Quick Guide to Fix the Samsung Galaxy S3 Freezing Problem

The Samsung Galaxy S3 freezing problem is a very common issue experienced by many users. This can really be quite a hassle because it disrupts the normal operation of the phone as it results to crashing apps most of the time.

Due to the fact that the Galaxy S3 freezing problem is a very hot topic with its users, we have conducted additional research about the subject for the benefit of our readers.

Possible Solutions to the Galaxy S3 Freezing Problem

Here are the remedies you can apply to this particular Galaxy S3 issue:

1. Soft Reset

Hold the Power/Lock button until your phone reboots successfully. You also do a forced reboot by detaching and attaching the battery again. These methods will refresh its system and eliminate minor glitches. However, these can only be temporary solutions to your problem.

2. Free Up its Memory

Check if the memory of your device is nearly full. Make sure that there is at least 150MB to your internal memory. Also, clearing your cache and RAM will help.

3. Remove Rouge Apps

Start your phone under Safe Mode. If the Galaxy S3 freezing problem no longer occurs while under this mode, it is possible that there are certain third-party apps that you have recently installed which are causing all the trouble. Simply disable or uninstall them.

XDA Developers suggest that the Facebook app, Google Chrome Browser, Media Scanner and Swiftkey Flow Beta are the common culprits. I would like to add that some games cause the issue too.

4. Factory Reset

A Factory Reset provides a quick way to remove all the problems caused by third-party apps to your system. Make sure that you have backed up your device before performing this.

5. Unroot Device

Some custom firmware are known to trigger this trouble with the Galaxy S3 as well. Try unrooting your device to eliminate the problem.

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