Full List Of Sea Critters (Creatures) In Animal Crossing New Horizons

Hello gamers! This article is all about Sea Creatures in Animal Crossing New Horizons. There are a total of 40 sea creatures in the game and you’ll have the chance to encounter each of them. We also include the months they’re available as well as their availability in a day.

What are Sea Creatures in Animal Crossing New Horizons?

There are three types of critters that you can collect or sell in Animal Crossing New Horizons: bugs, fish, and sea creatures. While the description is a bit misleading since most of these sea creatures are actually fish, they work similarly as bugs and fish in the game. 

Sea creatures are found in the waters around your island and they have their own page in the game’s Critterpedia. You need to dive in order to snag a sea creature. 

Animal Crossing sea creatures

Like some fish and bugs, sea creatures can be stored, sold, or donated to your Museum. There’s no reward for you if you donate them but doing so gradually adds to the beauty of your Museum as it fills with your collection.

If you want to earn Bells instead, selling sea creatures can be a viable career in Animal Crossing. Some sea creatures like the Giant Isopod can fetch as much as 12000 Bells. While most sea creatures won’t sell that high, they can still make serious money or bells. If you want to acquire more furniture or tools, catching and selling creatures is a fun and effective way to do it.

How to catch Sea Creatures in Animal Crossing New Horizons?

Catching sea creatures is simple. All you have to do is to get a Wet Suit so you can swim and dive in the ocean. With a Wet Suit on, you can then start exploring the sea around your island.

giant clam

To catch a sea creature, look for bubbles under the water. These bubbles may sometimes move around so you may have to chase a bit. Once you’ve over the bubbles, you can begin to dive to catch the sea creature.

If at first you don’t succeed in catching a sea critter, just try diving again.

Full list of Sea Creatures in Animal Crossing New Horizons

Not all sea creatures are available all the time as they’re seasonal. This means that some creatures are not available in certain months. The good thing is, you can explore the sea even on winter months so you can try to find sea creatures all year round.

In the table below (arranged alphabetically), we show you a full list of sea creatures in the northern hemisphere. If your island is in the southern hemisphere, simply adjust the months by six months.

Sea CreatureMonths availableTimes availablePrice
AbaloneJune to January4pm to 9am2000
Acorn BarnacleAll year24 hours600
Chambered NautilusMarch to June
September to November
4pm to 9am1800
Dungesness CrabNovember to May24 hours1900
Firefly SquidMarch to June9pm to 4am1400
FlatwormAugust to September4pm to 9am700
Gazami CrabJune to November24 hours2200
Giant IsopodJuly to October9am to 4pm
9pm to 4am
Gigas Giant ClamMay to September24 hours15000
Horseshoe CrabJuly to September9pm to 4am2500
LobsterApril to June
December to January
24 hours4500
Mantis ShrimpAll year4pm to 9am2500
Moon JellyfishJuly to September24 hours600
MusselJune to December24 hours1500
OctopusAll year24 hours1200
OysterSeptember to February24 hours1100
Pearl OysterAll year24 hours2800
Red King CrabNovember to March24 hours8000
ScallopAll year24 hours1000
Sea AnemoneAll year24 hours500
Sea CucumberNovember to April24 hours500
Sea GrapesJune to September24 hours900
Sea PigNovember to February4pm to 9am10000
Sea PineappleApril to August24 hours1500
Sea SlugAll year24 hours600
Sea StarAll year24 hours500
Sea UrchinMay to September24 hours1700
SeaweedOctober to July24 hours600
Slate Pencil UrchinMay to September4pm to 9am2000
Snow CrabNovember to April24 hours6000
Spider CrabMarch to April24 hours10000
Spiny LobsterOctober to December9pm to 4am5000
Spotted Garden EelMay to October4am to 9pm1100
Sweet ShrimpSeptember to February4pm to 9am1400
Tiger PrawnJune to September4pm to 9am3000
Turban ShellMarch to May
September to December
24 hours1000
Umbrella OctopusMarch to May
September to November
24 hours6000
Vampire SquidMay to August4pm to 9am10000
Venus’ Flower BasketOctober to FebruaryAll day5000
WhelkAll year24 hours1000

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