How to fix Xiaomi Mi 6 that won’t pair with or connect to a Bluetooth device (easy steps)

Released in April of last year, the Xiaomi Mi 6 is regarded as the Chinese version of Apple’s iPhone flagship devices. It comes with many advanced features and functionalities found in the leading smartphone variants but at a very affordable price. This is probably the main reason why many people have made a switch and gave this Chinese smartphone a shot. Unfortunately, the offered support for Xiaomi devices is only limited or almost none at all. That’s why those people who encounter problems with any of the phone’s features and functions are somehow left hanging. In line with our goal to widen our scope of support, we’ve inserted Xiaomi Mi 6 into our list of supported devices. And this post will serve as our way of helping Xiaomi users, particularly those who are facing Bluetooth problems. Read on to learn more.

An augmented use of Bluetooth devices has been manifested anywhere these days. That is why more and more Bluetooth accessories are now being introduced and rolled out in electronics and mobile markets. Car Bluetooth, stereos, headsets, speakers, keyboards, and other Bluetooth paraphernalia are now populating the electronics market across the globe. Majority if not all smartphones also have Bluetooth support as one of the key features and device specifications. Needless to say, Bluetooth technology has been doing great in terms of offering convenience and mobility benefits to end-users by far. But just like any other smartphones features, Bluetooth can also be plagued with random issues. In fact, Bluetooth connectivity issues appeared to be one of the widespread issues transpiring in both iOS and Android devices. And it’s also one of the common dilemmas among many users of Xiaomi Mi 6. What causes Bluetooth problems to occur and what should be done in order to fix them without having to pay for service? The answers to these questions are mapped out below. So scroll down and get some help in troubleshooting Bluetooth problems on your Xiaomi handset.

But before we go to our troubleshooting, if you happen to be looking for a solution to a different problem, then I suggest you visit our Xiaomi Mi 6 troubleshooting page for we may have already addressed concerns that are similar with yours. Feel free to use our solutions and workarounds. If they don’t work and you need further assistance, you can always contact us by completing our Android issues questionnaire and hitting submit.

Solutions and workarounds to deal with Bluetooth connectivity issues on Xiaomi Mi 6

What we have listed below are standard procedures and basic workarounds that will help you troubleshoot and fix problems with Bluetooth on your Xiaomi Mi 6 smartphone. Given the complexity of Bluetooth functions, resolving Bluetooth issues may not be that simple. So if the problem persists after performing the first method, then you’ll need to consider other applicable options until you’ll finally find the ultimate solution.

Restart your device before you start

Before moving forward try to restart your Xiaomi Mi 6 and your Bluetooth device. A simple restart can fix any minor software glitches that might have prevented the devices from pairing or connecting through Bluetooth. If you’ve already done it, then give it another try probably up to three times then see if that makes a difference.

Also verify and ensure that the Bluetooth device is compatible with your phone. Some Bluetooth accessories may not be compatible with the Mi platform thus they won’t work. Do so if your Bluetooth device won’t get paired or connect to your Xiaomi Mi 6.

Verify and ensure Bluetooth is enabled

Many people have neglected to check on this and immediately jump into performing different methods in troubleshooting the problem. Make sure you don’t miss it too.

A quick way to check if Bluetooth is enabled on your Xiaomi Mi 6 is through the Notification Panel. To do so, open the notification panel at the top of the screen, then tap the Bluetooth shortcut icon to turn on or enable Bluetooth. If the Bluetooth icon is already turned on, tap the icon to turn it off for a few seconds then tap to turn it on again.

Once Bluetooth is enabled, your phone is already in discoverable mode. Check your Bluetooth device and make sure it is turned on. Try to look for the multi-function button on your Bluetooth device then press that button for a few seconds. Doing so will give the device a fresh start.

Check the proximity between your phone and Bluetooth device

Unlike Wi-Fi, Bluetooth relies on proximity. This means that you can use Bluetooth between two devices within a certain range. Beyond that range, the devices won’t be able to communicate. As a result, Bluetooth connection gets lost or becomes unstable. The latest Bluetooth technology supports proximity range up to 100 meters. So keep your devices within that range.

Remove or forget the Bluetooth device from your phone

In case the problem is due to a corrupted Bluetooth connection, removing or forgetting the Bluetooth device from your Xiaomi Mi 6 can help. Doing so will completely erase your Bluetooth accessory from the phone’s Bluetooth network or memory so the next time you’ll pair or connect them would seem like the first time you’ve done it.

To do so, head over to Settings-> Bluetooth-> then tap the Arrow right (>) icon or “i” icon next to the Bluetooth device that you want to remove or forget. Finally, tap the option to Forget this device.

Restart your phone and Bluetooth device then try pairing them again.

Reset network settings on your Xiaomi Mi 6

Resetting the network settings on your phone can also help clear up Bluetooth cache. Should there be any corrupted cache file that is preventing Bluetooth from working as intended, that should be wiped and removed in the process.

  1. Tap Settings.
  2. Tap General Settings.
  3. Tap Mobile networks.
  4. Tap Access Point Names.
  5. Then tap the Menu button.
  6. Select Reset to default.

Restart your phone and Bluetooth device once the network settings reset is complete then enable Bluetooth again on your Xiaomi Mi 6. Scan for Bluetooth devices nearby and try pairing your device again. Make sure your Bluetooth device is in range and turned on when pairing.

Master reset/factory reset

A factory reset can potentially resolve complex software issues that might have affected Bluetooth connectivity feature on your phone. It erases everything from your device including personal information, customized settings, and other user data. Any bugs or corrupted data residing in the system registry are likewise removed in the process. As a result, it gives your device a clean fresh start. If you’ve ran out of options and the problem persists, then you may consider a factory reset as your last resort. Just be sure to backup your data before you proceed with the reset. Once your phone is backed up, follow these steps to perform a master reset or factory reset on your Xiaomi Mi 6:

  1. Turn off your phone by pressing the Power button.
  2. Then press and hold down the Volume Up and Power buttons simultaneously for a few seconds.
  3. When you see the Mi logo on your screen release both buttons at once.
  4. Then select Wipe Reset by pressing the Volume Down key and then press the Power button to confirm selection.
  5. Use the Volume Down button to select Wipe All Data then press the Power button to confirm.
  6. Finally, select Yes to confirm the reset.

After the reset, reboot your phone then proceed with the initial setup. Enable Bluetooth then try to see if you are now able to pair with or connect to your Bluetooth device and that everything is already working as intended. If not, then consider other options including the following.

Other suggestions (if applicable)

  • Change the code. If pairing with your car Bluetooth, try to change or set the pairing code to 0000. You will be prompted to enter the code during the pairing procedure. This means that you need to forget your car Bluetooth from your Xiaomi Mi 6 network then try pairing them again.
  • Download driver. If you are trying to pair with or connect your Xiaomi Mi 6 to a computer, you may need to download a required driver for your computer to recognize your phone. To know which driver is required, visit your computer manufacturer’s website. That should be included in the computer’s specs. If not, then contact the manufacturer of your computer for the correct information.
  • User-defined workaround: If you still couldn’t get your Xiaomi Mi 6 to work with your Bluetooth device, try to go to Settings-> Battery & Power Saving-> Battery Usage-> Ignore Optimizations-> Turn on Bluetooth Options and Bluetooth MIDI service. Then restart your phone.

If none of these helps, then you may attempt to escalate the problem to Xiaomi Support or your carrier/service provider. Unfortunately, nothing much can be done on your end to fix the problem, which means that a more advanced solution is required. Generally, these needs are to be addressed by your device manufacturer or carrier.

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