How to Add Face Unlock on Samsung Galaxy A10

Want to add face unlock on Samsung Galaxy A10? Security is one of the most important features in a smartphone. It allows you to have that peace of mind that your data and important files are only accessible by you or an authorized user. 

Smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy A10 can be secured by enabling the device lock feature. It allows you to secure the device after the screen turns off. There are different ways on how to lock your Galaxy A10, such as PIN, password or pattern. 

But let us talk about face unlock on Samsung Galaxy A10, or also known as face recognition. This security feature allows your device to recognize the registered face to unlock the screen or verify yourself on some supported apps. 

Though it is a cool way to lock your device, face unlock is still less secure compared to the other security measures mentioned above. It is also a hassle if you are wearing masks, sunglasses or other things that might block the face recognition. Heavy makeups or facial hair changes might also affect the face unlock feature on your Galaxy A10

But aside from those things, using the face unlock will still deliver a more favorable benefit to some users. You can also have a peace of mind as the data is being secured by Knox. Let us check how you can set up and enable the face unlock or face recognition feature on your Samsung Galaxy A10 as you read further. 


  1. Access Settings from the Home screen. Swipe up if you have not set up the apps on the main screen. 
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  1. Go to and select Biometrics and security. 
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  1. Tap on Face Recognition. 
  1. Tap on Continue. For first time users, make sure to read the information before proceeding. 
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  1. Set a secure screen lock. If you haven’t used any security lock, you will be asked to set up one before you can add face unlock on your Galaxy A10. Enter your screen lock passcode or pattern if you have set it up already. 
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  1. Answer the needed information to set up face recognition. 
  1. Start registering your face. Make sure that nothing is covering the lens as it will provide an error that it cannot register the face if the lens is dirty or something is covering it. 
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