. I charged them both, then switched them out during the day.

  682. Believe it or not I do have a solution, one long temporary and one permanent. I NEVER reset my phone.

    First one, I went to settings, apps, then pressed on the menu button, and got the message to reset all defaults. Solved. It eventually came back street a long while, which told me one of the apps being set as default for some action is the cause, but I have no idea which one (Google one?). I would do the steps again above to get rid of the pop-up without turning off my phone and get long relief.

    Second solution that worked best was to redownload Disk Cleaner, which I was told by tech support was the problem I was having with a crappy refurbished replacement phone, no the phone was crap. So I had deleted it. But needed to replace that phone anyway.

    Because Disk Cleaner never caused problems on my original phone and that pop-up had to be worse I figured what the heck. Anyway, I ran it and never had the problem again, even after eventually setting various app defaults. This worked on my S3. Never had the problem on S5. That phone comes with all kinds of its own problems.

    You are right about the so-called solutions. I experimented this one after I saw one poor slob reset his phone only for that dreaded pop-up to show up again. No way I’m doing a reset with 300 apps.

    Try it, can’t hurt. I also recommend downloading History Eraser to clean cache and crap and periodically going into your Browser (all of them), settings, private, and history and cleaning crap. Supposedly Android does this efficiently itself. Not believing that these apps do what they say they do.

  683. go to settings –> mobile networks (you may have to go to “More Networks” first depending on the phone –> Network Mode –> select GSM/UMTS for 3G only

  684. Thanks for ur response. .i called my phone carrier. They said it could just be showen they down a system update check.they said if it dont stop take it to my carrier store…frustrating. .u woukd think buying a new phone i shouldn’t have any problems. .

  685. I get that too. The first time I did the upgrade and my phone locked up. I did one of the recommended fixes online and it crashed. Had to do a factory default restart. Lost all data. So got it up and running and now I’m getting that same update recommendation again. I was turning my phone off and on too, but figured out that I can get rid of it temporarily by clicking on the multi media link and hitting close all or click on the X on the application. It is a bug and may have gotten onto my phone when I downloaded some other software. But it’s back now! And I’m trying to figure out how to get rid of it too without crashing my phone again. Samsung needs to figure this out! It’s happens to nearly every one of their phones as far as I can tell! I’m researching it now. Frustrating!

  686. Lollipop is the nickname for version 5 of the Android operating system. Every version gets a name and the next one will be Marshmallow.

  687. Ive only had my note 4 for a couple months.have had no problems till getting pop up messages almost everyday saying system update..wat is that? Ive even called my carrier and did wat they said.i hace to literally restart my phone to get it off..anyone else having that problem. .and this may be a dum question. .lol..but wat is lollipop? ??

  688. 08/17/15
    Don’t *EVEN* think of falling for one of those forum posts that claim to have “Finally!” found the answer to this “UNFORTUNATE-LY” mess! You’ll get there, & it’s full of, “Er, Try this”, or “Uh, try that”, or “Maybe this, then that . . . ” – WHATEVER!
    If they can’t even GUESS what’s causing this heinous hiccup – they don’t have 1 clue how to fix it, either – and will end up BRICKING your device in the meantime! DON’T Do It! /8^<

    H3LLS 83LL5 – Even GOOGLE doesn't know how to fix the, "UNFORTUNATELY. . . ." Error! It's been going on for 2+ years – Google it (Not Ironic) – Nobody knows how to fix this, and I'm convinced! If your error pop-up is remotely similar to mine, about 25-50 times a DAY, I get a Pop-Up warning box – that freezes the device-top completely, by the way – with a directive somewhat like this;
    "Unfortunately, the Google Process App, Google.process.gapp.Process has failed!
    Would you like to: WAIT CLOSE REPORT the error on this device?", (Click 1 Button)
    No option to jam it down someone's epiglottis, which would be my first choice about now.

    So, being a good Google Citizen, you click 'REPORT", which has a handily included system log – so all those BZ beavers at Google, in their cracker-jack Tech Dept jobs, can solve this vexing issue, post-haste, right?
    And, if you're really, REALLY unlucky, just about then – ANOTHER pop-up error happens even while you're reporting the first one, (of many), and so on, & so forth!

    But even after all efforts to aid and assist in cornering this vexing and persistant Google pop-up, will you hear back about any plan to plug this hole, in their own star app? Nope. Surely they have their best and brightest, toiling mightily, day in and day out, to skillfully, very soon, come up with a clue? "Ahhh, Nah."

    .Will you receive numerous, microscopic 'Updates' weekly, in attempts to 'shotgun' patch whatever might be quite erroneously mucking up the system – so repetitively, so predictably-(un)predictably, messing with your apps, so often, and so (un)expectedly – but so frequently, regularly, that it's, GOT TO BE THE WORST CODING ERROR OF ALL TIME?

    How could this be? That, on nothing less than their very own flagship 'Google Play App' which relies on this 'Process.gapps.Process' to run their App-of-all-Apps! It's the cornerstone of what they claim to be known for – "We Are Android Google Apps' – and yet they can't even find where this 'gapp' is messing up – on so MANY machines, so often (GRRRRRRRR), and for so LONG?! It surely is, "Unfortunate" that a Google-type Biz can't manage to find the fly in their own ointment, much less remove it, or even accurately address it!!

    "Was this 'Help Topic Helpful!" it chirps perkily at the end of yet another decidedly unhelpful 'explanation' in their wild 'Help' files. Not even! So you keep digging. And, G0d help you, GOOGLING for an answer, that 'Unfortunately' won't ever, if ever, appear to be helpful!

    Well, "Unfortunately", for you and me, and thousands of other ''s", we are doomed to click, and "Report", or 'WAIT' and tolerate, or hope and/or Pray that' this 'Unfortunate' problem will just disappear on it's own someday! But even Googles fondest fans have limits to their perseverence in tolerating a mostly unhealthy app that severely effects basic functionality of an OS's star app! And now it seems like we've all reached our personnel limits, and for Google, this could be most "Unfortunate."

  689. Im not a pro but id have to guess it sounds like you need a new Battery.
    Or it my have something to do with its Hibernation settings. Its worth a check.

  690. Ok so suddenly there is a new update for my phone. In the process of downloading so will see how this goes..just today.

  691. After finally finding out from the news about glitch able to make samsung devices easier to hack my note 3 is just acting outright wacky out the clear update as it says i’m up to date so i’m with a phone that flashes screen to screen till it cuts off..can’t enter password..once it works it flashes during a call and drops the call or you can’t enter numbers to finish a call or even put in voicemail password. Extremely frustrated.

  692. I have a samsung galaxy tab 3 7 inch (T210). The problem with the tab is that it often suddenly turns itself off while im using it. When I turn it on it does boot successfully but as soon as i unlock the touch screen it turns off again. This happens 4 to 5 times(turning on and off) after that the tab works fine. This usually happens when battery is below 80%. Other than this every thing works fine.
    One thing i forgot to mention that some times when it turns off and when i turn it on it the battery drops 20 to 30%. Its something like this tha if its 50% it drops to 20%.

  693. Samsungs5 won’t charge. A yellow triangle with exclamation shows up when charging. Pls advice. Ty!

  694. How do I disable the 4G and only use 3G? I dont need 4G. I live in the boonies, work from home and am there 85% of the time. I use my phone for calls and text. Any suggestions? I already went to Network mode and it did no good at all. Its still looking for 4G. I have a Galaxy s5 and Im with Verizon.

  695. I’ve been having problems with my note 2 where I think is something that could be irreversible, but I digress, I’ve had problems with the “software update unavailable due to modified device” but then I did a factory reset which was a horrible decision as now I not only have the problem above but also youtube videos pausing, some apps either glitch on the placement of your hands, to turning black every minute to even resetting each minute. I even tried most troubleshooting solutions on each one but doesnt work.

  696. hi guys, i have a four year old htc one x + which was working fine and all of a sudden i get no network/ no baseband error. I go in settings the Airplane mode is turning off but doesnt turn off. It doesnt show any Imei No/ Baseband No. Tried rooting/ unlocking bootloader, doesnt work. Any help would be aprreciated. Thanks!

  697. Thanks for the response. I am assuming you were referring me to the question in the article regarding email not syncing. The answer in the article said to make sure that auto sync was on. I’ve already done that and auto sync is on. Do you have any other solutions? Thanks.

  698. I am Husein from India. I have been using S3 and Grand since they are launched. They doesn’t hold charge and drains quickly.I hardly use my phones which have 2-3 apps downloaded in it. I have cleaned the charging port,formatted it,changed the battery and charger and the service centre people don’t have any answer to this. Please help. Thank you!

  699. My inbox on Samsung Galaxy 4s mini suddenly stopped downloading emails a week ago. Things I’ve done: Checked that sync was on, Auto sync is on, restarted multiple times, soft reset, deleting and re-adding account, restrict background data unchecked, I have not changed password recently, added email account on husbands phone and emails downloaded fine. Please tell me I have to don’t have to do a factory reset….

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