Galaxy Note 5 keeps getting message that USB is plugged in, other power issues

Note 5

Samsung’s latest phablet, the#GalaxyNote5, appears to be not immune to power issues plaguing older models in the series. In our post today, we share to you some of the problems sent by some members of our Android community to us. We look forward to helping you fix the issue with our suggestions below.

  1. Galaxy Note 5 keeps getting message that USB is plugged in
  2. Galaxy Note 5 Wi-Fi keeps getting disconnected
  3. Galaxy Note 5 fast charging not working
  4. Galaxy Note 5 randomly shuts down
  5. Galaxy Note 5 charges very slowly
  6. Galaxy Note 5 not responding when Power button is pressed

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Problem #1: Galaxy Note 5 keeps getting message that USB is plugged in

The phone keeps saying that the USB is either plugged in or unplugged without the cord even being attached to the phone. When it does this, the screen comes on and the noise alert. This happens randomly throughout the  day, but when it does it is incessant (over 20 times in a row).

It  interrupts video playback, music playback, etc. Additionally, while this is happening, the Samsung Gear app will randomly open. And, when I actually do plug in my rapid charger, the phone doesn’t recognize it as a rapid charger if it even recognizes that it is actually plugged in at all.

Lastly, a voicemail icon pops up when I don’t have a voicemail. If done a soft reset. The phone has never been wet, never dropped. It is less than 60 days in use by me. — Angela

Solution: Hi Angela. This problem has been reported on Samsung devices running Android Lollipop so it’s cause is most probably coming from one of your Samsung services or apps. Samsung has not issued any fix for this problem so the best that we can do is to do a trial-and-error troubleshooting.

Start by disabling the Samsung VR Gear, Samsung Gear, or Samsung Power Sharing app to see if it makes any difference. Here are the steps to do that:

  • Go to Settings.
  • Proceed to Applications.
  • Select Manage Applications.
  • Tap the All tab.
  • Look for the Samsung app and tap it.
  • Now follow this action sequence by tapping each one of the mentioned buttons: Clear Cache, Clear Data, Uninstall Updates, Disable (if possible).

If you are not using any of these Samsung services, keep them disabled. If Disable is not an option, you can also try to Force Close button.

Problem #2: Galaxy Note 5 Wi-Fi keeps getting disconnected

Hello, I watch your YouTube videos all the time for assistance with many of my new challenges on my Note 5 phone. Had an IPhone 4, and upgraded to my new Note 5 on Verizon Wireless and so far love it! However, there have been some frustrating issues, one being:

When I connect to my home Wi-Fi, which has a strong signal and through my router, the connection on my phone constantly flashes:

 Connected to Wi-Fi Network, Wi-Fi Sapere Home 1, which is my home network. Then in a few seconds it flashes Wi-Fi Disconnected.  This is continuous when connected at home. Have not tried other connections outside my home. Any suggestions?

 I also usually keep it off when not needed as my battery was draining at about 1%  per minute. Made some suggested changes and it is much much better.  Now goes almost a whole day. Thanks. —  Emil

Solution: Hi Emil. An issue like this can be due to a bad wireless radio on your Note 5. If your other wireless devices at home do not get disconnected as often as the Note 5, or do not have a similar issue at all, it’s clearly not a Wi-Fi network issue. Try to connect to any available Wi-Fi if you have a chance and observe the device for a few hours to see the difference. While rare, a malfunctioning Wi-Fi hardware component is possible. Call Samsung or your operator for replacement phone should you discover that there’s a phone problem.

Problem #3: Galaxy Note 5 fast charging not working

Hi Guys. I have a 2 week old Galaxy Note 5. Last week all of a sudden it started charging very slowly. When checking on the battery status it shows charging over USB, although it is on the AC Power and also on the fast charger.

And also is no longer recognized by my PC. I thought it may be the chargers so I have changed these with no success. Well i decided to use the Smart Switch application on the phone to transfer all data to my Galaxy S6 Edge. This was completed and all seemed fine, but then when charging the S6 Edge i have suffered the same problem that it is also seeing charging from USB connection only!!!

How can now both phones have the same charging problems? It now says 5 hours to charge to 100% on fast charger but in the battery usage it says 5 hours until full over USB?

I have no idea what to do. I have factory reset the Note 5 and still have the same problems even though there is no other software on the phone but what it comes with.

Can someone help please. — Andy

Solution: Hi Andy. Are you using the original Samsung fast charger and cable? An issue like this can be caused by faulty, cheap USB cable so make sure to use official Samsung products only.

Sometimes, third party applications can also mess with power management functions of Android devices so you can try to restart the phone in safe mode. To do that, just follow these steps:

  • Turn off the phone completely.
  • Press and hold the Power key.
  • Once ‘Samsung Galaxy Note5’ shows, release the Power key and immediately press and hold the Volume Down button.
  • The phone will restart but keep the Vol Down button pressed.
  • Once the phone has finished restarting, ‘Safe mode’ will be display in the lower-left corner of the screen.
  • You may now release the Volume Down button.

If the problem won’t recur in safe mode, that’s a strong indication that one of your apps is to blame. Uninstall apps until you have eliminated the problem.

Problem #4: Galaxy Note 5 randomly shuts down

Hi DroidGuy. I wanted to share an issue i am facing with my phone:

i own a Samsung Galaxy Note 5 since some months ago. I have now been facing the frequent and random shutting down of my phone. This sometimes occur when i lock my screen.  

When i try to switch it on again; it does not switch on and so i have to remove the battery sometimes but this still does not make my phone switch on again.

This started today and already occurred 4 times in only some hours. I did much internet researches in order to know if there is something that i may have done which caused this to occur.

This is either my SD card or a file or may be a battery problem as i saw that battery problems are getting frequent. This is quite scaring me as right now it is still impossible for me to re shut the phone on.

Thanks for according me your attention and reviewing this problem. Greetings. — Tauriel

Solution: Hi Tauriel. Just like overheating, random shutdown is just a symptom. A failing battery can cause it as well as other software or app issues. Try doing the basic software troubleshooting first. If none of them works, have the phone checked by Samsung.

The first software troubleshooting that you can try is booting your Note 5 in safe mode. The aim is to determine whether or not an app is the culprit. Please follow the steps provided for Andy above.

The next thing to do is to wipe the phone’s system cache. Here’ how to do it:

  • Turn off your Samsung Galaxy Note 5 completely.
  • Press and hold the Volume Up and the Home buttons first, and then press and hold the Power key.
  • Keep the three buttons pressed and when ‘Samsung Galaxy Note5’ shows, release the Power key but continue holding the other two.
  • Once the Android logo shows, release both the Volume Up and Home buttons.
  • The notice ‘Installing system update’ will show on the screen for 30 to 60 seconds before the Android system recovery screen is shown with its options.
  • Use the Volume Down key to highlight the option ‘wipe cache partition’ and press the Power key to select it.
  • When the process is complete, use the Volume Down key to highlight the option ‘Reboot system now’ and hit the Power key to restart the phone.
  • The reboot may take a little longer to complete but don’t worry and wait for the device to become active.

Deleting the cache partition is safe and won’t erase your personal data like photos, videos, contacts, etc. make sure to do it regularly, even if there are no problems detected. It’s one of the maintenance tasks Android users must do on their phones to minimize software-related problems.

The last thing you can try is factory reset. This will address any firmware-level problems. If you haven’t done it before, here’s how you do it:

  • From the Home screen, tap the Apps icon.
  • Find and tap the Settings icon.
  • Under the ‘Personal’ section, find and tap Backup and reset.
  • Tap Factory data reset.
  • Touch Reset device to proceed with the reset.
  • Depending on the security lock you used, enter the PIN or password.
  • Tap Continue.
  • Touch Delete all to confirm your action.

Unlike wiping the cache partition, doing a factory reset deletes everything in the phone’s primary storage device. Make sure to create a backup copy of your files before you proceed.

As mentioned above, if none of these procedures work in your favor, consider having a hardware issue. Let professionals check the phone for you.

Problem #5: Galaxy Note 5 charges very slowly

My wife’s Note 5 will not charge fast at all. Her charger charges my S3 no problem but hers takes hours to move 5-10%. Keep in mind her screen has cracks in it as well. Could THIS be the reason for a slow charge? We’ve uninstalled updates, closed running apps,  deleted files, pretty much everything we could think of even cleaning junk and clearing caches. Is the screen the culprit?

REALLY can’t afford to replace it now. Scam artists charge too much locally to repair and they messed it up last time she had a cracked screen; after a few weeks there was no picture showing so she replaced the phone earlier this year under warranty.

We have 2 months to go w/ Verizon contract to get new phones but in reality, can we hold out that long?  What can we do?  Thanks. — Steve

Solution: Hi Steve. A cracked screen won’t affect battery charging process unless another hardware issue that you can’t see is to blame. If this phone has been dropped (which caused the cracked screen), there’s a little chance that the charging port might be damaged as well. Unfortunately, there’s no way we can be sure of that unless we can check the phone physically.

Assuming that there’s no hardware issue involved, the phone may simply be discharging power faster than the charger can store power to the battery. This can be caused by malware, a corrupted third party app, or a bad Android operating system.

Please perform a factory reset and observe the phone for a couple of days. Make sure not to install any app after the reset. If the phone charges normally, that’s a sign that one of the apps is causing the issue. If the problem remains though, that’s an indication of hardware trouble.

Problem #6: Galaxy Note 5 not responding when Power button is pressed

Battery ran out, phone died. Turned phone on again until it again died. Charged it on Choetech Fast Charge Charger. Phone was very hot to the touch. Would not turn on.

Waited until cool to the touch. Won’t turn on.

Held power and volume down for 30 seconds, still won’t turn on.

Held power for a while.. won’t turn on.

Bumped the power button briefly, won’t turn on. — David

Solution: Hi David. Overheating can be a symptom of a malfunctioning battery. If the phone no longer responds to any hardware key, or won’t power on at this time, make sure to have the battery checked. If still under warranty, you can call Samsung to ask for a replacement unit.


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