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Splatoon 2 hardcore players have been complaining about disconnecting wifi issue while in the middle of the game. Others even received an error message that shows “Connection Is Unstable” while using the multiplayer setting. If you are having the same issue as they have, then you are on the right page as we will provide solutions that may help resolve this problem.

Causes Why Splatoon 2 Wifi Keeps Disconnecting

There are many factors that can lead to wifi disconnecting while playing Splatoon 2 in Nintendo Switch. It could be a random bug, signal strength of your wifi, internet speed, or even an outdated software of the game or console. These types of issues are easily fixable and may take only a little amount of your time. We just need to identify the root cause of the problem so that correct action will be followed.

Random game bug/glitch.

Sometimes the main culprit why the connection is acting up in your Nintendo Switch is because of a bug that has developed in time. Such type of connection bugs usually go away on their own or fixed by doing a system restart.

Software not updated.

Outdated software can also cause connection problems in a game as well. That’s why it is highly recommended to install any updates available for both the game and the console.

Slow internet connection.

As this game is more fun if played online, it requires a stable internet connection to prevent any interference. Normally, Internet Service Providers can only guarantee to provide 80% of the speed that you are paying for. If your connection speed is way below your subscribed plan speed, this may result to connection problems at home.

If the console is connected to wirelessly, speed will decrease as bandwidth will be distributed to all devices connected. Signal strength is also a huge factor when you are having issues with wireless connectivity.

How to Fix Splatoon 2 Wifi Keeps Disconnecting

We laid out some troubleshooting steps below on how to fix wifi keeps disconnecting on Splatoon 2. These are pretty simple to follow but normally resolves connectivity issues.

  1. Check for any software updates.

    If bugs are the main cause why wifi keeps disconnecting when playing Splatoon 2, then the best solution is to update the software of the game and the console, if there is any. As these updates tend to include enhancements and patches to fix known issues of a game. To check if Nintendo Switch software is updated:-Go to the Home Menu.-Select System Settings.-Select System.-Select System Update. Wait for a few moments to allow the system to check for new software version. If an update is available, the download process will begin automatically.system update 1

  2. Restart Nintendo Switch Console.

    The most basic but one of the effective solutions to any problems in Nintendo Switch is by restarting the console. Press and hold the Power button for about 5 seconds until the Power options appear. Select Restart.Power button 5

  3. Move closer to your router.

    If the above solutions did not resolve the problem, you need to check your wifi signal next. If signal strength is not at maximum, then you need to move your Nintendo Switch closer to your wireless router. As much as possible, the console should be within 10 to 15 feet from the wireless router to ensure that wifi signal is stable. Also, electronic devices or metal appliances should be placed far from the router as this can interfere with the wifi signal. If the router has two frequency bands available (2.4 Ghz and 5 Ghz), try to connect to the band that you are not currently using.router 1

  4. Use Wired Connection.

    When wifi still keeps on disconnecting after transferring the closer to the modem, you can choose to connect the device directly to the router using a LAN adapter. Internet signals will have less interference when wired to the modem. If the issue still persists, and other devices are experiencing the same issue, it is best to contact your ISP as it could be cause by a defective modem.How To Set Up Nintendo Switch Wired Connection (LAN Cable)Nintendo Switch LAN

We hope that one of these solutions will fix the problem so you can enjoy playing Splatoon 2 without any interruptions. However, if still unresolved, kindly reach out to Nintendo support for further assistance.

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