How to fix No SIM card detected error on Nokia 6 2019 (easy steps)

Just got a new Nokia 6 2018 smartphone and yet already facing a No SIM card error? If that is so, then this content is for you. Find out what you’re getting this error and how to get rid of it from your new Nokia smartphone.

Among the early highlights in technology since January of 2018 are the official unveiling and release of the latest entrant devices including new powerful smartphones from different electronic giants. Indeed, many people are impressed and likewise overwhelmed for being among the first few owners of these recently rolled out devices. But in just a few weeks later those positive emotions are superseded by disappointment as various issues begin to emerge from battery draining to power issues, to charging problems, and SIM card errors. All these along with other common software errors and glitches are inflicting dilemma to many including some of the first few owners of the 2018 version of Nokia.

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What triggers the No SIM card detected error to occur on your Nokia 6 2018?

There can only be two possibilities as to why this happens. Either the SIM card or SIM card slot is damaged or the phone’s network system is infested by some bugs.

If the error started to showed up after an incident of dropping or liquid exposure on your device, then it’s probably a hardware issue. Either the SIM card is dislodged from the fall or acquires any sort of liquid damage.

Meanwhile, if the error just show up suddenly or after installing a new app or software update on your device, then the error can be attributed to a bad app or software glitch. And this is when you need to troubleshoot software issues on your phone.

Potential solutions to deal with SIM Card errors

Here is a rundown of possible solutions you can try to fix the No SIM card error on your device. There’s is no definite solution unless you figured out what exactly went wrong in the first place. In that case, you can work straight on the root cause and fix the problem in no time. Otherwise, you will need to go through a series of trial and error procedures. Nonetheless, it won’t hurt to try. So start whenever you’re ready to troubleshoot software problems that triggered a No SIM card detected error on your new Nokia 6 smartphone.

First solution: Restart your phone (soft reset).

Restarting your phone can help if what you’re dealing with is a minor issue that occurs randomly along with other software glitches. It also clears up memory of your phone thus allowing it to have a clean smooth run afterwards. For starters, here’s how to restart (soft reset) your Nokia 6 2018 smartphone:

  1. Press the Power key for a few seconds or until the menu appears.
  2. Tap Power off from the menu to shut your phone down.
  3. Wait for about 30 seconds and then press the Power key again until the device power cycles.

Wait until the phone boots up completely then see if the error is gone. If not, restart your phone one more time. Otherwise, move on to the next method.

Second solution: Remove and reinstall SIM card.

Removing and reinstalling of the SIM card will help you rule out the possibility of a dislodged SIM card on the SIM tray causing the error to show up. Here’s how it’s done:

  1. Be sure to power off your device.
  2. While it’s powered off, open the SIM card tray and memory card tray by placing the provided tray opener into the holes next to the tray.
  3. When the tray pops out, remove the SIM card and the SD card (if there is) from their respective slot in the tray.
  4. Check for any signs of damage on the SIM card. If there’s none, then place it back into the SIM tray.
  5. If your device is a dual SIM variant, you can either put a second SIM or memory card into the slot 2.
  6. If it’s a single SIM variant, put the memory card into slot 2.
  7. Secure the SIM card and memory card in place then press the tray back into place.
  8. Once everything is properly secured, turn on your phone.

See if that fixes the error. If you’re still seeing a No SIM card error, try the next workaround.

Third solution: Reset network settings.

Network errors can also be regarded among the culprits. This is likely the case if you’ve altered some settings on your phone’s network menus and options that turned to be incorrect or conflicting. It may be too difficult for you to trace the changes you’ve made one by one thus instead of doing so, you can just reset the network settings on your phone. This however will erase all your current settings including Wi-Fi passwords so be sure to take note of this information beforehand as you will be needed it again later during the network setup process. Follow these steps to reset network settings on your Nokia 6 2018:

  1. Go to the Main Menu.
  2. Tap Settings.
  3. Scroll down to and tap Backup & Reset.
  4. Select Network Settings Reset from the given options.
  5. Tap Reset network or similar option to confirm.

Wait for your device to complete the network settings reset. When it’s finished, reboot and then check to see if the error still shows up or not anymore.

Fourth solution: Update device software (if available).

The Nokia 6 2018 comes with Android 7.1.1 (Nougat) as a launched OS, which means it is upgradable to Android 8.0 (Oreo). Installing the new software update might be the key to fixing the problem especially if it’s due to some bugs dwelling in the current system.

To check for over-the-air (OTA) updates on your Nokia 6 2018, go to Settings-> About phone-> System updates-> Check for update menu.

You will see a notification if an update is available. Read and review the update notification and if you’re all set, follow the onscreen instructions to download and install the update file and implement the new software version on your device.

Last option: Hard reset or factory reset.

A hard reset or factory reset can be the last option for you to try on should all else failed to fix the problem. It could be that a complex software error is causing the problem and that requires tougher solution. You have to note though that this reset will wipe everything from your device including your personal settings, information and other critical data saved in the internal memory. Should you wish to continue with this reset, be sure to back them up beforehand. Once everything is set, move on and perform a hard reset.

To hard reset through the Settings menu, navigate to the Main Menu-> Settings-> Backup & Reset-> Factory Data Reset-> then select the option to Reset Device. Finally, tap Erase Everything to confirm factory reset.

After the reset, set up your network then see if that fixes the problem. If the error persists, then it’s time to ask further assistance from your service provider.

Other Options

Contact your service provider or carrier if the No SIM card error persists to show on your Nokia 6 2018 even after performing a hard reset. It could be something that’s more intricate and cannot be dealt with by end-users. If necessary, you may also request a new SIM card replacement. Alternatively, you can just schedule a visit to a service center and have your phone diagnosed by a technician for hardware damage.

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