How to fix Google Pixel 2 that won’t boot up or stuck in Google loading screen

There are millions of #GooglePixel2 in circulation currently so it’s not a surprise that many users may also report to us problems about their device not working properly. In today’s Pixel 2 troubleshooting article, we address some pretty common problems for this device. If you have a Google Pixel 2 that won’t turn or, boot up, or stuck in Google loading page, this brief article may point you to the right direction.

We have an updated troubleshooting guide if your Google Pixel phone is stuck on “Pixel is Starting” or boot screen error.

Problem #1: How to fix Google Pixel 2 that won’t boot up or stuck in Google loading screen

So this morning my phone went black and then the screen came up as the google loading screen. It stayed on that screen for hours. Then my phone died. I put it on a charger for three hours and turned it on. It went back to the google loading screen and stayed that way. I then did the holding down of the volume button and the pressing of the power button and then chose the power down option instead of the reboot option because I had read somewhere online that it is a work around to getting the phone back up. Well now my phone will not boot up. It keeps showing the charging battery on the black screen that shows up when you battery is really low and you have just plugged it in. I cannot get past this and Google pixel help was of no help to me. Thoughts?

Solution: A Google Pixel device may fail to boot up for a number of reasons. Unfortunately, we can’t tell you exactly what may be the exact reason for your particular case. If force reboot has been tried and did not make any difference at all, then the next troubleshooting that you can try is to restore your Pixel’s factory image or software environment. This may or may not work in your case but it’s worth giving a try. If you are unable to restore the device to its factory defaults, then you need to contact Google so they can repair or replace the phone.

For official steps on how to return your Pixel’s software to factory defaults, follow this link below:

Factory Images for Nexus and Pixel Devices.

Problem #2: How to recover data from a Google Pixel 2 that won’t boot up

Hi Droidguy(s). I want to be able to retrieve notes from a non-Evernote note App that are not located on the micro SD. Is there any chance that may still happen? To make it more of a head-scratcher for you: I can’t access neither Recovery mode with the ‘start-home-volume up/down’ button holds. The screen will just flash an error warning for maybe 1 second that reads ‘failed to mount system’ and much more that there is no time for to read. I couldn’t find a picture of the exact same error code which doesn’t seem to bode well. The only other thing it will show is this warning: Nothing happens with the ‘hold the home button for 5 seconds’ tip either. Support was as useful as a decorative vase. I can kiss my notes (and my phone) good-bye, can’t I?

I would still value your opinion. Alternatively, can you judge if a professional data recovery lab could even do anything for me? Your time, dedication and digital tinkering is much appreciated! E:failed to mount.

Solution: Access to your device’s internal memory is only possible if these three basic things are true:

  • touchscreen is working normally (so you can input commands)
  • operating system is not corrupted/ working normally
  • memory is not malfunctioning or damaged

Given that your device no longer boots up normally, it’s virtually impossible to retrieve your data at all. ‘failed to mount system’ error  can be an indication of a failing or malfunctioning flash memory. It can also be an indication that the memory has been corrupted, or its partitions are no longer working as expected. Any of these situations spell trouble and can mean that your data are good as gone.

We’ re not data recovery experts so we can’t say with certainty if all hope is lost at this point. From some basic perspectives though, once a phone won’t boot up at all, data recovery is almost always an impossible task. If money is not an issue and those data are very important, then we suggest that you let a data recovery professional take a look so an in-depth examination can be performed. Only after a thorough examination of the device can one say with enough certainty if there’s a chance that your files can be extracted.

Problem #3: Google Pixel 2 screen stops working after accidental drop

Pixel 2 suddenly went dim after a very short fall (approximately 1 foot) while in a case. It was onto a slightly padded chair so I didn’t think anything of it. The screen now won’t return to full brightness, the resolution is very poor, and the screen trails when dragging. It looks as if the screen is at 25%, the colors are dull, and contrast is at 0%. Tried a soft reset, run the battery completely dead and recharge, and factory reset. Not sure if it was dumb luck, but factory reset got it back to normal for a day and then the issue started again. This is the 2nd Pixel I’ve bought in 6 months. Are they garbage? Any help would with the screen would be greatly appreciated. 

Solution: If the screen issues you’re reporting only started after that dropping incident, then there’s really no point for you asking if Pixel devices are garbage. Electronic devices, however manufacturers market them to be durable enough, can easily break. Protective cases only offer minimum protection and are useless in preventing damage from drops. Stop wasting your time looking for ways to fix the screen issues on your level (unless you know how to diagnose hardware issues on this phone or replace the screen assembly yourself. Instead, we recommend that you let a professional check the hardware so it can be examined and repaired.

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