How To Fix Poco M3 Pro Can’t Connect To Bluetooth

Poco M3 Pro is a smartphone that is equipped with dynamic features such as Bluetooth. This feature allows the phone to exchange data with other bluetooth-enabled devices. However, its performance and functionality can be affected negatively when wrecked by a random software bug. When it happens, your phone can no longer transfer and receive data from and to other devices.

Before you start troubleshooting your smartphone, it is recommended to verify if the underlying cause is indeed a software bug. Being said, you need to check the following listed below:

  • When trying to connect to a compatible Bluetooth device, make sure that your Poco phone is not in a secluded area and/or is in a discoverable mode.
  • When pairing, avoid doing it around other bluetooth-enabled devices as this can hinder the other device to search for your Xiaomi Poco M3 Pro or vice-versa.
  • Check if the phone is not on Power Saving Mode or Battery Saver Mode. If so, disable this feature.
  • Lastly, make sure your phone is near the other Bluetooth device you are trying to pair to to avoid having limited connectivity.

If all these are met and still you are unable to connect to Bluetooth, then it is confirmed that you are dealing with software glitches. 

In this post, we will show you simple yet essential fixes that you can refer to if your Poco M3 Pro can’t connect to Bluetooth due to random software glitches. Read further and be able to eliminate random bugs that prevented the phone from connecting to other Bluetooth devices.

How To Fix Poco M3 Pro Can’t Connect To Bluetooth

  1. Reboot your phone. Press and hold the Volume Down and Power button, then release when the menu option appears. Then tap Reboot. The problem can be due to cached files stored in your phone’s memory. To eliminate these and refresh your phone’s system, simply restart your Poco MP3 Pro phone. Might as well do the same to the Bluetooth device you are trying to connect to. Don’t forget to check if the problem is gone after restarting both devices.
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  1. Reset Bluetooth on Poco M3 Pro. If the first possible solution fails to fix the Bluetooth connectivity issue, go to your phone’s settings menu and reset Bluetooth. Head to Settings > Connection & sharing > Reset Wi-Fi, Mobile Networks, & Bluetooth > Bluetooth. Then follow the onscreen prompts to confirm.
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  1. Update Software. Your Poco phone might be running on an out-dated software version. Thus, affecting the phone’s Bluetooth feature and its overall performance. To correct this, do a software update. Prior to downloading and installing the latest software version, make sure you have sufficient battery life, enough memory space, and a stable Wi-Fi connection. Then update your phone’s software by going to Settings > About phone > MIUI version. Wait for the phone to check for an available system update. Follow the onscreen prompt to download and install the latest software version.
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Doing either of these troubleshooting tweaks should be able to fix your phone’s Bluetooth connectivity problem.

In case the problem continues, you may restore the phone to factory default settings. This is to eliminate tough bugs that is affecting the phone’s Bluetooth and halt the feature to function or work as intended. Note that a factory reset will delete everything you saved in your phone’s memory. Should you wish to opt to this solution, make sure to back up all your important files with your Google account.

But if you don’t want to take a risk on losing important files or you don’t simply want to try this tweak, might as well check the state of the Bluetooth device you’re pairing with. This is to ensure that the device is compatible with your phone. If needed, do the necessary troubleshooting tweaks on the Bluetooth device and try pairing again. If the problem persists, check if you are able to connect to another Bluetooth-enabled device. If not, you need to contact your phone provider for further assistance and recommendation.

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I hope we are able to help you fix your phone’s Bluetooth connectivity issue. If you know someone who also has a Poco M3 Pro that can’t connect to Bluetooth, feel free to share this post. You can also show us your support by subscribing to our YouTube channel. We regularly post video tutorials and troubleshooting guides for smartphones. Enjoy watching!

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