How To Fix Samsung Washer nF Code

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Samsung washers are very well-known in most households, but sad to say, they often experience glitches while using them. One of the common issues being encountered in a Samsung washing machine is the  4C or NF error code. 

The washer NF error code is an indication that the appliance is unable to fill with water.  NF stands for “no fill” to indicate that the machine cannot be safely filled up with water. This will usually display on your Samsung washer if it has spent a total of 15 or more minutes trying to fill itself up without success.

If you are getting a washer NF code on your Samsung washer, check out some quick repairs about the issue below. 

Fix Samsung Washer nF Code

Switch Off Your Samsung Washer

The first thing to do if you NF error code on your washer is to turn it off. Samsung washers are known to show glitches even if they are functioning well. To rule this out, switch off the device and turn it back on. You may try to unplug it from the power outlet then plug it back in. 

Check Inlet Hoses & Screens

If your Samsung front load washer still shows nF code and won’t fill, make sure the faucet at the water supply end of the hose is turned on. Confirm your water supply is properly connected and the water inlet valve is open for both your cold and hot water lines.

Also ensure that the lines themselves aren’t kinked or pinched. Make sure they are not swapped and you may also need to clean the inlet filters. If there is a kink or crimp in the fill hoses, take off the clothing basket and inspect them carefully. 

To check it properly, close the water supply faucet and unthread the hoses from the spigot while making sure you grab all of them, including any screens. Check each hose and screen for dirt or wear and if you see any damages, they need to be replaced. Thread the hoses back into the spigot and check if the nF error code still shows on the Samsung washer. 

Check the Water Inlet Valve

A faulty water inlet valve may contribute to the nF error code showing on your Samsung washer. Before you check the water inlet valve, unplug the washer from the power source. Then use a multimeter to test the solenoids with continuity.

If the testing fails, you may need to buy a whole new valve as it is not possible to buy only the water inlet valve solenoids. If the continuity test passes and there’s still nF error code on your washer, it needs to be inspected by an authorized Samsung technician. 

Check If The Lid Switch Is Faulty

To verify if the Lid switch is working properly, unplug the washing machine and remove the lid.  Turn the screw on top of the lid switch counter-clockwise using a screwdriver and lift up the lid switch. Perform a continuity test at the wire connected to the switch to verify if there is an electrical flow on it and see if you have a faulty lid switch. 

If there is no electrical or power supply from the washer switch to the water inlet valve, it needs to be replaced to fix the Samsung washer nF code error. If there is an electrical flow but the inlet valve is not working, then the timer needs to be replaced. 

Test The Selector Switch & Water Temperature Switch

Some Samsung washer models, like the Samsung front load washer, offer different washing cycles to cater your washing needs. To select the temperature for the water of the wash and rinse cycles, the selector switch will send a signal to the water inlet valve to open the hot and cold water inlets water supply to fill the machine.

The washer temperature selector switch won’t work if the water inlet valve’s solenoids are not powered. To test if they are working properly, perform a continuity test. Unplug your washer, and find the terminals on the selector switch that power the water inlet valve. Using a multimeter, check if it fails the continuity test. If so, replace it with a new one.

Check If Water Level Pressure Switch Is Faulty

A faulty water level pressure switch will not allow the water supply to go into the washer and fill it in. A malfunctioning pressure switch will not send a signal to open the valve. This could also lead to improperly cleaned clothes as the  machine remains dry during a wash cycle. 

To check this out, unplug the washer and look for the water level pressure switch behind the control panel. It should be connected to an air dome tube running down to the tub. Use a multimeter to perform a continuity test. If the water pressure switch fails, it needs to be replaced  with a new one.

Confirm If Timer & Electronic Control Are Working

If you still have the nF error code on your washer, check for continuity between the timer and electronic control. Just unplug the washer and look for the wires that control the water inlet valve. Locate the terminals on your timer that correspond to those wires and use your multimeter to check on them. 

A working timer should send a signal to the water supply and open the water inlet valve. If the washer is still not filling with water and the nF error code still shows, then it is time to contact Samsung support. 


  1. What Are The Possible Causes Of nF Error Code?

    There are many reasons why some Samsung washer models, such as the Samsung front loader washer, will not be able to fill in water and shows nF code. Aside from damaged hoses, faulty controls and switches, frozen water supply lines could also be one of the reasons. This could happen during winter seasons.

    If you are experiencing this issue in an area with very low temperature, make sure that the water supply valves and lines are not frozen to allow a proper water flow. 

  2. What Does Your Code Mean on Samsung Washers?

    A Samsung washer may display a code once it encounters an error. To verify what kind of problems your washer is experiencing, check the code and look for the information as each code indicates a different issue with your appliance. Use the user’s manual guide for the definition of the code and possible fixes. 

  3. How Do I Reset My Samsung Washer Code?

    Performing a reset on the Samsung washing machine is not yet possible. The best way to do if your washer displays an error code is to unplug it for about 1 to 5 minutes and wait for the electrical charge to clear out of the washer then plug it back in.

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