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Thinking of a way to keep your Nintendo account more secure? The best way to do that is to use 2-Step Verification on your Nintendo Switch account. A few months ago, Nintendo disclosed that several thousands of Switch accounts were compromised, with hackers carting away passwords. The hacking attempts apparently targeted the Nintendo Network ID or NNID, which is a set of username and password for a Nintendo account.

In this brief guide, we’ll show you the steps on how to use 2-Step Verification.

Things you need to set up Nintendo account 2-Step Verification

In order to keep your Nintendo account secure, you need to set up 2-Step Verification. This is an additional layer of security for your account and is effective counter to hacking attempts and unauthorized use. 

Once 2-Step Verification has been completed on your account, you will have to log in to it using both your password and verification code that Google Authenticator app will give you.

Below are the stuff that you need in order to do this:

  • Nintendo account
  • internet connection
  • smartphone or computer
  • active email address

You’re going to need a second device like a smartphone in order to install an authenticator app and to check your email address for the verification code.

To download the Google Authenticator app on your smartphone, click on any of the links below:

How to secure your Nintendo account using 2-Step Verification

Estimate Cost : 0

Time Needed : 4 minutes

If you’re ready to secure your Nintendo account, follow these steps to enable the 2-Step Verification:

  1. Using your smartphone or computer, go to the Nintendo website.

    Sign in to your account.nintendo account login

  2. Select Sign-in and security settings.

    sign in and secuityIt’s the second option from the top.

  3. Scroll down to 2-Step Verification and click Edit.

    2 step verification settings 1You might have to scroll all the way down for it.

  4. Click 2-Step Verification setup button.

    2 step verification setup buttonThis will change your account’s security settings.

  5. Check your email (see if it’s correct) and click Submit button.

    An email with a verification code will be sent by Nintendo to your email address. If the email address is incorrect, click the Email address menu setting under User Info to change it.send email

  6. Check your email and enter the verification code, then Submit.

    enter verification code 2You might have to wait for the code for a few minutes before it arrives.

  7. Install the Google Authenticator app on your smart device.

    Authenticator appYou can download it from the Play Store or App Store.

  8. On your smartphone, open the Google Authenticator app to scan the QR code displayed on your Nintendo Account screen.

    Make sure the camera lens on your phone is clear enough. unnamed

  9. Enter the verification code into the field under step 3 on the Nintendo Account screen, then click Submit.

    A 6-digit verification code will appear on your smart device.unnamed 1

  10. A list of backup codes will appear. Click Copy to copy all the codes, then paste them somewhere safe.

    A backup code will be required to log in if you don’t have access to the Google Authenticator app. MAKE SURE TO KEEP THESE SOMEWHERE SAFE.You can use these (one time each) if you do not have access to the Google Authenticator app. verification code backups

  11. Click I have saved the backup codes, then OK.

    i have saved backup codesThen you’re good to go!

  • smartphone
  • Nintendo Switch

Once 2-Step Verification has been enabled, you can return to the 2-step verification settings section to review the backup codes and remove the 2-step restriction.

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