How to Update Software on Samsung Galaxy A10

Need a fresher UI experience on your Samsung Galaxy A10 and need to update software? Do you want to fix some bugs on your device after tried solutions fail? Or do you want to improve your Galaxy A10’s performance through a software update? 

A software update could happen for two reasons. First is the regular update that contains security patches and minor changes. The second is the main software update that could either contain both security patches and major system improvements such as a new OS version. 

It is important to install these new updates as they would help your Galaxy A10 to perform better and they might also contain fixes to some reported glitches with the UI experience. Normally, these updates would prompt automatically through system notifications. 

However, there are instances that you might accidentally clear the notification and dismiss the software update. What you will find below are the steps on how to update the software on your Samsung Galaxy A10 manually


  1. Access Settings from the Home screen. You can swipe up to access the app drawer. 
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  1. Once you open the Settings Menu, scroll to and select Software Update. It is located at the bottom part.
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  1. After tapping on Software Update, tap on Download and Install. This will check the available update for your Galaxy A10. 
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  1. Wait for the phone to check an update. It may take a while for your A10 to check an available software update.
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  1. If there is an available software update, you should see the details and an option to download and install. If your Galaxy A10’s software is updated, you should see the “Your software is up to date” message. 
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  1. You can also enable the Auto download over Wi-Fi option. This will automatically update your phone once an available software update is released by Samsung and your Galaxy A10 is connected to a stable WiFi connection. 
  1. A quick tip: You can directly search the keyword “Software Update” by using the search function found at the portion of the Settings menu. This will open the suggestions based on that keyword. 

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