How To Fix Samsung Washer Not Turning On

Samsung washers are considered to be one of the best washers available in the market today. Not only are its manuals and operation user friendly, Samsung washers are cost efficient and energy efficient as well. There are different variety and models of a Samsung washer, mostly having the same functions with a little few adjustments with the features. However, just like with any machine there are instances when issues can occur on washer such as it does not turn on. In today’s troubleshooting guide, let us go through the different ways that you can fix Samsung washer won’t turn on issue.

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Samsung Washer Not Turning On

Samsung is a popular brand in the consumer and electronics industry. The company is popular for its appliances, digital media, memory chips and a lot more. In fact, Samsung is one of the most well known names when it comes to technological advancements. Samsung has been around in like forever and still long lasting up to present.

There are possible reasons why your samsung washing machine is not turning on such as door lock issues, problem with the thermal fuse and or its line fuse. Today, we wll talk about solutions to fix Samsung washer not turning on.

Check the Start Button

Solution 1: Check the Start Button

The very first thing that you need to do in this case is to check whether the start/stop button is properly working. Most of the time, a malfunctioned start/stop button is the culprit for these particular issue on Samsung washing machine . Therefore, check first if the buttons are working.

If the start/stop button is not working, there are two possible reasons for this:

Jammed Button

It start/stop button was pressed continously, the button could sometimes jammed. If this happens, codes will most likely to appear. Error Codes such as E2, bE1 or bE2 will be displayed on the main control board. Try to fix a jammed start/stop button by pressing the power ON/OFF button, most of the time doing this can fix the start button jammed.

Child Lock activated

This is a great feature on most Samsung washers. It works by locking the buttons of the washer so that the cycle or settings cannot be changed. When the child lock function is activated, all the buttons located at the control panel of the washer will be locked, except for the power ON/OFF button.

You will know if the child lock function is activated if you see a child’s face on the display board. If that’s the case, you may need to deactivate the function and then check if Samsung washer is still not turning on.

Check door lock

Solution 2: Check Door Lock

The Door lock secures the door of the washer during the operation process. If the door lock is closed, the washing process can now begin. If washer door shut is not properly done or latched shut, it will not proceed with the operation. Also, if the door lock on the washer is defective, it will not start.

The door lock of a Samsung washer can fail either electrically or mechanically. You can simply start by inspecting the door lock for signs of damage. If it is indeed damaged, have the door lock replace by an authorized technician.

But, if the door lock does not seem to have issues, its now best to check for electrical problems. To do this, simply use a multitester to test each of the switches of the door locks. If it so happen that one or both of the switches is damaged or defective, replace the switch.

However, if after checking for electronic and mechanical problem but it is not causing the problem try this very simple solutions instead. Gently clean the contact points of each door lock switches with rubbing alcohol and cotton swab. Dirt and dust can sometimes lodged into the contact points and prevents the door lock to latch properly.

Check the timer 1

Solution 3: Check the Timer

Although the timer rarely cause an issue with the washing machine, but there are also instances when the timer fails thereby causing power problems with your washer. Check the machine for commonly defective parts.

If the timer happens to be the culprit, consult with the washer’s wiring diagram and then use a multimeter to test the timer’s continuity.

Solution 4: Check the Thermal fuse

If the Samsung washing machine overheats, thermal fuse blows. and when a fuse blows, the washing machine will not start. To check if thermal fuse has blown, simply use a multimeter to test it for its continuity. An indication that thermal fuse has blown if the need on the multimeter is not moving. If this is the case, you may need to replace the thermal fuse of your samsung washing machine.

It is difficult to replace the thermal fuse on your own, therefore you may need to have a professional technician to do it for you.

After replacing the blown thermal fuse, it is still best to check what might have been the cause for the overheating thus causing thermal fuse to blow. Otherwise, blown thermal fuse can occur again if the underlying cause is not dealt with.

Solution 5: Check the Line Fuse

If the circuits of the washing machine overloaded, line fuse blows. The line fuse is usually located at the logic board of most samsung washing machines, though it varies with the model. When you open the back portion of the washing machine. If the line fuse is blown, the washing machine will not start.

To check if the line fuse is causing the issue of washing machine to not start, use a multimeter to check for its continuity. If the line fuse was indeed blown, you may need to replace it.

Similar to a blown thermal fuse, after replacing the line fuse, continue to check whether there are other reason for a blown line fuse to address it accordingly and not to experience a blown line fuse in the future.

Check Control Panel and Display board

Solution 6: Check Control Panel and Display board

Another possible reason for your washing machine to not turn on if you are having problems with its control panel or display board. The control panel and display board is where all the controls and buttons of your washing machine is located.

To check if the control board is the culprit of the problem, try pressing the different buttons and controls on the control board. All the buttons should work, if at least one button is not working or functioning unfortunately the control board needs to be replace.

There are also instances when the cause of the problem is with the display board and not on its control board, that is why before you replace the board make sure to check both the control panel and the display board first.

Solution 7: Check Power Cord and Main Control Board

Defective power cord can also be the reason for the washing machine to not turn on especially if the electrical outlet it working and yet the washer will not start. Here, check the power cord using a multimeter to check for its continuity. If needed, replace the power cord.

Meanwhile, you can also check the main control board of your samsung washing machine. Although, rare cases has been reported wherein the main control board is causing issues. But it does not mean it will not happen. Check the main control board also for possibility to cause this problem.

Kinked water hose

Solution 8: Check for a Kinked water hose

If the water hose is kinked, the water will not drain to your washer . If that happens, it is possible to cause the problem of your samsung washer not turning on.

When drain hose fails to drain water, the operation process will be longer than it normally is. Make sure to check the water hose for kinks and or water leakage.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What to do if Samsung washing machine wont turn on?

    The very first thing that you need to do is your Samsung washer won’t turn on is to perform the power cycle. You can do this by simply unplugging the power cord or turn the circuit breaker off. After a few minutes (about 5 minutes), plug the power cord back again and then try to turn on the washer if the problem persists.

  2. How to run a diagnostic test on Samsung washer?

    Most Samsung washer models are designed with a Smart Check Function. Although the function may vary with the model of the washer. Download the Samsung Washer app on your smartphones and follow the steps below:

    1. Press and hold the Rinse Times and Spin Time button for about 3 seconds. The washer will automatically perform a self diagnosis. Wait for it to displace the error code, if there is any.

    2. Launch the Samsung washer application and then tap on the Smart Check tab. Make sure phone is facing the machine and is near the washer’s display board. The application will automatically detect the error code shown on the display board.

    3. The application will give details of the problem and possible solutions to fix it.

  3. How long will a washing machine last?

    A washing machine usually lasts 10 years. In fact, most brands of washing machines usually have a 10-year warranty on the motor parts.

Final Thoughts

Samsung washing machines can cause issues but not to worry as most of the issues and malfunction can be easily be fix. The solutions mentioned in this post are the most common solutions to problem with samsung washing machine not turning on.

If after performing the solutions above and yet not turning on problem still persists, its probably best to contact your nearest Samsung service center to have your machine checked by an authorized technician. And, samsung also has warranty that can be used to fix your machine without shedding out from your pocket.

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