Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ Troubleshooting

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ Troubleshooting

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26 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ Troubleshooting”

  1. hi my phone keeps flashing on and off after charging and I get a pale blue screen with white box and blue arrow. It says Downloading do not turn off target. then in left hand top screen has a load of info that I don’t understand please help

  2. hello i’m a technicien but this problem is beyound my understanding, pls i need your help
    wehn i put on my phone it displays SAMSUNG GALAXY S6 EDGE and go off.

  3. Good day,i have bought a new samsung galaxy S7, with only a few apps,it keeps on sayi g that my internal has no is this,and when i download apps it downloads but does not install is it of my low storage? please help me with the problem.thank you

  4. Hello, my Samsung s6 + wont charge because power saving mode has been enabled, now the phone has totally run out of power and i cant turn it on to disable the the power saving mode. Please help. Desperate now

  5. Thanks for your help. I couldn’t receive any calls for nearly 2 months and now it’s fixed. I changed the network settings to GSM only.

  6. Last weekend my phone screen went back with some white text across the top and did a factory reset. I have been piecing my phone back together and tonight I saw the same black screen with white text at the top and it restarted but did not reset, Thank God. Not sure what has caused the issue but not loving this problem. Any ideas?

  7. Can anyone help me please ,,,, i have the Samsung edge plus 6… and the sensor wont work at the back in selfie and any other mode … also my rota has stopped working to on pictures work on games fine tho ?

  8. Hi, I’m trying to upload pics from my verizon edge + and it says there’s no pics in device. Please help

  9. My Sony bluetooth headphones pair correctly on my s6 edge plus. When I play music or podcasts, as long as I stay still, it sounds fine. The moment I start moving, the connection starts jumping and cuts off. I paired the headphones with my tablet and had zero problems.

    Can you help?

  10. ( s6 edge )i want to change fonts but every time i change font it shows me fonts not support . please tell me the solution

  11. my phone keeps making notification noises and there are no notifications. If I put in on vibrate it will randomly vibrate. Help! it’s irritating.

  12. Hi. I have just got an edge+ and so far my oly complaint is that when using the keypad it is often slow to print my typing and when l move my fingers across the board it prints words l dont want as though the screen is to sensitive.

  13. S voice cannot find my contacts! It used to work fine? ?? Not sure what happened to it. Any ideas or solutions?

  14. I using my Samsung 6s edge plus for 1 week, it will hang/freeze for 5sec sometime when I want to unlock my phone with the pattern lock, just wondering is my phone having problem or the android version lollipop having problem?

  15. I had to do a Master Reset because my phone would not recognize my fingerprint and I could not remember my back up password. Now my phone won’t accept my Google login. Any suggestions please!!!

  16. I cannot seem to get torrents to download from utorrent. It just says gathering file info and then just stays t hat way. Never had problems before on other phones. What could the issue be?

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