How To Fix Bose Sport Earbuds Touch Control Not Working

Bose Sport Earbuds has a unique feature to access its functions and that is the use of touch interface instead of a button. It basically means that the outer surface of the ear buds works more like a touch pad. Each earbud has its own touch functions. Although touch controls on Bose Sport earbuds is a solid feature, there are instances where users experienced wherein touch control is not working. In here, we will talk about the recommended solutions on how to fix Bose Sport Earbuds Touch Control Not functioning problem.

What to do if Touch Control is not working on Bose Sport Earbuds

There are several factors that can cause touch control to not work on Bose Sport earbuds ranging from incorrect use of touch control, earbuds not within Bluetooth range, to an outdated firmware.

Bose Sport Earbuds specification details:

  • Dimensions: 0.74″ H x 1.05″ W x 0.83″ D (Earbuds) ; 1.18″ H x 3.6″ W x 1.63″ D (charging case)
  • Weight: 0.24 oz each earbuds
  • USB cable length: 12 inches
  • Materials: Plastic (earbuds); Silicone (Ear tips) 3 sizes included; Hard Plastic (Charging case)
  • Battery life: up to 5 hours per charge
  • Battery charge time: 2 hours (Earbuds); 3 hours (Charging case); 15-minutes (2 hours quick charge time)
  • Charge Method: USB-c
  • Battery type: Lithium ion (coin cell enclosed in metal for earbuds) ; Lithium ion (pouch cell for charging case)
  • Bluetooth range: 30 feet (9 meters) version 5.1
  • Wireless: YES
  • Sweat and weather Resistant: YES IPX 4 rated
  • Bose Music App: YES
  • Colors available: Blue, White, Black

If Bose Sport earbuds does not respond to touch when trying to control it, try the following solutions below to fix it:

Solution 1: Know the functions of touch control on earbuds

Touch Control can be found the earbuds outer surface of Bose sport earbuds. Each earbuds (Right or left) has a specific functions when touch control is used on the outer surface. These functions are as follows:

Right (R) earbud :

  • Volume control: swipe up (Increase volume) and swipe down (decrease volume)
  • Play/Pause music: double tap
  • Answer calls: Double tap
  • Decline a call: touch and hold surface
  • Start Mobile device voice control: touch and hold outer surface, release when a tone is heard then state your request.
  • End Mobile device voice control: Double tap

Left (L) Earbud :

  • Shortcut function (check battery level): double tap

Solution 2: Make sure fingers are in good contact with the touch control

Since the fingerprints will be used to control touch controls on Bose sport earbuds, here are a few important reminders:

  1. Make sure finger are dry- when accessing touch surface on Bose sport earbuds, make sure that fingers are dry. Touch control does not work with moist fingers.
  2. Make sure wet hair does not interfere or strands does not come in contact with touch surface.
  3. Touch control surface will not work when you are using gloves. Make sure to remove the gloves so that you will be able to use fingers to touch the control surface.

Solution 3: Check for and install available updates

Outdated versions of Bose sport earbuds can cause minor issues such as touch control not working. Make sure to check for and install updates once in a while. Updating Bose sport earbuds ensures that it has the latest features and product enhancements.

To do this, download Bose Updater that can be found on Bose website. Select the country and region of your location, download and install and then follow the onscreen instructions on how to check for and install available updates of Bose Sport earbuds.

Once earbuds firmware is up to date, use touch control again and then check if issue still occurs.

Solution 4: Make sure Bose sport earbuds and mobile device are within range

Since most of the functions of Touch control requires being paired to a Bluetooth enabled device, make sure that earbuds and device is within the recommended Bluetooth range which is at least 30 feet or 9 meters. If distance between earbuds and device is beyond the recommended, move both of them closer to each to prevent interruption of Bluetooth connection.

Solution 5: Reset Bose sport earbuds

If the solutions mentioned above did not fix not turning on issue with Bose sport earbuds, you may need to reset the product. This is done to correct and fix minor issues that can cause not turning on problem.

To reset:

  1. Connect charging case to power source
  2. Put earbuds inside charging case
  3. Close charging case then open it again after 5 seconds.
  4. While earbuds are inside charging case, press and hold Bluetooth button for about 30 seconds. LED lights will first blink, then glow a solid white light then blinks blue.
  5. On the Bluetooth device it was previously connected to, go to its Bluetooth settings. Located Bose sport earbuds name and then tap on Remove or Forget product option.
  6. Reconnect Bose sport earbuds again to the Bluetooth device.

After Bose sport earbuds has been reset, use touch control again and then check if issue still occurs.

Hope this article helps fix Bose Sport Earbuds Touch control does not work problem. For more troubleshooting videos, visit our TheDroidGuy Youtube Channel

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