How To Check For Samsung Camera App Updates

If you’re wondering how to check for updates your Samsung Camera app, then this post should help you. Unlike any other regular app that you get from the Play Store, the Samsung Camera app is a default app from Samsung and has its way to get updates.

You will have to go through the app’s settings in order to know if there’s an available update for it. For international or global versions of Samsung devices, there may or may not be a notification that shows up when a Samsung app like Camera needs an update.

In most cases, such notifications are missed by users so important updates may not be installed. Knowing how to check for the update button for this app can therefore be a bit of a mystery for some, especially for new users.

Keeping apps updated is one of the ways to keep your phone free from glitches. Learn the steps on how to update your Samsung Camera app below.

Check for Camera app updates

To make sure that the camera app encounters lesser chances of bugs next time is to keep it updated. Since this is a default app, you don’t need to go to the Play Store to update it. Instead, you’ll have to go under its settings.

To update the Samsung Camera app:

  1. Open the camera app.

    Open the Camera app, and then tap Settings. camera app 3

  2. Check for updates.

    Scroll down to and tap About Camera, and check if any updates are available. Tap the update if one is available.If there are no updates available, your screen will read “The latest version is already installed.” check for updates 1

That’s it! You now know how to check for updates to your Samsung Camera app. You should do this check regularly, say at least once every few months. It won’t take a minute of your time to do but it can save you a lot of trouble in preventing future problems. 

We hope you find this tutorial helpful. Try checking out other similar tutorials by browsing our other articles.

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