How to Block Numbers on Samsung Galaxy A10

Getting rid of irritating numbers? Don’t want some disturbance from a specific person? Learn how you can block numbers on Samsung Galaxy A10 as you read this whole post. 

Even before the creation of smartphones, basic cell phones have been engaged in blocking numbers as one of its features. It allows the users to have that peace of mind if they don’t want to receive a call or text messages from specific numbers. 

Blocking numbers on Samsung Galaxy A10 should provide the same benefits to the users. Having this feature on a smartphone is important nowadays, especially that spams and identity theft are rampant. 

If you will block a number on your Galaxy A10, it will route that number to a spam folder. If there is someone who is annoying you or sending inappropriate messages, you could easily block them so that their calls and texts won’t appear on your phone. 

Let us take a look on how to block numbers on Samsung Galaxy A10. I have provided very easy steps below for you to follow on your own. Feel free to give it a try. 


  1. Open the phone dialer on your Galaxy A10. It could be found at the main screen if you haven’t changed your screen setup. 
  1. Tap on the More shortcut. It is usually found at the upper right corner of the dialer, labeled as three dots. 
  1. Select the Settings option. 
  1. Tap on Block Numbers. 
  1. Enter the phone number that you want to block. 
  1. Tap on the Plus icon to add it on your blocked lists. 
  1. You can also enable block unknown callers if you want to. 

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