How To Change Carrier in Redmi Note 8

When switching from one network service provider to another, your phone will automatically connect to the new carrier’s network. However, there will be an instance that you need to manually update or change the carrier on your device. In this tutorial guide, we will show you the proper way to change Carrier in Redmi Note 8. Take note that you can only do this if the phone is not locked or blacklisted. Otherwise, you need to contact your phone service provider for assistance.

How To Change Carrier in Redmi Note 8

  1. Select Settings.
  1. Tap SIM cards & mobile networks.
  1. Select Public

Disclaimer: This image shows that the phone is already connected to a network. Hence, it should show the Public option if it is yet to connect to the new network you are currently subscribed to.

  1. Tap Mobile networks.
  1. Disable Automatically select network option. Toggle off the switch next to the “Automatically select network”.
  1. Tap Next.
  1. Tap OK

Your phone will search for available networks. Check the list of networks available and select your preferred network.

After making the necessary changes, restart your phone. This is to ensure that the recent change will be properly applied. Doing so will also dump cache files saved in your phone’s memory which can affect the phone’s overall performance. Thus, refreshing the Redmi Note 8’s entire system.

Once the phone is up and running, check if it is already able to acquire signal from your current network. Check if mobile services are also working. If needed, make a test call. You can also send yourself a text message to make sure everything is working.

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And that’s how you update and change carrier in Redmi Note 8 device. If you want to be of help, you can also share this post to your friends or family members. Check out our YouTube channel for more video tutorials and smartphone troubleshooting tips. Don’t forget to like and subscribe!

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