How to Enable Power Saving Mode on Samsung Galaxy A10

Low in power and need to enable power saving mode on Samsung Galaxy A10? Are you travelling and want to save some battery juice on your Galaxy A10 smartphone? Can’t find a power source yet? Learn how to activate this feature on your device by following the steps below. 

Entering a power saving mode on your smartphone allows the device to rest as it limits background syncing and other functions are temporarily suspended. This is a very essential feature on devices like the Samsung Galaxy A10, especially if you are not using the device and you don’t want the battery to drain quickly. 

If you enable power saving mode on your Galaxy A10, remember that it will limit the CPU’s speed and would equate in poor performance. It may also hinder notifications, such as email, from showing on your phone’s screen as it will only run essential functions like calling and texting. 


  1. Access Settings from your Home Screen. You can swipe up to access the App drawer screen.
  1. Scroll to and select Device Care. 
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  1. Tap on Battery. 
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  1. Tap on Power Mode. 
  1. Select your desired power saving option. If your battery is critically low, it is advisable to select Maximum Power Saving. Medium Power Saving is recommended to save extra battery juice while you are not using the device. 
  1. If you want to access this option quickly, simply type Power Saving at the search bar once you open Settings app. You can also enable the adaptive power saving option so that your device will automatically enable power saving mode to save more battery power while it is not being used. 

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