How to Fix Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ that screen flickers and other screen issues [Troubleshooting Guide]

Here’s another part of #Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus (#S6EdgePlus) issue that our readers are experiencing. Today, I will tackle about the screen flickering issue and frozen or unresponsive display. These screen issues aren’t exclusive to the Galaxy S6 Edge+ but to other Android devices as well. There are two main reasons that triggers this issue; software and hardware issues.

Galaxy S6 Edge Plus frozen screen

We will be focusing on software issues because we can perform a basic troubleshooting procedure without tearing down your device. Mostly, the screen starts to flicker or become unresponsive if there’s a system glitch or a faulty third-party app.

So, to learn more about the issue and how to avoid it from recurring, just continue reading this post. I will provide basic troubleshooting procedures to narrow down the issue or can totally fix it. On the other hand, bring your device directly to your local tech or to the store where you bought it if the issue remained, it could be hardware-related problem and the screen is needed replacement.

But before anything else though, if you have other problems, make sure you visit our S6 Edge+ troubleshooting page for we have already addressed a lot of issues with this phone. Find issues that are similar with yours and use what we’ve suggested. Should you need more assistance, just fill up our Android issues questionnaire and hit submit to contact us.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus screen not working after dropping

Problem: I dropped my phone (Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus) last night (not in water and for the first time ever) and the screen immediately started flickering and then went black.  I rebooted it and it was fine for a few minutes but started flickering again and then went black and wouldn’t come back on.  I charged it and it came back but has been doing this on and off ever since.  Can this be fixed or do I need to just get a new phone?

Solution: In my point of view, it’s obviously a screen problem when you accidentally drop the device but, you can try troubleshooting it if the problem is caused by a software issue. We recommend booting your device to Safe mode first, to determine if it’s caused by a third-party app.

Boot up in Safe mode and remove suspected apps

Now, the purpose of performing this procedure is to make sure that your device is not experiencing any software issue caused by a third-party apps. This is a diagnostic mode that temporarily disable all third-party app and run only the pre-installed, most basic tools are possible to use like sending and receiving text messages and making and answering incoming calls. If your device screen won’t flicker while in this mode, then we are confident that it’s an app causes the issue. Below are the steps how to boot in Safe mode:

  1. Press and hold Power key and Volume down key together until the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus logo appears.
  2. Quickly release the Power key button but continue holding down the Volume down key
  3. Release the Volume down key if the ‘Safe mode’ appears at the lower left of the screen
  4. Test your device and observe carefully if the device screen still flickers.

If no issue occurs while in this mode, then we recommend to start removing the suspected app. It depends on you how or what app you’re going to remove. If you haven’t tried uninstalling apps before, follow these steps on how to do it:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Tap Applications
  3. Tap Applications manager
  4. Make sure that you’re inside ‘ALL’ tab, just swipe left or right to navigate through options
  5. Locate the suspected apps, then tap it. NOTE: You can uninstall as many apps as you like
  6. Tap Clear Cache
  7. Tap Clear Data
  8. Go back to Home screen

First off, the purpose of clearing the cache and data is to avoid future issues (error messages, lag issues, etc.) that could give more problems to your device. There’s an instance that uninstalling an app directly might leave some files and rarely causes an issue, it’s better to be safe.

Now, after removing the suspected app, make sure that you observe your device to determine if the screen still flickers.If so, then proceed to the next steps.

Boot in Recovery mode and clear System cache Partition

Similar to Safe mode, this is also a diagnostic mode that will determine if your device will respond using the hardware buttons and other essential components are still working. Here, you can choose from different options, like updating your softwares and other wipe functions, to recover your device and boots up normally. Here’s the easy steps how to boot up in Recovery mode:

  1. Make sure that your Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus  is turned off
  2. Press and hold Power key + Home key + Volume Up key together
  3. Continue holding until the Android mascot appears, then release all keys

In case your device successfully boots up in this mode, we recommend to proceed and wipe the system cache partition. The system cache are temporary files frequently used by the system, clearing it will force the system to create a new one. Actually, in some cases after updating the system software, it can damage or corrupt these files and cause an issue but, it’s rarely to happen. But, just to be safe, it’s better to manually clear it. Don’t worry it’s reset your device.

  1. Navigate using Volume keys and highlight the ‘wipe cache partition’. Press Power key to confirm selection
  2. A message will appear that the process started and finished.
  3. Once done, highlight ‘Reboot system no’ option. Press Power key to confirm.
  4. The restart will take longer than the usual restart. So be patient.

Again, normally use your device and observe if the screen still flickering. If so, then proceed to next procedure below.

Master Reset your Device

Now, this procedure is optional. But, we recommend to start making backups to all important files and save to either your PC or flash drive. It will basically clear all data saved in your device storage and restore it back to default. Otherwise, you can bring your device directly to a tech to determine their findings of the issue. If it is a hardware issue, then most likely they will advise you to change the device screen or they might suggest changing it with a new unit, but it depends.

To backup your important files, you can plug your device to your PC and run the Syncios data transfer. Make sure that the debugging mode is turned on, if you don’t know how to turn it on, then follow the steps below.

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Tap About Phone
  3. Swipe down and locate ‘Build number’, then tap it 7 to 15 times until a message appears ‘Developer mode has been turned on’
  4. Tap back button to go back to Settings menu
  5. Tap Developer options
  6. Tap Allow USB Debugger, then tap OK

Once done, you will be able to see the primary of window of Syncios data transfer and follow the procedures. You can as well go to Settings > Backup and reset > Backup my data > Auto backup > Back up now.

Then proceed and master reset your device, follow these steps:

  1. Turn off your Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus
  2. Press and hold Power key + Home key + Volume Up key together
  3. Continue holding until the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge plus appears, then release all keys
  4. Navigate using Volume keys and highlight ‘wipe data / factory reset’ option. Press Power key to confirm.
  5. Select ‘Yes — delete all user data’ then press Power key to confirm
  6. Once done, select ‘Reboot system now’

Bring the device to the nearest service center

If all procedures fail and the issue still remained, then it is a hardware issue. It could be the screen has the problem and it should be replaced and only the professionals are able to do it.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus screen just froze and became unresponsive

Problem: Hey thedroidguy! I know it’s my fault that my phone is acting weird at the moment but I really don’t have a choice. So, what happened was, I was normally using my phone like browsing and playing games. Then, there’s this message came up ‘remote TV’, I don’t know what it was but I know my device have tons of features that I don’t know yet but I think it’s one of ’em. Anyway, I tap it and then it won’t go out after that, my screen froze up and my phone is totally not responding. I turned it off but I can’t type my password, so my phone is unusable. My question is, is there a way that I can disable this? Or can removed it completely? Any help much appreciated. Thanks in advance.  

Solution: Since you mention that your device display a message ‘remote TV’, then you don’t have to worry because there’s a fix to it but, we can’t guarantee at this moment yet. This is one of many features of Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+, Smart Remote app, this feature will allow you to use your device as remote of your TV. Now, since you are unable to use your device because it won’t enter the password, then follow these steps below.

Boot in Safe mode and delete Remote setup settings

To successfully boot up to your Home screen, you need to boot your device to Safe mode. This is diagnostic mode that will disable the ‘remote TV’ feature temporarily. Follow the procedure above on how to boot in Safe mode. Once you’re back to the Home screen, delete the ‘Smart Remote app’ settings that you created. Here’s how:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Tap Applications
  3. Tap Applications Manager
  4. Swipe right to go to ‘ALL’ tab
  5. It will display all the applications in your system, try to locate Smart Remote app
  6. Once located, tap it
  7. Tap Clear cache
  8. Tap Clear data
  9. Go back to Home screen

After clearing the cache and data of Smart Remote app, reboot your device to boot up normally. You will be able to enter your password and boot up to the Home screen. Otherwise, this is a serious issue that can’t be done by booting to Safe mode only, you can follow the rest of the procedures above to narrow down the issue. Or bring it to the nearest local service center and let the tech handle it.

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