How To Fix Poco M3 Pro Can’t Update Apps

Do you have a Poco M3 Pro that can’t update apps? If so, worry no more as we have collected solutions that can potentially fix this issue. Read further.

There are so many reasons why you need to keep your phone’s apps updated. Just like your smartphone, updates are important to improve the app’s performance and to keep them from being sluggish. Thus, making the end-users have an amazing experience. 

But what happens if you can’t update apps on your device? Surely, these built-in and third-party apps you have downloaded from Google store will start to act up, keep crashing, and even trigger your phone to slow down its performance. And to avoid all these, we have summed up the possible solutions to fix Poco M3 Pro that can’t update apps. 

Apps updates require a stable internet connection and pretty much, an update won’t be successful if the phone is connected to a weak wireless network. We also don’t recommend using your mobile data when doing the update to avoid interruption. If you have verified that the problem is not with the internet connection, correct this issue by performing the troubleshooting tips we have mapped out below. Continue reading.

How To Fix Poco M3 Pro Can’t Update Apps

  1. Check and free-up your phone’s memory storage. Head to Settings > About Phone > Storage. If your phone storage is running low, tap the Clear or Free app space option. Apps updates need ample phone storage. If the phone is running out of memory, delete unwanted files, and do the update again.

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  1. Force Stop Google Play Store and clear its Cache and Data. This should clear Play Store’s cache and data that might have caused the app’s updates issue to emerge. Go to Settings > Apps > Manage Apps > Google Play Store > Force Stop / Clear Data.
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  1. Delete your Google Account and add it again. This can still be done from Settings > Accounts. Then look for your Google account and select the option to Remove Account.
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Once you have successfully deleted your Google account. Reboot your phone. Then add your Google account again.

  1. Factory Reset your device. This is deemed to be your last resort if the above-mentioned tweaks unsuccessfully fix the issue. Should you wish to continue, backup your important files as factory reset causes a complete data loss.
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Factory reset can either be done from your phone settings menu or pressing the Volume Up and Power button. If you opt pressing the button-combination, release the buttons once prompted with the menu options. Then select the Wipe Data option.

Once the problem is fixed, you will surely have peace of mind as the updates improve your phone’s security. Your personal information can no longer be easily hacked. The updates also provide bug fixes and should address the issues you are having with the respective apps. Phone issues should seldom occur due to out-dated apps running in your phone’s system. Lastly, you will enjoy the new features these updates offer. 

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I hope that we are able to help you fix your Poco M3 Pro phone that is unable to update apps. If you think this information is relevant, feel free to share this post. 

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