How to fix Samsung Galaxy J2 Pro 2019 that won’t turn on (easy fix)

Released in January, the Samsung Galaxy J2 Pro 2018 is the companies contender to the entry-level smartphone market and just like its predecessors, this year’s J2 Pro already received quite a lot of positive reviews. It’s packed with a quad-core CPU and runs on Android 7.1 Nougat and clearly, it’s upgradeable to Android 8.0 Oreo, although we don’t have a clue at this moment when such upgrade would happen.

Some owners of this device reported to us saying their phones would no longer respond after they turned off. Which means that they would no longer power up for some reason. It could be just a minor issue with the firmware or it could be a sign that the phone is defective out of the box. We know a thing or two that could fix this problem but then again, there’s no guarantee. But if you’re one of the owners of this phone that’s currently bugged by a similar issue, continue reading as this post may help you.

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Fixing Galaxy J2 Pro 2018 that won’t turn back on

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I always admire smartphones with removable batteries like the J2 Pro 2018 because issues like this can easily be fixed. But the thing is that if your phone has a removable battery, it means it doesn’t have the IP rating that makes a phone water- and dust-resistant. The J2 Pro 2018 is more prone to liquid damage than Samsung’s flagships and that’s one thing you should also be concerned of because if this problem started after the phone got splashed with any sort of liquid, then the problem might be more serious than it seems. But try to follow these steps to try and fix your phone…

  1. Remove the back cover of your phone.
  2. Pull the battery out.
  3. Remove your SIM card and SD card.
  4. Press and hold the Power key for a minute while the battery is out.
  5. Now, place the battery back it and secure it with the back cover.
  6. Attempt to turn your phone on.

If the device turns on after this, turn it off and then mount your SIM and SD cards because at this point, the problem is already fixed. The purpose of the procedure above is to refresh your phone’s memory which may have crashed for some reason. By pressing the Power key for a minute, you were actually draining electricity stored in capacitors, which has really good effects on your phone.

However, if the device doesn’t turn on after doing the procedure above, then try this…

  1. Plug the charger to a working AC outlet.
  2. Connect the phone to its charger using the original USB cable.
  3. Regardless whether the phone shows the charging symbol or not, leave it connected to its charger for at least 10 minutes.
  4. Now try to turn the phone on to see if it’s successful this time.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If the phone is heating up or overheating while it’s connected to its charger, then disconnect it immediately to prevent further damage. It’s possible that there’s a problem with its hardware or water may have caused the issue. You should bring it to the service center or back to the store where you bought it for checkup and/or replacement.

In the first procedure, we were trying to refresh your phone’s memory which is very effective it dealing with problems that were caused by system crash or a minor firmware glitch. The second is we were trying to make the phone boot up by giving it a stable power source because it’s always possible that the battery got drained that’s why the device no longer turns on.

I hope that you would be able to fix the problem with your Samsung Galaxy J2 Pro 2018 by doing one of the procedures above. If the phone still refuses to turn of after doing all this, then you should bring it back to the store to have it replaced. There’s no point in troubleshooting a brand new phone.

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