How To Delete Match Account

Learn how to delete Match account by reading this post.

Match account is one of the known dating sites designed for individuals who are looking for new friends or even a lifetime partner. This social media account requires users to provide personal information such as home town, gender, age, birthday, and other personal information. It will even ask you to provide photos that you can use as your profile picture or avatar. And the most risky part in creating a Match account is giving your bank account information as this dating site offers premium services. Free account offers limited messaging and can only get up to 6 top picks daily while premium offers upgraded services. So, many will opt to get the premium.

But once you have already found the one that you’ll build a long lasting relationship with, it is best to delete and close your Match account. This is to ensure that your bank account information will not be compromised. Thus, giving you and your partner peace of mind. 

However, unlike most of the dating sites, Match subscription cannot be cancelled from the app, unless you have an android device. Otherwise, deletion of your profile should be done from the web browser. But when doing the cancellation of the subscription via app on an android phone, this will only cancel the user’s subscription and payment via Google Play Store. To ensure that the account will be permanently deleted, it is recommended to do the process via web browser. 

Things you should know before deleting your Match account:

  • Profile and uploaded images will no longer be visible to other users
  • Email publication you requested from will be terminated
  • Account can no longer be reactivated after 2 years

If you are reading to delete your Match account, here’s what you need to do:

How To Delete Match Account

  1. Login to your Match account from the web browser and click the Settings icon. 
  1. Select Manage Subscription under Account Settings.
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  1. Enter your password and click the CONTINUE button.
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  1. Click Cancel Membership and Remove profile.
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  1. You will receive a confirmation that the cancellation has been successful. This means that your Match Account has also been deleted.
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After the cancellation, you will receive an email confirmation. The cancellation of your membership will deactivate your account. You still have a maximum of 2 years to reactivate your account, in case necessary. Otherwise, you will need to create a new one and start from scratch.

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