How to make a conference call on Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Text messaging and phone calls are two of the most basic functions of a mobile phone and a premium device like the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 should be able to perform these services without any problem at all. Technology has evolved a lot since the first model of smartphones were released.

The simple text messaging is now able to attach files and be sent as an MMS while you can now add more people to a phone call that was designed only for two people. Such function is named Conference Call and your Galaxy Note 9 is able to do it easily. Continue reading as I will walk you through making a conference call.

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How to make a conference call on Galaxy Note 9

  1. From the home screen, tap Phone
  2. Tap the Keypad icon
  3. Enter the number you would like to call and then tap the Phone icon
  4. To call a number from your contacts, enter the first few letters of their name and then tap the contact in the displayed list
  5. If the contact has more than one phone number, tap the number you would like to call
  6. Tap the Phone icon to make the call
  7. Tap Add Call
  8. Enter the number or name of the contact you wish to call and then tap the Phone icon
  9. Tap Merge to join the two calls
  10. To manage the conference call, tap the downward facing arrow beside Conference Call
  11. To place one call on hold, tap Split beside the call you wish to continue being active
  12. Tap Merge to join the two calls again
  13. To end one of the calls, tap Drop beside the call you wish to end
  14. Tap the End Call icon to finish a conference call

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