6 Replies to “How to fix Samsung Galaxy S7 that can’t boot up successfully, stuck on logo [Troubleshooting Guide]”

  1. Guys, I literally owe you a BIG thanks.
    During the installation process of a software update from samsung, my mobile stopped working.
    I could only see samsung logo and nothing else. I tried Safe mode and cache settings, but did not work.
    After proceeding with the factory reset, my mobile is back in the action again. Though I lost some data which was not saved on the SD card, not complaining. I hate thse bloody and shitty software updates from Samsung.

    Thank you guys once again. It saved my Mobile, Time and Money.

  2. I really appreciate this write up.My galaxy S7 duos crashed,only showing the Samsung logo and not coming on.I saw your instructions and followed the procedure and got my phone factory reset.
    Works smoothly as long as you follow instructions.

  3. I am unable to do any of the above as I cannot get the keypad to come up for me to enter my password to unlock the phone. It has been restarting itself for nearly 4 hours and when it does allow me to put my password in it restarts again before I can get to the next screen. So frustrating!

  4. Hi, when I press down on the Samsung screen it doesn’t do anything, it just goes straight to the AT&T logo screen and doesn’t do anything.

  5. Hi, my new phone is s7 bought in Hong Kong, and in EU it started to update to android 7, it stopped alone after a while and it locked himself…
    now it is totally blocked/locked it says custom binary block by frp to boot and all other operations with ODIN or with phone it self…It lets me into the download mode blue screen but at the end of the update it says blocked by frp every time,what now?

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