Android Auto ‘Dark Mode’ overhaul not rolling out yet, Google says

A Reddit goer the other day claimed that they received the new Android Auto update with the new coveted ‘Dark Mode.‘ Other users mentioned that they received the update as well. Now, Google responds, claiming that no such update is rolling out yet.

The update was originally rolling out server-side, where Google was simply flipping a switch to change Android Auto users over to the new design.

Android Police reached out to Google, and confirmed that the update was not rolling out:

“[T]he Android Auto update has not yet been rolled out to users.”

It’s entirely possible that this user received the update on accident. Claims that it was a photoshop have been disproved, so we’re leaning towards that it was just another accidental Google roll-out. This certainly wouldn’t be the first or even second time that Google has accidentally rolled out an update.

Google says they have plans to roll it out by the end of summer.

source: Android Police

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