How To Fix NFS Unbound Error Code FTJR2008 [Updated 2023]

The latest iteration of the Need For Speed franchise, the NFS Unbound is finally here. And while the game is largely stable for most players, some are experiencing a weird error, the NFS Unbound FTJR2008, whenever they try to play the online Mode. 

If you’re one of these unlucky players, this guide is for you.

What does NFS Unbound FTJR2008 error mean?

The full error message reads: “Error Syncing System Error code FTJR2008”. This error indicates that the game client is having trouble syncing the game files to the cloud and effectively prevents players from playing NFS Unbound online multiplayer.

How to fix NFS Unbound error code FTJR2008?

If you’re unable to play an online multiplayer game in Need For Speed Unbound due to “Error Syncing System Error code FTJR2008,” these are the solutions that you must do:

NFS Unbound Error Code FTJR2008

Fix #1: Restart the game.

Make sure to close and restart the Need For Speed Unbound game first. I encountered this error while in the middle of an online match and a quick restart of the game client fixed it for me. While I was one of the fortunate players to quickly dealt with the issue, I think that this bug can return if the cause of the problem is triggered by something else entirely. 

I was playing NFS Unbound on PC so all I did was to close the game using the Task Manager. 

If you’re playing on a console, you may have need to restart the device itself to completely refresh the game.

Fix #2: Check for updates.

Some players managed to fix the issue by updating their Need For Speed Unbound game. If you continue to get the NFS Unbound error FTJR2008 after restarting the game or device, be sure to check for game updates before launching it again.

Fix #3: Verify server status.

For many people, the main reason for the Need For Speed Unbound FTJR2008 error is something that’s outside their control as it’s coming from the server side of things. 

That said, you want to make sure that you check if the NFS Unbound servers are working at this time. 

How to check if NFS Unbound servers are down?

The Need For Speed Unbound servers can go offline for a number of reasons. Sometimes, servers are taken offline intentionally by the developers to conduct maintenance. At other times, offline servers are the direct result of an unexpected technical glitch.

NFS Twitter

To check the status of the Need For Speed Lakeshore Online Server, you must go to the official Twitter account of the Need For Speed franchise. Another way to check is by following the official EA Help Twitter feed.

If you’re getting the NFS Unbound FTJR2008 error on PlayStation or Xbox console, you must visit your respective website:

Fix #4: Re-sync the game files.

On player from EA Help forum, Tokszyq, has shared that he was able to fix this Need For Speed Unbound error by resyncing the game files manually. Given that the error message mentions something about synchronization error, this solution makes sense. 

Here’s what you must do:

  1. Open the NFS Unbound folder where save file is located. The default path is C:\Users\YourUserName\Documents\Need For Speed(TM) Unbound\SaveGame\.
  2. Make a copy of the Savegame folder and keep it somewhere where you can easily remember like your Desktop.
  3. Once you’ve created a copy of the Savegame folder, delete the original one.
  4. Afterwards, play NFS Unbound game to force it to create a new save game.
  5. Close the game.
  6. Go back to C:\Users\YourUserName\Documents\Need For Speed(TM) Unbound\SaveGame\ and make sure to replace the new save file with the old one from the original folder you saved earlier. The name of the file should be 1.
  7. Play NFS Unbound again and check if the Need For Speed Unbound online multiplayer is now working.


  1. What does the NFS Unbound error code FTJR2008 mean?

    The Need For Speed Unbound error code FTJR2008 is usually an indicator that the game client has not properly synced the game files to the game’s cloud save files. It can be triggered by a number of factors and troubleshooting it requires a few steps.

  2. How do I fix the NFS Unbound error code FTJR2008?

    For most people, fixing the NFS Unbound error code FTJR2008 is as simple as updating the game. Others require some tweaking of their game save files. 
    Check out the solutions above on what else are needed to be done if these two fail.

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