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If your Nintendo Switch wifi keeps disconnecting, the likely reason for it may be superficial. Wireless connectivity issues on Switch are easily fixable so you may be able to fix yours quickly. In this troubleshooting article, we’ll show you the common reasons for wifi problems on Switch as well as the easy solutions that you can do.

Common causes why wifi is disconnecting on Nintendo Switch

There are a number of possible factors that can cause wifi issues on this console. Find out what are the things that you may have to check to fix your own wifi problem.

Random console bug.

Wifi problems on Nintendo Switch are typically temporary and disappear on their own. Unless the root cause is bad hardware or something that lies in your network equipment or internet service, a simple restart may be enough to fix a problem. 

Connectivity-related glitches may appear from time to time and they can be expected especially in a wireless setup. 

If your wifi continues to drop after restarting your console though, the cause may be something else entirely.

Internet is slow.

One other reason for wifi troubles in Nintendo Switch is slow internet connection. While some games can work fine when your internet is not fast, others may require a decent minimum speed. For instance, Animal Crossing New Horizons can work perfectly fine even if you only have 1Mbps but Fortnite may require at least 5Mbps download speed

There are other factors to consider aside from download speed when gaming like latency (ping) and hardware compatibility (FPS). If you are getting the minimum download speed but your online game experience is choppy, laggy, or intermittent, you may need to look deeper into other possible causes. 

If you suspect that you have a local network-specific issue, you may need to troubleshoot your router or network. Contact your Internet Service Provider if you need assistance in checking your home network.

Wifi signal interference.

Home wifi signal can be affected by a number of factors. Other wireless devices that broadcasts in the same frequency as your router may affect how your home wifi performs. 

In other cases, wifi signal may be interrupted by physical objects like thick, steel-reinforced walls, glass, or metal. 

The distance of your Switch from the router can also be considered. Routers are generally effective only within a 30-foot radius. This radius can even get shorter if there are objects between your console and router. Try moving to the same room where your router is located and see if that will fix your wifi issue.

Unresponsive networking equipment.

Modems, routers, hubs, switches, and other network equipment you’re using may become unresponsive or may encounter an error. Make sure that you refresh your home network equipment when troubleshooting any wifi issue on your Switch.

Hardware malfunction.

In some rare situations, wifi issues are caused by bad hardware or hardware fault. Unless your Switch had been damaged physically (like when it’s dropped accidentally), the chance of your Switch having a wifi issue due to hardware is very slim. Still, you should consider having your console repaired or checked by Nintendo if all the software troubleshooting in this guide fails to fix it.

How to fix Nintendo Switch wifi keeps disconnecting

Fixing a Nintendo Switch wifi problem is simple and the steps to do so are usually easy to follow. Learn what you need to do if you encounter wifi disconnection issue on your console by doing the suggestions below.

  1. Reboot the Switch.

    As mentioned above, a simple restart may be an easy fix if wifi keeps disconnecting on your Switch. Try restarting the console normally and see if that will fix your issue.
    If your Switch is unresponsive, press and hold the Power button for about 15 seconds until the system restarts.Power button 1

  2. Update the console software.

    One of the easiest ways to keep bugs away is to ensure that your console’s software runs the latest version. If your console is constantly connected to the internet, whether by wired set up or wireless, its software and games are probably updated.
    However, if you mostly use your console for offline plays, we highly recommend that you check for software and game updates once every month.
    To check for a system update:
    -Make sure that your Nintendo Switch is connected to the internet.
    -Go to the Home Menu.
    -Select System Settings.
    -Select System.
    -Select System Update.
    -Wait for a few moments to allow the system to check for new software version.
    -If an update is available, the download process will begin automatically.system update

  3. Disconnect Switch from the internet.

    If your Switch wifi still keeps disconnecting at this point, try refreshing the connection by deleting the network settings of a connection. Here’s how to do that:
    -Go to the Home Menu.
    -Select System Settings.
    -Select Internet.
    -Select Internet Settings.
    -Select your wifi network.
    -Select Delete Settings.
    -Confirm by selecting Delete.
    Once you’ve disconnected from your wifi, restart the Switch and try to connect to your home network again.delete settings

  4. Check for server problems.

    If you seem to lose wifi connection only when playing a certain game, this may actually be a game server problem. You can verify if that’s the case by playing another online game. Observe how wifi works on the second game to see if the problem is still there. 
    If you can play an online game without any issue at all, go check with the first game again
    If the game still continues to disconnect (but the other games work normally online), there may be an issue with game server, your game cartridge (if you’re using one), or with the console.

  5. Move Switch closer to the router.

    Try moving to the same room where your router is located and see if that will stabilize the connection. If wifi connection improves after doing this, this means that your Switch was simply not getting a strong wifi signal.router 3

  6. Check for signal interference.

    If you are in an apartment complex, your neighbors’ wifi may be affecting your own wifi. Strong wifi signals from routers that are in proximity to each other may degrade the performance of networks. If possible, try relocating your router in an area where other wifi signals are weak. 
    Other possible sources of signal interference includes everyday appliances (microwave ovens, fluorescent lights, etc.), other wireless devices (wireless mice, keyboards, cordless phones, baby monitors, wireless CCTVs), and physical barriers (thick walls, glass, metal).

  7. Use 5Ghz.

    Many home routers now support 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands. 2.4GHz is the most commonly used frequency by a lot of wifi-capable gadgets so to lessen the chances of signal interference, you can use 5GHz. Depending on your router, this may or may not be enabled or available. Check with your router documentation or get help from your Internet Service Provider.

What to do if your Nintendo Switch wifi still keeps disconnecting: Repair


If none of the solutions in this guide has helped and you are positive that your home wifi is working and stable, the problem might be caused by a fault in the hardware. Visit your local Nintendo store or contact their support for help in setting up repair.

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