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By the way, did you know that by performing a soft reset on your phone, it may fix several of the common problems? Perhaps you should give it a shot.

If these steps do not help, feel free to continue with the Android Issues Questionnaire below. We promise we read through each and every question, and we will do our best to get back to you to help you with your problems.

Quick Tips That May Solve Your Android Problems

  • To Perform a Soft Reset, simply remove your battery for at least 10 seconds to allow the system to drain out any excess power.  Once you re-install the battery and power up the device, you just might have a working device.

  To be more specific:

  1. Turn the device over so that the battery cover is facing up.
  2. The battery compartment release is located on the back of the device.
  3. To remove the battery cover, lift the battery cover from the release slot.
  4. Remove the battery, then wait 10 seconds before inserting the battery again.
  • It is also important to maintain your phone at an optimal level.  Did you know that once you open an app, that app will run in the background until you end the process manually?  Too many apps running in the background will drain the memory allocated to the apps you need.  To maintain your phone, you should occasionally stop the apps running in the background that you are no longer using.  A simple app to close all the unused app is called “Advanced Task Killer”, which you can download for free in the Android Play store.

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If the soft reset does not fix your issue, contact us with your problem using the questionnaire form below.