Galaxy Note8 showing “Not registered on Network” error when trying to call

Hello guys! This troubleshooting article will cover three voice calling issues on the #GalaxyNote8. There’s been a sudden spike in calling-related problems over the past few weeks so today marks the beginning of our effort to answer as many related issues as possible.

Problem #1: Galaxy Note8 can’t hear voice of caller during calls, won’t ring

Starting today, when I call someone, I cannot hear it ring or their voice on the other line. They can hear me. When someone calls me, the phone rings but when I answer I do not hear them but they hear me. It makes no difference if I am using phone speaker, hands free speaker, bluetooth headphones or car bluetooth. However, the phone plays music, videos, etc. just fine on its own speaker or bluetooth. It is only during phone calls I am having this issue. Thanks. — Brian Brian

Solution: Hi Brian. There may be an issue with the Phone app you’re using. We presume you’re using the stock Phone app from Samsung so the first thing that you want to do about that is to clear its data. Because you can’t re-install this app, this is the most that you can do in terms of troubleshooting it. Follow the steps below on how to clear an app’s data:

  1. Open Settings app.
  2. Tap Apps.
  3. Tap More settings (three-dot icon) at the upper-right.
  4. Tap Show system apps.
  5. Find the SIM Toolkit app and tap it.
  6. Tap Storage.
  7. Tap CLEAR DATA button.
  8. Restart your device.
  9. Check for the problem.

Try another phone or voice calling app

If clearing your default phone app’s data won’t help, the next that you need to do is to try another one. There are many voice calling apps that you can use such as Facebook Messenger, Google Hangouts, among others in the Play Store. Try to install one of them and see how that works during calls.

Boot to safe mode

To check for the possibility of a bad third party app causing the problem, your next troubleshooting would be to run your device to safe mode. While in this mode, only pre-installed apps will be allowed to run, which means that if one of your downloaded apps is behind the trouble, voice calling on safe mode should work properly.

To check voice calling on safe mode:

  1. Turn the device off.
  2. Press and hold the Power key past the model name screen appearing on the screen.
  3. When SAMSUNG appears on the screen, release the Power key.
  4. Immediately after releasing the Power key, press and hold the Volume down key.
  5. Continue to hold the Volume down key until the device finishes restarting.
  6. When Safe mode appears in the bottom left corner of the screen, release the Volume down key.
  7. Let your phone run and try to replicate the problem. If voice calling works properly, you have a bad app issue at hand.

To identify which of your apps is causing the trouble, you should boot the phone back to safe mode and follow these steps:

  1. Boot to safe mode.
  2. Check for the problem.
  3. Once you’ve confirmed that a third party app is to blame, you can start uninstalling apps individually. We suggest that you begin with the most recent ones you added.
  4. After you uninstall an app, restart the phone to normal mode and check for the problem.
  5. If your Note8 is still problematic, repeat steps 1-4.
  6. Keep doing the same cycle until you’ve identified the culprit.

Problem #2: Galaxy Note8 showing “Not registered on Network” error when trying to call

Yesterday i was using the GPS on my Note 8 and it goes offline. Ever since I have not been able to make any calls or receive and send texts. I’ve spent the last day and a half googling to fix this issue. I tried another sim card and it does not work in my phone either. I’ve call tech support on my mobile plan, factory reset, soft reset, reset network settings, apn confirm, the list goes on and on for the things I’ve tried. I even tried the *#*#4636#*#* and it won’t do anything, nothing comes up for me to ping test or anything. Could you possibly give me suggestions on things to do that I haven’t already done? Also the message I get when trying to call is not registered on network and I’ve tried to select network manually and it’s not listed and I’ve tried to connect to the others and my phone won’t connect to them. Also tried connecting to 2G only 3G only and all the others and it’s not making a difference. Thanks in advance. — Sherry

Solution: Hi Sherry. Taken altogether, all the symptoms you mention in your problem description must be caused by a single factor, which we believe might have something to do with your phone’s IMEI. It’s also possible that your device be blacklisted.

Although there’s a lot of variables that we need to consider when you say a device is unable to connect to a network and getting the “Not registered on Network” error, the cause of your particular case is a lot easier to determine because you’ve already tried almost all the basic stuff that a user can do in this situation. Since nothing changed after you factory reset your phone, it’s safe to say that there’s no operating system glitch that causes the issue in this situation at all.
Our question to you is, is it possible that your device may had been blacklisted by a carrier? There’s a whole lot of reasons why that could happen but it usually occurs when you buy a pre-owned device and that device was stolen, reported stolen, or is still under an account with unsettled balance. Carriers can blacklist a device for other reasons but these two are the usual ones. If you got your Note8 from someone else, try to know its previous status from its original carrier so you can tell the person you brought the gadget from to settle his/her bills first. This suggestion may not be practical for devices purchased online but unless you are contented on having your Note8 for wifi connection only, you must exhaust all means to remove it from its blacklist status.

To check if you have a stolen phone, you can enter the IMEI of your phone using this Stolen Phone Checker tool. The site can also use your phone’s unique MEID or ESN. The IMEI, MEID and ESN are unique identifiers of every phone.

If you are outside the United States, you can use http://www.imei.info/ to check the status of your device.

To get the IMEI of your Note8:

  1. Open Settings app.
  2. Tap About phone.
  3. Tap Status.
  4. Tap IMEI information.

Sometimes, other database that keeps a list of blacklisted devices may also ask for your device’s serial number so just look for it under Settings > About phone.

Problem #3: Verizon Note8 keeps getting notification for new voicemail when it reconnects to cellular network

Everytime my Note8 on the Verizon network loses and regains cellular signal, I get a notification sound and a new voicemail notification. There is no VM when I check. To clear the VM notification, I must go to the phone application settings and clear data. I have performed restarts, soft resets, and even hard reset. This issue has been with me for a couple years of system updates too. I would love to learn of a permanent solution. I wonder if there is a way to turn off the lost service notification or some other idea?? —  Dave de la Fuente

Solution: Hi Dave. If you have Verizon-branded Note8, then you need to report this issue to Verizon so they check on it. This is not an issue with international (global) Note8 versions like our Note8s in our lab so it must be a bug with Verizon’s firmware or one of its apps.

There’s a chance that the issue may also be isolated to your Note8 only, or even to your Verizon account. Consider asking for a new number so your voicemail may be associated to that number. This is usually an effective way to fix voicemail issues.

Also, we’ve noticed in the past that users with rooted devices tend to have problems with voicemails and other network services. If your Note8 is rooted, try to unroot it and see how voicemail performs.


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