How to Enable Power Saving Mode on Samsung Galaxy A20

Always running out of power on your A20 smartphone? Learn how you can enable power saving mode on Samsung Galaxy A20 if you read this article until the end. 

Power consumption and battery life has always been a factor when it comes to smartphones. Getting the phone on standby mode will still consume some battery juice. Even with those devices that come with higher battery capacity, battery drain is always an issue. 

The Samsung Galaxy A20 comes with 4000mAh battery capacity and should provide up to a whole of usage, given that you are using it on a normal basis. When we say normal, you might just open some few social media apps or use WiFi and cellular data normally. That would not include heavy gaming, as it will consume more battery life on the smartphone. 

Since there are occasions where your A20 phone might consume battery percentage faster, enabling the power saving mode might help in addressing the issue. Doing so will extend the battery life on your phone and might be beneficial, especially if you are travelling and you don’t have a power bank with you. 

Let us check on how you can enable power saving mode on Samsung Galaxy A20. I have provided the easy-to-follow steps below. 


  1. Access Settings from your Home Screen. You can swipe up to access the App drawer screen.
  1. Scroll to and select Device Care. 
  1. Tap on Battery. 
  1. Tap on Power Mode. 
  1. Select your desired power saving option. If your battery is critically low, it is advisable to select Maximum Power Saving. Medium Power Saving is recommended to save extra battery juice while you are not using the device. 
  1. If you want to access this option quickly, simply type Power Saving at the search bar once you open Settings app. You can also enable the adaptive power saving option so that your device will automatically enable power saving mode to save more battery power while it is not being used. 

It is also important to note that enabling the power saving options will limit the CPU performance on your Galaxy A20. This may result in a slower response or lags while using the device.

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