3 thoughts on “Fix Samsung Galaxy Note 5 that’s stuck on logo during boot up & other firmware problems”

  1. Hi!
    I followed the directions and cleared cache, and reboot. It went through the motions but is still stuck on Galaxy start screen….Lost as this point! HELP please.

  2. I’ve been having the bootup error. My phone when turned on vibrates, shows the Samsung logo, then goes to the blue screen with the Android guy knocked over and a yellow triangle above him with an exclamation mark. “No command” appears below the Android guy.

    I’ve talked to Verizon, went to the Samsung Experience guy at Best Buy who tried several things but had never seen the blue screen of death. He could always get Note 5s to show the next screen where you can clear cache and try several other options. I only get the Normal Boot (restart your phone normally); Factory Reset (Warning, Erases all data & applications; Safe Mode (Temporarily disable third party Apps), and Power Down (Turn off your phone). I’ve tried the other three to hopedully cause a hiccup and kick me out of the bootloop error issue but they haven’t worked. Also tried recharging the phone and turning it on. I also talked to Samsung Manufacturerer Help Desk and a local 3rd party fix-it type. All have told me my only option is to hit Factory Reset. The problem is I have over 1000 photos not backed up on Verizon Cloud or Google Photo. Basically, I’m screwed so I’m looking for data recovery options once I hit the factory reset.

    After doing a lot of research, I ordered a product to recover photos on my Verizon Note 5 (running Android 7.0 Nougat). I was very careful to look for rooting or anything specific to my phone prior to purchasing their product. I could find nothing by searching for rooting on pages specific to their product so I purchased it.

    Once I started using their program to get everything ready prior to hitting factory reset, I read in their App that I would have to root my Verizon Galaxy Note 5. I assume you are aware, Verizon and AT&T lock down their Note 5 devices so they can’t be rooted. That company is refunding my purchase.

    I’m looking for any alternative solution for me to retrieve pictures from my “factory reset” Note 5. Any option to recover the lost data.

    Please respond ASAP since I need to just take the plunge, hit factory reset and stare at a phone without the 1000 pictures or S Notes (I’m assuming too). The email, contacts, and text messages should be retrievable. I’ve read that doing a data recovery as soon as possible is recommended before using your phone and copying over the old disc material (photos, etc.)



  3. I used an application to delete some apps that came with my note 5 phone, but the next day when I tried to boot it up, it only stayed on the booting screen, and I can’t turn it off even though I have tried. I tried using the Home, Volume up, and power buttons to fix the problem, but it still persists. Please help.

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