Google Launches Play Points To Reward Your Play Store Transactions

Google has just introduced an easy to understand rewards program for users of the Play Store. Under this new system, users will be rewarded with points for any Play Store activity with their Google account. While there’s added incentive for spending money in the form of apps or in-app purchases, users can also gain points by downloading free apps. So this is basically a system that rewards you for using the Play Store regardless of what you download or buy. Play Points was first launched in Japan and South Korea.

So once you have all the points accrued, how do you redeem them? Well, Google allows you to spend these rewards on in-app content or in the form of Google Play credit that lets you spend your rewards on other Play Store content (provided you have enough points). If you’re not particularly keen on receiving small credits and freebies, you can also choose to donate your rewards to charitable organizations like Doctors Without Borders USA, Save the Children and the World Food Program USA.

Play Points

It’s pretty clear that this is a very good deal for those who rely on the Play Store for all their app content. Given that this is the primary source to download apps and games for a majority of the Android population, it makes a great deal of sense to offer an additional incentive to its loyal users.

Signing up to Play Points is automatic, and all you have to do is open Play Store to download apps and start accruing points. Have you tried it out yet? Share your experience below.

Source: Google

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