How to Enable USB Debugging on Samsung Galaxy A10

Are you familiar with USB debugging? If not, let us know what it is and how you can enable USB debugging on Samsung Galaxy A10 smartphones by reading this article until the end. 

If you are trying to explore things on your Galaxy A10, such as copying programmed apps through a USB function for testing purposes, you will need to enable the USB debugging option. This developer mode allows direct communication between a computer and the Galaxy A10 with the use of a USB connection. 

Enabling the USB debugging option also allows the internal logs to be accessible by developers. This is an essential process if you want to check something on the newly programmed apps on the Samsung Galaxy A10 system. 

Before you can enable USB debugging on Samsung Galaxy A10, developer options must be activated. It is an option on your phone’s settings that’s normally hidden as it is only used for developers and other tech-savvy people who would want to explore their device further. 

While it is a useful tool on android smartphones like the Galaxy A10, please be cautious when using the USB debugging option as your data could be vulnerable against data exploitation, especially if you are connecting to a public PC. 

If you want to know how you can enable the developer options on Samsung Galaxy A10, feel free to read our tutorial by clicking here. Once you have enabled the feature on your device successfully, follow the procedures provided below to access and enable the USB debugging feature on your Samsung Galaxy A10. 


  1. Access the Settings app on your phone. 
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  1. Scroll to and tap on Developer options. It should be at the bottom part once enabled. 
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  1. Look for the USB debugging option. Tap the switch next to it to enable the feature. 
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  1. Tap on OK. 
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Your Galaxy A10 is now good for USB debugging and can be connected over a USB connection to read log data, install apps without notification and copy information between the phone and the computer. 

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