5 find my friends or spying apps using Android phone GPS

Given the kind of risks we’re facing every day, it is imperative that we know our loved ones are safe. While it was impossible to get an accurate reading of where our family or friends are, technology has evolved to a great extent today, allowing us to get a better understanding of their location, thus ensuring us of their safety. Today, we’ll discuss five such applications that will help you keep track of your family.

Find my friends or spying apps using Android phone GPS

Family Locator & Safety

As the name indicates, Family Locator & Safety lets you know of your friends and family’s location if they chose to make their locations visible to you. If you are wondering where your son or daughter is at any given day, the app will let you know about their whereabouts right away. It’s one of those applications that offers a very simple purpose but can help so many.

You can even set notifications for when the contact arrives at a certain location. This can be crucial if you want to know when someone has reached home or school yet. Naturally, you can even locate your lost phone using this app, thanks to the location settings. Further, you can have private chats with your contacts and even press the panic button on the app to send your location to all your preset contacts right away.


The app allows you to coordinate a night out with your friends by sending them your location and even sending your spouse your ETA. This is slightly different from the conventional location tracking apps, as it offers a wide range of features that other apps don’t. It’s widely popular and critically acclaimed as well, which makes it a must have for anyone who wants to know their loved ones are safe.

It is also important to note that Glympse allows you to send ETAs to your clients or business partners when you’re running late. Small additions like these can go a long way in making Glympse a very exciting app to have. It’s a free download from the Google Play Store, so make sure you grab it as soon as you can.

Find My Friends

The namesake of Apple’s default iOS application, Find My Friends comes with a myriad of features to make tracking your friends and family a hassle-free process. Data is shown in real time, making it a convenient app to track your family members.

It’s a basic app, really, and does exactly what it’s supposed to. This might not have the frills of other applications, but if you’re looking for a no nonsense and easy to use friend tracking app, you can’t do much better than this. As with the other apps on this list, this one too is free to download from the Google Play Store. It has received several favorable reviews, so you can be assured that it’s a good app to own.

Family GPS tracker Kid Control

As the name suggests, this app is focused on kids. If you have recently bought a smartphone for your kid and want to know where they are at any given time, an app like this will come in handy. It’s pretty simple to use and the setup process barely takes any time. Not only does it let you get the location of your kids, but you can also show your kids where you are located, if in case they need a quick pick up from school or home.

You can set to receive alerts when your child arrives at school and reaches home, so you basically have to sit back and let the app do the rest. We strongly recommend you to try out this application as it can keep you safe from any worries regarding your children. It’s a free download from the Google Play Store, so be sure you check it out right away.

Family GPS tracker My Family

Much like the other apps on this list, this one helps you get an accurate understanding of where your kids or family members are located at any given point. Have a quick message to pass on to your family? The group chat function on this app will have you covered.

It’s basically one of the best family and friends tracking apps that you can ask for. All the user has to do is keep their location services turned on from the Settings on their phone and the app will do the rest. If you’re concerned about your naughty child, enabling kids mode will restrict them from turning off location at any given point. Given how tech savvy kids have become these days, a feature like this will go a long way in helping parents get an accurate reading of where their kids are located. The app is a free download from the Google Play Store.

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